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Hunk of the week: Jung Tae Woo


Child actor Jung Tae Woo (25) successfully transformed himself to Korea’s most wanted hunk and he’s causing quite a stir with his perfect abs. Some were claiming that he went under the knife for those abs, but we all know that you can’t just walk into a plastic surgeon’s office and request six packs. It just doesn’t work like that – if it did, our streets will be filled with hunks and we all know that it doesn’t get even close to that.

If you want more of this newly claimed hunk, then you are in luck. He’s going to star in Policeline with Ha Ri-Soo and he’s joing the cast of Dae Jo Young this month.



23 Comments on “Hunk of the week: Jung Tae Woo”

  1. lyn says:

    eww..he’s ugly. His body maybe fine, but his face needs work.

  2. I’d have to agree – this guy’s “perfectly chiseled,” unlike that Min Woo guy who just…has a flat stomach. This is a clear pack-o’-six.

    I’ve also got a six-pack.

    You just can’t see it under the fat.


  3. passionfruit says:

    it’s strategic shading

  4. hane says:

    He needs to go for plastic surgery… Haha.

  5. mauwy says:

    LOL~ great bod, to drool for.. but the face… to cover ^^ heehee

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  7. kels says:

    :/ his face isnt too cute…

  8. shine says:

    oh dang!! his body is so gosh darn hot!! gosh! ahah! but his face..errrrr…haha! but his body makes up for it! lol!

  9. Malou says:

    Is he the same Tae Woo in NonStop 3 (bestfriend of Kim Jung Hwa)?

  10. Mae' says:

    He’s sexy! Face, body, hair, EVERYTHING. That boi’s fineee. Can I have him?

  11. G says:

    the face’s great, he’s handsome and that’s not strategic shading, for crying out loud. 6 abs aren’t stuffs made up in fairytale stories or novels. They’re possible to achieve. Great actor! Love him. πŸ˜›

  12. Lolly says:

    He was the annoying guy in Nonstop 3.

  13. YaYa Judy says:

    Seems as though most of the posters haven’t the vaguest idea of what “Handsome”, “Hot” “Sexy” or just plain “Good Looking” means when it comes to young men!

    This old 67 yr. old American Occidental grannie has been around long enough to know!!! And…let me tell ya’ll…..Tae Woo is ALL THAT and more, plus being an extremely talented actor.

    Young people today just don’t seem to appreciate “Classic Good Looks” if it isn’t “them”. Wake up kiddies and GROW UP

  14. Sekshi Cookie says:

    what’s up with the tanning oil or whatever it is on him? Extra-shiny body and extra-matte face? Eurgh. One or the other! Or at least make the transition gradual so we might not notice…

    • lydocayne says:

      no wonder I get the feeling that his face doesn’t fit with the rest of the body. LOLOL.

      I don’t get ppl dislike his face. He’s cute!

  15. Mary M says:

    The point is: Why do they market young talent this way in Korea? Since I got interested in Korean TV I’ve noticed this all over the net. They pose their most talented young actors and actresses as pinups, and Internet Visigoths then go online and tear them to pieces. They must be idiots over there. This guy’s a serious talent. He’s got stuff you can’t train into actors—a face the camera loves, a “contemplative” quality that says there’s a lot going on behind the eyes, fierceness and emotion that bely his youthful looks. For pity’s sake get him out of the beefcake business and into a lead role in something.

  16. Responding to LYN, I think you have something in your eyes. He has a smashing body, beautiful face, piercing dark eyes, plus he is georgeous…..go and fix your prescription for your glasses. He is a dynamite young actor, and he can carry a series on his own, he has charisma in the boatload ..,. so ba..bye. No more negativity! He is the up and coming Choi Soo Jong.

  17. bubbleonfire says:

    baby face. nice bod.

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  19. san says:

    hi your looking so good i also want to be like you

  20. his body is so gosh darn hot!

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