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Jeon Do Yeon’s never seen before wedding pictures


Who needs paparazzis when the entire peninsula is equipped with camera phones? No wonder many Korean celebs dread them, but we on the other hand, are very grateful that somebody thought of the idea because we can now see Jeon Do Yeon’s wedding pictures, as if we were at the wedding. Hooray to camera phones!

Newly-wed Jun Do-yeon arrives in L.A
Jun Do-yeon weds


6 Comments on “Jeon Do Yeon’s never seen before wedding pictures”

  1. sugarbelle116 says:

    what a cute dress/hairdo for jun do yun! btw, her hubby looks like joo young hoon in those pictures? 🙂

  2. popseoul says:

    haha…yeah..he does look like joo young hoon

  3. lyn says:

    wow, maybe it’s the picture, but the reception looks so dreary and depressing. I’m not feeling the brown on brown look.

    It’s a wedding, but they look like they holding a conference or a public announcement to alert the public that an asteroid is plunging towards earth. Weird!

    I always imagine weddings as sunny, bright, happy, and colorful and not dim and dreary. ew.

  4. blossom says:

    but i like her pretty little crown and dress…

    to the men, its probably dim and dreary lyn, because he’s not suppose to land anywhere else but earth now!!!!! the rest of the planet is off limit!!!!

  5. hane says:

    Thanks alot. She looks very pretty.

  6. christine says:

    Hi there!

    I just want to tell you Che do-yeon that you have alot of fans here in Manila, Philippines. You are so good. I really like the way you act most especially in Lovers in Prague… Super, I was so touched with the story because you acted it well, not just you but as well as Jin Zhu-he.

    After watching the series for more than 24 hours, I decided to researched your identity and as well as Jin Zhu-He.. I want to know more about you. I want to watch all of your films.

    I may not know you well, but I hope that you will maintain your good image- (as what we saw on korean DVD’s)

    Mabuhay! (long live- IDOL!)

    Christine Ann R.

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