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Jun Do-yeon’s new husband

new hubby
The netizens of Korea are a savvy internet digging bunch. They have managed to unearth pictures of Jun Do-yeon‘s new husband, kyopo businessman Kang Shi-kyu (43). The pair married in 4 months since their first sogaeting. I guess when you know, you know. But then again, at age 43, you are overly ripe for the pickins. Congrats to the new couple.


Jun Do-yeon weds!
Can you hear wedding bells?


8 Comments on “Jun Do-yeon’s new husband”

  1. hane says:

    eh… Ok not Shrek but not exactly that far off… Haha.

    Thanks for unearthing his picture… Wonder who is that girl next to him.

  2. popseoul says:

    he is a flower piggy…. hahaha

  3. cattleya says:

    that is the wife of Lee Che Sang if i am not mistaken the one in the cyworld pic. but i am not sure of the other. Lee Che Sang seems to be his buddy in car racing.

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