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Song Hye Kyo & Kim Tae Hee’s secret revealed!

According to their official profiles, Song Hye Kyo is 161cm tall and Kim Tae Hee is 163cm tall. Yeah right, maybe after wearing their 7 cm heels and adding a couple of centimeters here and there, but who are they trying to kid? These two might have the clearest skin ever, but they are not over 160cm and we’ll show you why.


Let’s start our height calculation by taking Yu Ji Tae and Jung Woo Sung’s height of 186 cm as our starting point. Song and Kim look at least a head or two shorter than their male co-stars and celebs are known to have small faces, so we’ll subtract roughly around 20 cm. So Song and Kim is about 166 cm tall with their heels on.


Then if you subtract the height of their heels which usually ranges anywhere from 7cm to 10cm, Song Hye Kyo and Kim Tae Hee are around 156-159cm tall – not over 160cm! Keep in mind that our calculations were based on very conservative estimations. If you take a look at other height calculation works, they turn out to be a lot shorter.


Based on this work by one savvy Korean netizen, Kim Tae Hee is around 155cm even with her 7 cm heels on!

Based on this picture, Song Hye Kyo and comedian Song Eun-i are the same height and Song Eun-i is 155cm tall.

We know that it’s very common add a couple of centimeters to celeb’s height and subtract a couple of kilograms from their weight, but don’t over-do it to the point that the discrepancy is so obvious.


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  2. julio kulet says:

    whatever u say, the fact remains that even if Song Hye may be short in stature, she is very pretty & is very much adored by Asians & Westerners as well.

    • Kim Jenny says:

      Both of them had some plastic surgery , but not as much as the other Korean celebrities.
      Kim Tae Hee had forehead implant, removed her lower eyelid bags, a bit of a nose job & removed skin from her upper eyelid creases.
      Song Hye Kyo had double eyelid surgery. From looking at her childhood picture when she was like 16 or 17, her eyelids were much more taper than when she got famous. It looks like she did a bit of nose job too. The nose look taller and narrower.

  3. molly says:

    I am white and my parents worked in south korea for the past 16 years. I was born there. It is amazing how koreans tranformed themselves with plastic surgery. The korean society is very much iinto looking less mongoloid and more into european looks. Ads are all over the place for plastic surgery. There are ads shows how a mongoloid face transformed into a very western looking face. I don’t understand why so many koreans are denying it when the true sticks out like a sore thumb. Plastic surgeons are the highest per capita in South Korea and also the amount of plastic surgery clinics and hopsitals are the highest per capita in South Korea. Foreigners from Japan, China, Vietnam and all over asia only accounts for 15% of their plastic surgery. I think koreans should really learn to love how they look instead of using plastic surgery to alter themselves and denying the facts. Most koorean women celebrities look alike with so having the plastic surgery ad looks.

    • michelle says:

      …..i soo agree. korea has never won any international beauty pageant bec. they are all plastic

    • Eilyn says:

      Although I agree that most of these Koreans are into “enhancement” I don’t really think you should describe them as “mongoloid” looking because in every race, there would always be a beauty that would stand out. Koreans have their best features without having to undergo surgery. Pretty much the same with other race.

  4. ladyjen says:

    so what if they not taller they so pretty and i dont care about the hight your news is so stuped

  5. ahmao lauj says:

    well…. if you have low self-esteem go ahead and get something done! just make sure you dont over do it. Im NOT aganist it or with it.

  6. kenixcis says:

    i agree..some of korean beauties are made of plastic..maybe thats the reason why they never win on some beauty pageant..and why do they have to change their personal info..its not like their fans would gross-out with some of their imperfections..its just height you know..!!!

    • maxine61 says:

      hello…not some 99.9% of korean celebrities be it male or female had plastic surgery done to their face, nose and eyes. There is nothing to hide… it is a fact. There is a saying that goes like this …korean children can’t be better looking than their parents (jokes aside). Look at Lee Eun Hee (sister of Lee Byung Hun) , Lee Byung Hun himself and his mother ……..they dont look korean at all. Do u believe that this family (brother, sister,mother) have not gone under the knife? The most obvious is Lee Min Jung….she looks totally different from her high school day and now. Yes we cannot deny that they all look really good after the surgery.

      It is silly of us to argue over issues concerning celebs as they come and go. You get stress up and they are making good money from us and they lead a happy life. Silly of us …isnt it?

