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What caused SuJu’s car accident?


Kang Nam Police department stated the cause of the accident as the ruptured tire, but industry insiders say otherwise. Busy schedules and road manager’s poor conditions are responsible for common car accidents among Korea’s most wanted stars. Due to poor record sales and pop-star’s short lifespan, the management companies accept all kinds of promotional events, regardless of the location and current scheduled events, to boost the popularity of the short-lived stars. As a result, many stars end up travelling all over Korea while working around the clock.

Just looking at Super Junior’s schedule a day prior to the accident makes me wonder whether it is even physically possible to be at all those places in one day. These boys were not only scheduled to show up at various places in Seoul, but also in different provinces in Korea.


06:20: Photo shoot at Studio A at Shinsa, Kangnam
07:40: MBC Studio to film “Sunday Sunday Night” at Yeouido
08:40: SBS Studio to film “Real Situations Saturday” at Ill-San
10:30: Ae-Kyung Department Store fan sign meeting at Soo-Won
11:50: Festival at Soo-Won University
13:00: Photo shoot at Stuido A at Shinsa, Kangnam
14:00: KBS Studio to film “Show Music Bank” at Yeouido
16:00: LG Department Store fan sign meeting at Buchun
18:00: Showcase at Coex Mall at Samsung, Kangnam
22:00: Yoo Sung Night club performance at Dae Jun
01:00: KBS radio show
03:00: Music Video filming at Bulam Shan
05:00: Return Home


In addition to their killer schedules, the drivers aka road manager’s poor condition increases the likelihood of celeb car accidents. It’s an open secret that road managers speed to deliver celebs to the next destination, but what’s not obvious is their poor condition while driving. Road managers are lowest in the manager food chain – they get paid less than $500 a month but they do all the grunt work for the stars. They drive, run errands, carry clothes, buy food and handle other miscellaneous tasks to make sure that stars are taken care of. Since road managers spend all their energy and time on taking care of the stars, they go without sleep and a proper meal for long periods of time – in extreme cases road managers suffer for three days straight.


As you can see killer schedules and tired drivers are the real causes of Super Junior’s car accident. But it’s time for the management companies to stop using low music sales and short star life-span as excuses for accepting excessive amounts of promotional events. The internet didn’t change the music industry yesterday so it’s the management companies’ duty to develop a better strategy to at least allow celebs to promote comfortably and to pay road managers minimum wages. Who or how are you going to promote if your stars and managers are in the hospital struggling with his life?

*Other Korean celebs involved in car accidents
2000: Clon member Kang Won Rae
2004: Wanted member Suh Jae Ho
2006: Comedian Kim Hyung Eun
Rest in peace Suh Jae Ho & Kim Hyung Eun


SuJu Update: Kyu Hyun is in stable condition
Kyu Hyun transferred to ICU unit
SuJu’s Kyu Hyun Update
Super Junior was in a car accident


42 Comments on “What caused SuJu’s car accident?”

  1. elleyred says:

    hee chul from suju was in an accident too, and i remember hearing kim dong wan being in one as well. this is really unfortunate, and i hope they are get well soon.

  2. satori says:

    DBSK were also in a car accident on the same road/same day that caused the death of Wanted’s member (traveling to another appearance at night I believe). Their van was badly damaged.

  3. Lisa says:

    That schedule is not even humanly possible. Aish.

  4. Mics says:

    Wow that’s some schedule! Ok this answers my question in the previous post. Thanks 🙂

  5. Diane says:

    That’s a tight sched.That’s one way of saying that stars don’t lead easy lives…I hope they’ll be okay soon especially Kyuhyun.

  6. cstix says:

    Which member’s schedule is that?

  7. cheryl says:

    yeah, which member’s schedule is that?

    man that’s madness, they’re travelling from kangnam to somewhere else and again back to kangnam in the afternoon.. and what, they only get to rest at 5am? and set off ~1.5hr later? O__O

    this is one hell of a cursed road.

