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Kim Ajoong was not always so pretty….

Voted as “best body” by Shape magazine readers, Kim A-joong was not always the beauty that she is now. It is really amazing what a little makeup, hair, weight loss and plastic surgery can do! Looking at the before picture, she has obviously lost some weight since highschool (many Korean girls who through a high-school fat stage, like the frosh fifteen). After losing the weight and gaining confidence, the next step is getting the double folds in the eyes. Getting the eyes done is no big deal – almost every girl goes under the knife to make the eyes bigger. In her case, I think (although I am not an expert) that she also got her eyes widened- the whites of the eyes are more visible. After the eyes is the nose. For Kim Ajoong, it’s very obvious that she got her nose done. For celebs, the minimum nose lift is about 5mm. If you are a regular person, an extra lift of 2-3mm is usually the norm. At the same time, celebs usually have to have cosmetic dentistry. Again, Kim Ajoong looks like she has veneers and her front teeth are larger (and whiter). To straighten teeth quickly, many celebs just get their teeth pulled and re-planted. The flip side of this is that your gums may turn grayish which is not attractive (check out Kim Heesun – she never shows her gums when she smiles). Also, it looks like that she might have gotten an implant in her forehead to make it look rounder. All this work at the cost of millions of won has helped Kim Ajoong be the beauty that she is now.*


483 Comments on “Kim Ajoong was not always so pretty….”

  1. 프로포플 says:

    Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular article!
    It is the little changes that will make the most significant changes.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Mia says:

      She didn’t do little change. she did a serious plastic surgery.
      She had her jaw reconstructed. This is very serious surgery.
      She also had eyelid surgery, but don’t know how many to get those eyes.
      They don’t look all that natural when you see her at a particular angle.

  2. KimEunRyeong says:

    Whatever, i like her anyways, no matter what!

  3. Jon 2013 says:

    Most south Korean women had plastic surgery. Even south Korean grandma’s are getting them to change their Korean small eyes with no eyelid creases nose jobs. 85% of the ethnic Korean people in South korea are born with no eyeid creases. The 15% that has it have mixed blood from China, ethnic jomon, southeast asia, etc.

  4. Hi there

    I am not sure my partner and i comprehended entirely whatever you intended by that, could you increase a little more on versace cosmetics ?


  5. rc137 says:

    If it’s true (Did she confirm she did PS?), she didn’t get THAT much work done. I don’t “count” fixing your teeth PS. Double eye-lid surgery and adjusting the nose are relatively minor. She was beautiful before. She just did some minor adjustments (if it’s true she did PS).

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