  7. Yuna says:

    Majority of korean celebrities had plastic surgery. There is at least 70% that had a total face reconstruction before dabuting such as Kim Ah jong (200 beauty star) Park min young (spelling), and many others. Park si yeon’s face keep changing throughout the years. Look at how she look when she ran for miss korea 2000. She already had some plastic already the, but her face changed since then. Samsung hospital chief of surgeon said it is over 95% korean celebrities had plastic surgeries and only 3 to 4 had admitted to it. The rest deny it.

  8. joe marie says:

    i like what molly said.

  9. bhanvi says:

    does it realy mattr if song is short or aomethng…shes real pretty n an awesome actrss….it realy doesnt mattr to me:P

    • Johnny says:

      Song had plastic surgery to her eyelids, her cheeks, her nose, and who knows what else. You can tell her nose is done by a plastic surgery. It is way too straight and her nastrils are two equal. Natural does not make noses that way. her nose bridge is not thta too either. Her eyelids got redefined by a plastic surgeon. Her inner eyelids in her childhood picture had way more skin and maturity does not change that. 99.9% of korean celebrities had plastic surgery on their faces. Why?? If you see how they really look like naturally, you won’t want to watch them in dramas or see them sing.

      • Aimee says:

        In all honesty though, who cares if someone has had plastic surgery? It’s really no different than someone coloring their hair, wearing make up, tanning, skin lightening, dieting, exercising, piercing themselves, getting tattoos, etc.

        People could well with a little more understanding and a little less self-righteous judgement.

        • n.nazri says:

          im sure u’re right..but i really think if they started to be confident with their natural looks, they r much better..having plastic surgery, making their faces like goddesses, they just trying to say that they hate their old looks, making other people, mostly teenagers who r watching them think that they want those perfect looks too..those r so negative thoughts that they r trying to plant into those teenagers..just my thoughts 🙂

        • K says:

          In my opinion, if you are an aritist, you need to be prepared that you will receive all kinds of criticism, especially criticisms about how you look. Generally, artists depend on their appearance in order to stay in the entertainment biz. So, it’s normal that their appearances are under public scrutinisation. I think it’s okay for people (esp. artists) to alter their looks to make them feel more prettier and more confident. However, I don’t agree on how people overdo their looks.

          I miss those days when plastic surgery isn’t yet popular. Every artist looked so natural and unique.

  10. Yoon says:

    In south korea, it is land of the fakes. All beauties there are creation by plastic surgeons. I read many do so much plastics before getting to the final result. The more money you have in south korea, the more beauty you can buy. Look at what Park Min young purchased. She was super ugly and now she is a swam.

  11. eboy07 says:

    Well that explains why most kpop females look alike.

  12. chaimoon says:


  13. gAIL says:

    height doesn’t matter as long as you’ve got the talent and the confidence with you…sometimes you’re gonna need the face, too….

    • Morre says:

      Song Hye Kye has a zero talent, short, and plastic queen. She has lower self-esteem from short height, poor actress, and dumted by all men, so she had so many plastic surgeries to seduce men.

  14. Ivana says:

    I lived near by a lot of korean people. I can tell koreans apart from other asians, except for the ones that had plastic surgery. Koreans have a different look than other asians. They have more mongoloid facial features without plastic surgery.

  15. Prianca says:

    Totally agree with whtevr Aimee said.

  16. Xoxo says:

    I hope they are not having any plastic surgery but i like them since i was young so its ok, I will still cheer for them

    • SiYeon says:

      They already had plastic surgery and they will be getting more as they age. It is well known in S. korea that korean women are plastic surgery addicted people.

      • jigme ongmo says:

        what ever it is…let it be… i don’t mind wether song hye kyo had done plastic surgeries or not but every one loves her and wanted to watch her movies n series……she is real prety n awesome actress… and even adored by Asian and westerners..

        • SiYeon says:

          I think people want to make sure that kids know that korean stars are plastic , so they don’t get the wrong idea thta they are the children of the lesser god. Both of these celebrities had plastic surgeries. I read over 95% do. They get a lot of surgery to get that fake face.

          • blah123 says:

            Where did you read? Song sends her childhood photos including her photo from when she was teenage model. She was chubby, beginning of her acting career and she has no plastic surgery done. no doctors in Korea admit she had one, they all said her nose is not plastic.

