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Say hello to Rain’s younger sister – Jung Hana


Unlike Rain, Hana has her mom’s eyes.

59 Comments on “Say hello to Rain’s younger sister – Jung Hana”

  1. passionfruit says:

    wow- they don’t look alike- her brother is much hotter and she needs more time to fully “blossom”

  2. byulchonsa says:

    wooooowww, thank you for posting it.. i really want to see her before and now, finally… *;*
    i read an article when rain told that he and his sister (hana) are not having this closeness well, i hope that they can fix it up.. because they are only 3 in their family “family that pray’s together stay’s together.. ” ^;^
    but when im in hana’s shoes oh no!! “brother can i have a favor??,, can you please bring home jo in sung, or TVXQ!!” hahaha!! what a life… ^;^

  3. aiturnizzle says:

    They look somewhat alike in the first picture, but not so much in the others.

  4. Whitey says:

    If I kidnapped this girl, held her for ransom, and demanded that Bi/Dewdrop ended his “singing” career in exchange for her safe return — do you think that he’d do it?

    Cuz I’ll do it if that’s what it will take.

    • panda says:

      no duh wat do u think he will chose his sister than begin famouse cause wat soo speacial about being famouse yeah u get money so wat

  5. splendid says:

    she has rain’s expression though. hope they are in a very good relationship right now.

  6. byulchonsa says:

    whitey>> i think he would rather to choose his sis rather than his carrer,,

    splendid>> yah , i wissh too… ^;^

  7. grace says:

    to me she is very pretty

  8. nadira says:

    wow..thanks fr the pic

  9. clover says:

    rain lil sista??! hOw LuCky sHe is….
    her name is Hana?? wOw,rEaLLy niCe name!! i mEan it…
    she’s sOo cUte…sUreLy gOin’ tO b pReTty as sHe gRew up..
    i bEt sHe’s gOin’ tO fOllow rAin path..nExt kOrEan sTar mAybe? jUst liKe hEr bRothEr… ait? RAIN alrEady sUpersTar ler….HehehEe…

    Jung Hana….figHtiNg!!! =)

  10. rain'sworld says:

    hi,… old is she? im so curious…..nd she’s pretty..lucky gurl..imagine, her brother is RAIN…!!!!

  11. popseoul says:

    jung hana was born in March 2, 1985 – so she’s 22 in the states, but 23 in Korea

  12. rain'sworld says:

    does she nd rain r cl0se 2 each other??? nd i cant believe dat she is 23 or 22 olredi..bec0z on dis pic,,she luks so young…

    aja aja fighting hana…

  13. rain'sworld says:

    2 byulchonsa: wer did u get d article? i wnt 2 read it…please…can u tell wer did u get it or wat website..tnx..

  14. Bb says:

    hanai is not lucky dat she’s Bi’s bro coz she can’t marry hotness Bi~lol…I can! hehehehe

  15. d32z says:

    whats your problem whitey?

  16. d32z says:

    bi is onyl an international icon now, hes movie only won a prize in the revered berlin film festival, hollywood wants him to make a movie, giorgio armani and ralph lauren only adore his charm and charisma, Time magazine only nominated him not once but twice for on of the most influential people in the world. And that’s extremely rude for you to say something like that about his younger sister, after rain becomes a true world star we will all be the first to laugh in your face about it.

  17. nicole says:

    im nicole from philippines.
    i a fan of ur brother…
    i hope ur fine…..
    take care always..

  18. boy says:

    lol….i want his sister to be my gf

  19. boy says:

    lol btw i dont think you want me as your bf…cause i look nearly the same as ur brother…having a bf with your brother face is damn so boring

  20. MR.JP says:

    Hi I’m TJ I think she’s really pretty and cute I hope she living alright after the past her family has had.

  21. sexychikita says:

    OMG!!!she’s already 23 years old?..i couldn’t believe it…she looks very childish..^_o i though she was only 13 or 14 years old..LOL!!!they don’t have quite physical similarities besides with their chins…so cute!!she’s not that chinita?..unlike rain..OH EM GIE,rain’s so hot!!!i do hope that she also got the dancing talents!!!maybe,they might try a duet dance performance!!like filipino stars john and camille prats!!hahaah!!

  22. CelineQ says:

    I agree that hana and Rain doesn’t really look alike! But Rain has such masculine features so I guess it’s a good thing – she looks sweet and feminine with big round eyes.

    Waaaaahh….like many of you have said, imagine being Rain’s sister!!!! That’s so cool! I would be contented if I am just his cousin!!! Even if you might not be “close”, but you can still gain access to him because you are relatives!!
    I can make good money selling his autographs….😉

    Hana, Anneonghaseyo!! I am a big fan and supporter of your Oppa, please tell him we all love him and ask him to take good care of himself.

  23. Kitsune says:

    Cool ^^
    really cute
    like her brother *o*

  24. xarah says:

    wow hana is indeed pretty..she & rain totally looks different.. i hope she could post a pic of her beside rain so that it would be more convincing.. but don’t get me wrong, i’m not telling she’s lying or something,, but i supposed she & rain have lots of picswhen they were young & even before he made it to the stardom!…

    she’s so lucky to have rain as her oppa!
    but,, she can’t marry him!haha…unfortunately..

    cheers for us all rain supporters!!!aja!(=^o^,=)

  25. greenever007 says:

    Wow rain’s sister look so pretty ! hope they can be good .