  8. Evelyn says:

    That’s crazy ~ no one can drive well if they haven’t had enough rest and of course if their schedule is from 6AM to 5AM, even the celebs won’t have enough strength to react properly. It’s proven that the person who is asleep is usually the most hurt during accidents. They really should loosen up on the stars and their managers – I could never live like that.

  9. BKLove says:

    Kang Wonrae did not die, it would be more appropriate if you specified that. Also, where did you get Super Junior’s schedule from the day prior to the accident? It’s very inaccurate.

  10. popseoul says:

    the source is listed above and thanks for pointing that out about kang wonrae!

  11. JelloBin says:

    I hope they get well soon >.

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  14. lennie says:

    korean celebs really need to take some breaks once in a while.

  15. tania says:


  16. huncamunca218 says:

    This post was really interesting. I appreciated that you included the source too. What kind of website is 데일리서프라이즈? I mean, how reliable is the information on it? (I want to know if I can cite it, say, in a paper about the Korean music industry.)

  17. popseoul says:

    huncamunca218 – dailysurprise isn’t the top media company in Korea but it tries to provide another perspective since news coverage in Korea is very conservative

    fyi, reporter lee suk won has his own editorial section at daily surprise and writes for many other news organizations

    i hope that this helped! let us know if you need anything else~

  18. CHIYO says:

    i just can hope that they will get better soon.
    I have just know this news, and i was really sad
    So how is the conditions of all of them???

  19. inez says:

    Insane skeds!!..they dont even have time to sleep..I hope the young boys will get better especially Kyu Hun.

  20. you guys know the location of where suju lives? like seoul? how is that schedule even possible? young celebrities like them shouldn’t get so much stress. that’s what causes suicide! i hope they’re ok now… 😀

  21. infiniti512 says:

    Don’t forget that Kim Heechul was in the asame kind of accident last August. The statement was also that it was a blown tire. Also, I remember reading that years ago Kim Dongwan was in an accident. A staff member was killed but he wasnt injured badly.

  22. j.soo. says:

    You know, at least once in their lifetime, stars have been in an accident of some sort.
    I think DBSK was, weren’t they?
    I don’t remember, but I remember DongWan being in one.
    But what matters now is that they’re okay.

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  24. owhh my!!
    i hope theY wilL geT
    bettEr so0n!! lovE ya!!

  25. pete says:

    man i have deep respect for their hard work and no sleeping .Its mad hard to be celebrity ,and people critisize celebs .

  26. Linda says:

    I feel so bad for korean artist they have to go through so much..i really like suju..i had a feeling it was anti-fans and my theory is kind of backed up by the ruputured tire…get well soon SUJU!!! aja fighting ^^

  27. Sara says:

    By looking at their sechdule I wonder that do they even sleep. They are working 24/7 a day no wonder ehy stars have sjort life span. Suju fighting.

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  29. Nick says:

    That is one hell of a busy schedule.

  30. […] there was the exhausted road manager and now him. Who’s […]

  31. snowdream 06 says:

    I love u more than I can say.I want nobody ,I love nobody but Kyuhyun.

  32. leeyana says:

    i hope all dbsk’s managers doing good… this is only super junior…cant imagine dbsk’s schedule…must be… freaking hectic!! DBSK and their MANAGERS! STYLISTS…DANCERS…FIGHTING!!!

  33. leeyana says:

    oh…. and suju’s manager and stylist too!!! FIGHTING!…*ngee*

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  35. jujue says:

    i really feel very sorry for them.

  36. […] Looks like we’re set for another year of dysfunctional ELFs and more drama. Hopefully that doesn’t include another crazy accident. […]

  37. Hanhmi says:

    dang that schedule!!!! omona >.<

  38. sheng says:

    i bet things haven’t changed all that much since then. i bet suju members all still have crazy busy schedules~
    sigh. i just hope SM doesn’t overwork them

  39. SMJYPYG_familiess~! says:

    OH GOD.
    a million times SHOCKED.
    ah. OH.MY.GOD.

  40. shawn enjada says:

    no thats so sad why there so cute and so nice….

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