    • Kim Tae-Hee doesnt done any plastic surgeries .
      Just read articles about her , she is so natural

      • maxine61 says:

        Dont be naive, Katrina as all celebs has gone under the knife including Kim Tae Hee. No korean is born with big eyes, high nose and perfect feature.

        • . says:

          wow that is so ignorant of you. i can agree that MOST koreans aren’t born with those features, especially korean celebrities, who are infamous for plastic surgery, but to generalize that no korean can have natural features as you said is beyond me… I personally know natural koreans that have big eyes, a high nose, and “perfect” features.

          • KoreansAreVeryMongloidLooking says:

            If koreans have large eyes, they usually don’t have the double eyelids and they usually have big bones on their faces making them very odd looking.
            The 10% that has double eyelids naturally usually don’t have big eyes. I agreed with someone saying koreans aren’t born with all those obvious plastic surgeons creations. THey usually don’t have large eyes with double eyelids, taller narrow nose and oval face shapes. It is all fake. Look at their offspring that is too young for plastic surgery, then you see how their original faces look like. I see other asians having large eyes and sharpe tall noses, but at the same time they don’thave those fake caucasaian foreheads like Kim Tae Hee. Koreans get so much plastic surgery that they all began to look alike. ………………………………………….. especially the women.

            • blah123 says:

              majority of asians have smaller eyes but there are people with big eyes as well. kim tae hee is one of those people who has big eyes. it is like how blonde hair + blue eyes are general chracteristic of westerners but not all westerners are fit in to this chracteristic. so if european with dark brown hair + brown eyes is not consider as european? just because you never saw big eye asians that doesn’t mean there aren’t any big eyes asians.

  17. Xoxo says:

    I’m really amaze that they are brave to go under knife. I know how painful to take surgery since i once undergone for an operation for my right ankle to put a steel and it was terribly pain. Even i think of the thought to pull out my steel, i’m still scared and refuse to take out my steel inside my ankle. But how come! aren’t they scared to go that painful process??

    • SiYeon says:

      In South Korea that is what celebrities have to do if they want to have a job. Even non celebrity job is hard to find. South Koreans are into fake beauties no matter what the price is. People that aren’t considered beautiful do not get jobs like better looking people. This is why South Koreas is kingdom of plastic surgery people.

  18. xixo says:

    i’ve ever watched in tv bout koreans plstc surgery,,
    but i never though that song hye-kyo did it…
    i like her a lot..
    how come a women be so beautiful..
    and her skin was absolutely perfect!
    no pores, no brown spot..
    n don’t tell me it’s bcoz photoshop!
    ì still like her anyway..

    • SiYeon says:

      Koreans living in S. Korea especially the female korean celebrities got to spas at least once weekly. They do all kind of expensive treatment to get those skin. And not all koreans have skin liike that. Koreans can to super dark brown coloring.
      Song Hye Kyo did do plastic surgery. It is so obvious from her early modeling photos. I think she did plastic maybe after 17 years of age. Her eyelids change and her nose got way taller. Her classmates of hers posted her before plastic surgery photos on korean websites.

      • blah123 says:

        what are you talking about?! song didn’t have plastic surgery. she was chubby back then, she had lot of baby fat. look at her picture from baby-child-teenager-adult. she is not perfect, different angle give different view of the person.

  19. mia says:

    i dont understan y koreans alwys opt fr plastic surgery…. natural beauty is best and bout tryin to be lik d europeans then they lose their identity. its lik their in d border between two countries n they r nowhere.. shouldnt they first try to promote their culture so other ppl can follow them?? no offense

    • blah123 says:

      some people want to be pretty and some stays the same. it is their choice. just like how you repeat your comment twice and that is your choice. Writing this comment is my choice as well.
      at the end it is people’s choice. we don’t live in communist we let people do what ever they want. Freedom yay.

  20. mia says:

    i dont understan y koreans alwys opt fr plastic surgery…. natural beauty is best and bout tryin to be lik d europeans then they lose their identity. its lik their in d border between two countries n they r nowhere.. shouldnt they first try to promote their culture so other ppl can follow them??

    • blah123 says:

      some people want to be pretty and some stays the same. it is their choice. just like how you repeat your comment twice and that is your choice. Writing this comment is my choice as well.
      at the end it is people’s choice. we don’t live in communist we let people do what ever they want. Freedom yay.