  26. DJKim aka THE TRUTH says:

    Sorry, but cute is a nice way to say she’s ugly.

    I hope Rain is unselfish with his money, and gets her a nose job and some lipo on her cheeks (or shave the bones). In addition, her eyes are acutally single lid, small, and spread too far apart. She is forcing to open her eyes in most of the pictures.

    Also, We don’t know how her body looks yets, so I hope Rain will put some money aside for a future boob job.

    The girl already knows how to pose to hide the flaws. She only gives the a 3/4 angle of her face, and never a frontal view, because she is hiding her round face, chubby cheeks, wide nose, and her widely set eyes.

    She has potential to be “hot” after she matures and completes all the normal surgical procedures.

    So I agreed with you all, she has potential to be unnaturally beautiful.

  27. DJKim aka THE TRUTH says:

    I forgot to mention. She is also wearing circle lens in her pictures to make her eyes look bigger.

    I can wait until she completes all the necessary surgeries, then I will call her hot! Hopefully, she is at least as tall as Rain, that can help her out unless she has short legs – Moo Legs.

    Ok I know its mean, but THE TRUTH speaks.

  28. cia says:

    She is a good looking young girl! Better than this plastic girls we usually see today in Hollywood!!!

  29. anh dao says:

    yes ! she is so cute, but i look much more beautiful..(hi hi)

  30. Armani has always been a favorite designer of mine. It seems the best ones always come from Italy!

  31. yuun says:

    she got a nice name😀

  32. Sili says:

    Hi! hana
    i’m sili from laos
    i’m a big fan your brother
    i think you so lovely an lucky to have rain is brother
    i hope u an oppa is fine an healthy..

    • panda says:

      hey ur from lao’s my mom was born there hey at lease ur the first hmong person i know who is a fan of rain nice to meet u i’m Pada

  33. aina says:

    ahn nyong haseyo?hana…….you so lucky to have a cute and popular brother….send my regards to bi oppa….

  34. nonya says:

    She reminds me of her brother in the first and fifth pics.

  35. NovanyaRAIN says:

    Annyong hasseo…My sister in law…How are u now ?And what about with jihoon oppa & papa i miss u all… Hannah u know i love your oppa so much, i’m fa

  36. Nera says:

    May god bless u and ur family!!

  37. odette says:

    Hanna…you’re so lucky to have an Oppa like my favorite RAIN…he works so hard to give you a very good future..He doesn’t want you to be deprived in life just like what you’ve expereinced in the past…be thankful for all RAIN’s success and please silently support him…I know he loves you so much..

  38. secondary school girl says:

    hi hana…umm,is it hana or hanna .? are you with family recently ?i’m hoping that you and family fine over there at seoul…and ya,forgot to introduce myself..i’m julie…and i’m from sabah,malaysia..nice to meet you here..i really hope that you will be replying my message..thanks !! :)i will tell you more ’bout me if u replying my message ..

  39. secondary school girl says:

    hi hana…umm,is it hana or hanna .? are you with family recently ?i’m hoping that you and family fine over there at seoul…and ya,forgot to introduce myself..i’m julie…and i’m from sabah,malaysia..nice to meet you here..i really hope that you will be replying my message..thanks !! :)i will tell you more ’bout me if u replying my message ..this is my email…

  40. kunsang says:

    hello hanna
    watz up.i hope 2 see u soon in film industry n i just wan 2 say always be yourself of luck fo ur furure.

  41. sunshine says:

    i prefer u stay in your original face…
    avoid surgery…
    no use if people keep saying you beautiful,
    yet dat’s not your face..
    jus stay original,k
    originality is our priority….
    jus be you are…
    wat we call beautifulll..

  42. MPV says:

    She’s pretty — I wonder though, how come i never see her with Rain… Where is his Dad too?

  43. panda says:

    is this really his sister cause i belive she is getting ready to go to college cause that’s what other people say to me and this can be anyone who bought a page done it well idk i could be rong but if that’s his sister well she is lucky to have a really nice and awesome brother and i wish my bro’s were like that not all bad and stupid well and she is very pretty and has big cute eye’s i wish i was her -_-

  44. junz says:

    OMG.. finally i can see rain sister pictures… they are look different, but for me that is not a big deal… hana is really lucky to be a sister for a big star like rain.. but they have a same lip…. look at the pic.. look alike rain lip…

    hana.. be strong and humble like your brother… i love rain.. and i love you too hana….

  45. pariba says:

    How do you know she’s bi rain sister? Why they dont have pics together????it’s weird

  46. jeon says:

    she’s not pretty

  47. Geeth Weerasinghe says:

    hi hana…finally i can see rain sister pictures.How ar u? i’m hoping that you and family fine over there at seoul…and ya,forgot to introduce myself.. I’m Geethika from Sri Lanka.nice to meet you here..i really hope that you will be replying my message..thanks !!🙂 i will tell you more ’bout me if u replying my message ..this is my e-mail – Are u in a Facebook.Where is his Dadi’m a big fan your brother
    i think you so lovely an lucky to have rain is brother
    i hope u an oppa is fine an healthy.. May god bless u and ur family!!

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