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Dear Jang Dong-gun, Your woman is here.

Hallyu star, Jang Dong-gun (35) was in Tokyo, Japan recently to promote the launch of a new makeup line from domestic skincare and cosmetics company, Missha.

Fans were at hand to ask questions to the sexy star regarding the launch of a new lipgloss. And naturally, questions were more geared towards girls than gloss. In terms of what type of woman he likes, he was quoted as saying that his ideal woman would wear natural makeup (hello?! check), have bee-stung lips (check), a sweet personality (check) and more importantly, that age is not a factor, as long as she is younger than his mother (I can hear the ajumas swooning!). Ok, I am his ideal woman- sweet, pillow-lipped, wear natural makeup and the perfect age. Jang Dong-gun, your woman is here~!*


19 Comments on “Dear Jang Dong-gun, Your woman is here.”

  1. bambi says:

    no sweetie, not you but my daughter is the woman he’s longing for !

    (pssssst . . . please don’t tell my daughter – i’ll be in hot water if you do. . . she doesn’t even watch Korean Dramas nor Korean movies nor knew Dong-gun . . . but i would like him to be my son-in-law . . . how’s that!)

  2. popseoul says:

    hahaha~ it would be good if your daughter knew of the “arranged” marriage. Good luck.

  3. bambi says:

    that’s old fashion Popseoul ! we’re in hi tech era ! but i think i know his type of girl . . . is her name Lee Na Young or something like that.

  4. popseoul says:

    hahha- yes bambi- we do live in a high-tech world but still many of the world’s ppl live by traditional values. And arranged marriages may still be a good thing if you are wanting to get married asap. Supposedly they have lower rate of divorce than non-arranged marriages.

  5. bambi says:

    hmmmmmm . . . that’s very encouraging popseoul !
    thank you so much for giving me high hopes.

    love yah !

  6. REINA says:

    what a good mother u r i will be happy ismy momwere lookin a koreanguy for me

  7. Mary says:

    How it must be the ideal girl for him?
    It will like the Latin girls, because in Peru there are many here, we are amiable, affectionate, comprehensive and mainly very loving. Thus it is that if the horseradish tree says to him that we are waiting for it.

    Ahhh, please if they have the news on the new film, type to this page, that the new features of our favorite actor will help us that is to say.


  8. Nesan says:

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  9. nana says:

    hey ya.. wanna ask.. who know who is he dating with? still curious..

  10. nesan2608 says:

    Hi girls

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  11. rezaecha says:

    I think the best girl will married with JDG…hopefully…JDG deserve to married with the best one with the good personality….or he will married me????…just kidding..:D

    I must vote Jang Dang Gun for the Best Actor, he is not only belonging to Korean People but all people in this world…:)

  12. marga says:

    i really like jang dong gun after watching the korean series all about eve..i mean really adore..jang dong gun and chae rim really suits each other..:) they’re both good to look at….

  13. Fish Kiss says:

    er… you can have him… i ll go for mr oh! any news on him lately? i m having withdrawal syndrome already!

  14. Moe Moe says:

    Darling ! I am here for you forever. Ha ha ha anyway, you are my man for rest of my life.

  15. kadya says:

    i’m kadya jang dong gun i’m going to travel to seoul next year for see you ilove youuuuuuuuu sooooo much i’m a teacher in hiegh university in france please read my letter and answer me i love you sssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo much my dear.bye bye please take care ok

  16. kadya says:

    my dear jang dong gun don’t forget me i’m going to you where you live seoul tokyo….i will to see you and sing with you this is my dream i forget i speak french,englich, and iwant to speak korea ilooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you somuch ilove to see your smill and your big eyes you are very handsome and i’m beautiful.bye bye

  17. Gigi says:

    Dong gun-ssi…..

    You’re becoming a dream to me, Fairytale fantasy. Nothing can ever compare…An image to my memory.

    When the sun shine, we’ll shine together. You know I’ll be here forever…

    사랑합니다. Saranghamnida

  18. Doggy Supreme says:

    Can I Ask Why Does Everyone Likes Him?
    I Mean He Was Cool In That War Movie But Is He Cool Looking Or Something?

  19. Rai says:

    I found this page called, they have a big collection of Jang Dong Gun pictures and videos. Check it out yourself

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