  21. Candice says:

    I think partly it is because koreans are in heavy denial of their roots which are mongoloid people. There is a group of korean nationalists in South Korea putting up fake korean hsitory with roots to strong european ties. Some sites came koreans ancestors are “the huns”, but the modern day hun people is people living in Austria, Hungary, and Germany. This is so silly of them. All humans came out of Africa, but I read a few scientists is still looking for proof that humans developed from 4 different groups of people elsewhere in the world which is clearly nonsense.

    Also koreans are known to have the flattest wide faces and unqiuely small korean eyes to go along with their korean identifies. They usually have the highest cheeckbones that is oddly place on their faces making their faces looking and flat and wide. This is why many koreans do cranial facial bone surgery to reduce the width and the size of their cheek bones. All the unique features of koreans came directly from their ancestors that lived in very harsh climate. Koreans that naturally don’t look like this have mixed blood with other asians.

    I couldn’t believe how koreans brag about their celebrities which is products of plastic surgery. Koreans want to have mass appeal to the world market, but they are still very small cuz most people in the world know they get plastic the highest. No offense, but having those surgeried features of nose, eyelids, and cranial bone alteration, forehead/cheek augmentation, chin implant, skin bleaching is a complete denial to their korean ancestors.

    • blah123 says:

      i don’t think it is denial but trend. people fallow trend. people want to look pretty. Koreans don’t wear hanbok regularly, doesn’t mean they are denying their ancestors or their culture.

    • asdfgh says:

      I don’t know about you but seeing as a lot of my korean friends don’t have those features yet have never gone under the knife this is a bunch of bs. and yes I know for a fact that they didn’t go underneath the knife because I grew up with them since middle school

  22. kristy says:

    She’s still pretty..and I don’t think her height matters!! If their roles fit in da movie..their height doesnt matter at all..we do not watch movie to see how tall or how fat someone is..Looks matter..but this article exaggerates alot..all i know is she is still pretty and she is cool on the screen….

  23. Crista says:

    i know that korean artist had plastic surgery, but please don’t try to mock that they aren’t beautiful or handsome. I’m the biggest fan of Kim Tae Hee unnie, and i know she dubbed as “most natural beautiful korean artist” in her country!!

    • Kelly Smith says:

      Song hye kye and majority of koreans celebrities had plastic surgery. Many purchased a new non korean face. Many guys are getting new faces too. I don’t know why koreans especially the ones living in south korea want to look less korean. Koreans are known to have wide flat faces, big facial bones creating the unbalance face, Single eyelids, and koreans just have unique korean small eyes with no eyelid creases. Nowadays, the general population is so much into plastic surgery. You see majority of women 50 and under have double eyelids (eyelids with creases) are artificially placed their by korean plastic surgeons. Koreans have over 80% no eyelid creaes population. Single eyelids domintes double eyelids, so that is why korean population naturally have small eyes and no eyelid creases. Besides doing eyes, the second most poular surgery in south korea is nose jobs follwed by facial bone conturing. Only 16 south korean plastic surgery report plastic surgery data to ISAPS currently. THere are over 2000 doctors in south korea offer plastic surgeries. Why koreans hate their own faces living in their homeland is kind of strange to me.

      • blah123 says:

        where did you get your facts from? you are writing this information from what? internet? Random people’s comment? do you even know how many koreans live in korea and how many nonkoreans are in korea? how many foreginer come to korea to do plastic surgery?

  24. kimtaeheefan1 says:

    i just know that kim tae hee is beautiful she did not have surgery its true beauty…. i am her no 1 fan because shes the best… we have our own opinion. try to watch her movies….. then you can say your own opinion (forbidden love) height doesnt matter whats the point

  25. Rie3coley says:

    Brave article! i loved it..hahaha…Honestly i like two of them, i still loved them if this is true. My react just ”OOOoohh”. But i dont know how react their fans if they read this, they will eat u alive..XD. I understand your point that appearance is very-very important in korea entertainment industry. Tall and pretty is standar beautiful for them so i m not shock IF this all true. Just go ahead with your article and of course with accurate evidence. Im a kind of open minded person, as long their acting skill is good that not bother me.

  26. Anon says:

    LAWL! Netizens at work again. Sometimes, it’s their agencies that ‘decide’ their heights. Male celebrities lie about their height too! Only it’s not obvious cuz they wear insoles. LOL. Alot of celebs have confessed that their agency didn’t even ask them for their height before putting it up. And some have said that they’ve used their profile height and weight as their goal. It’s not like they committed some mortal crime. God forbid!

  27. Li Ree Shin says:

    Hi, I’m researching about these two girls when I found this. I’m their fan but I quite believe your estimation but this is not to say that these two stars should be less applauded because of their height. I think there’s nothing wrong with creating an illusion that one is tall through clothes and stuff. They are actresses, they make a living mainly through acting not all through modeling. So I think it’s just fine. Please don’t get me wrong, I just want to state my opinion here. 😀 I’m short too so I want to wear whatever type of clothes or shoes they wear to appear taller.

  28. , says:

    Hola, creo que Coreanos puros no debe haber muchos ya. Su raza ahora está mezclada con
    con americanos, canadienses, australianos y con algunos de sus vecinos. Realmente no me parece importante si se hacen cirugías o no, eso es muy personal, mientras queden bellos y se sientan bien que importa, generalmente el que critica es por que no ha podido hacerse nada. Me han contado que las chicas coreanas son muy bellas. Yo soy Colombiana y en mi país la gente es muy bella y aún así la cirugía plástica es muy apetecida. o sea que no hay que ser feo para hacerse esto

    • KOreansAreFakeBEauties says:

      Over 95% of korean celebrities had plastic surgery. CUrrently in south korea 9 out of 10 korean women between 18 and 50 had some form(s) of plastic surgery. .IT is crazy. Koreans don’t look like their celebrities. Koreans have over 85% of it’s people with small eyes with no eyelid creases and it is clearly the Northeast asian look. It is super mongoloid look on planet earth. Most of them look like Sandra Oh or Marget Cho type of eyes .

      • maxine61 says:

        It is a known factor that all korean celebrities be it male or female have gone under the knife. Currently everyone is crazy watching korean drama because of their plastic looks. Honestly speaking the storyline are the same and most of them do not have a good acting skills.

        Guys …there is nothing to be surprised of koreans fake beauties .

      • maxine61 says:

        Take for instant K-Pop. There is nothing fantastic about their songs or their voice. They all do the same thing ie revealing every part of their body and showing their sexy movements, and for the man’s group..they are popular because of their fake looks. If all of them had not undergone any surgery, i beg with my last dollar that no one will notice or watch them sing. Same goes for their drama. Wake up guys…look at their parents (the typical korean feature with broad, flat face structure with high cheek bones and small sleek eyes like the mongolian.

        I shall rest my case here.

        • KOreansAreFakeBEauties says:

          Gee, I couldn’t have said it any better than you. I hate it when koreans talk about their celebrities as best looking when the world knows they are plastic faces. I wonder how they explain to the public about their super fugly babies. Plastics cannot change human genes.

  29. maxine61 says:

    Why is everyone going crazy with the Korean Wave? What I cant stand is they cant speak the International language (English) and yet there are fans who can scream and go crazy when these entertainer communicate with their fans in their own language (Korean). Dont u think this sounds so ridiculous !!!!!!!

    • KOreansAreFakeBEauties says:

      Kim Tae Hee had plastic surgery, but she wasn’t ugly like most koreans before plastic surgery. I would say her before face was nice too. She had plastic surgery to enhance her nose, eyes, and forehead. That is all I see when I compare her pictures that her classmates posted on youtube and on the internet. She wasn’t super ugly like those two gals in the iron empress. Koreans have the highest rate of ugly faces among asians.

  30. KOreansAreFakeBEauties says:

    Oh, right now majority of the young korean gals in South Korea’s urban cities had plastic surgery. They no longer have those very northeast asian eyes. The koreans are known to have those very small eyes with no eyelid creases and many do have very flat faces which is caused by their unusal high cheekbones places on their faces very far apart and way too high on the face. They look the same with eskimos and mongolians.

  31. KoreansAreVeryMongloidLooking says:

    There are koreans with big eyes ,but they usually don’t have any eyelid creases. They usually don’t have the double eyelids when the eyes are big and that is like 2% of population that may have large eyes. Koreans naturall;y are the fugly beings of Asia.

  32. KoreansAreVeryMongloidLooking says:

    Song Hye kyo also had plastic surgery. I can tell. Her eyelids look wider and her eyelid creases deeper from her younger days picture. She also had her nose done. Her after plastic surgery nose bridge is taller and her nose tip sharper. I think she thought it is subtle change, but I spot the difference. All korean celebrities had plastic surgery with the except of a handful only like “Rain”. Why koreans want fake faces for???? Looking like their ethnic korean faces make them look unique and geting plastic surgery make them look like non korean people.

    • YouGotProblems says:

      There is something wrong with you. Why are you so obsessed with Koreans? Why do you come on this site talking about how ugly they are? If you don’t like them, then don’t follow their music or their dramas. While you’re at it, you probably should stay away from websites that discuss Koreans since you hate them so much. At this moment, the only ugly person here is you.

      • maxine says:

        Hello my friend, there is nothing wrong with anyone here. Its just a freedom of opinion. Lets not just get work up. As a matter of fact, its a well known that 99.9% of korean had got under the knife including celebs and all Miss Korea.

        • Zhuang is Jing = kinh people. VIetnamese = Negritos & kinh people mixed says:

          Lee Hyori also had plastic surgery. She altered her korean face for a more non korean face. I saw her picture from younger days. Boy did she change. She got her single eyelids done. Nose tip job, and also look like she did some kind of Facial bone alternatiion. I knew non of the koreans are natural except for Grace Park korean american celebrity. She is the best there is without plastic surgery.

  33. xxxmimi says:

    yeah whatever they can do the plastic surgeries they hve a lots of money so why we hve to concerned about them just take care of your own natural beauty and don’t evn bother aboit their life ,they are human too

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  36. Rita arthur says:

    I second u guys

  37. anne says:

    This is quite inaccurate. Firstly, how do you know the guys are not lying about their heights? Secondly, measuring heights using photographs are inaccurate because of the angle the camera is used along with the person standing next to each other. They have to be standing right next to each other in order to see since standing behind someone makes you look smaller in the picture. And third, you also need to consider the heel height of the other person they are standing next to. I do not believe that celebrities lie about their height, but even if it was off, it would not be that much.

    • guest says:

      “I do not believe that celebrities lie about their height….” is indeed a tall statement. This is entertainment world – how can there be no lie? Management agencies/celebrities can lie on anything to present an image they want us to see. For SHK, lets not compare her height with the 2 guys but focus on her photo with Song Eun-I who is 155cm tall. The answer is obvious.

  38. Ann says:

    I, um, still don’t get why people are writing about plastic surgery in an article about height.
    Putting that aside, I can tell you that not ALL Koreans have done plastic surgery. Honestly, if you look at Song Hye Kyo’s photo from when she was in high school, she looks the same as she is now.
    Besides, if you have plastic surgery, it is hard to move your facial features as naturally as you could if you didn’t have plastic surgery. UEE from After School has done plastic surgery to her eyes, which is why she can’t fluidly move her eyes and always has that ‘zombie glare’. Maybe some have done plastic surgery, but not all.
    Look at Taeyeon from SNSD, Han Hye Jin, Yunho from TVXQ, IU, Heechul from Super Junior, And Sunny from SNSD. They might look a little bit different before and after debut, but it’s mostly because of makeup…

    • John says:

      song did get some plastic so did Kim Tae Hee. OVer 95% korean celebrities had plastic surgery and its been confirmed by many korean plastic surgeons. They cannot name them, but I can tell it is done. Koreans are the most mongoloid looking at their natural state (given by birth). What I meant to say is 80% of koreans are very mongoloid looking and many change that appearance by plastic surgery. South Korea has the highest plastic surgery per capita since 2005. Many korean women had plastic surgery and you see their babies and kids having those very northeast looking eyes. I have nothing against that look. I find some of them looking very cute with their natural looking korean eyes and balance faces.

  39. misswena says:

    If you’re not interested with their height or whatsoever then why did you bothered to visit this page. They did not officially says that their height is beyond 160 cm, your source is just the internet, some celebrity profiles are inaccurate, so maybe the articles here are true. And FIY, it favors them when netizens go crazy about them so don’t get easily angered about criticizing those stars.

  40. de_vil says:

    Why everybody angry with this article. I like it! Hahaha..its a big problem reveal somebody height? I like both of them, and to know the truth make me think that they’re all human not angel who look too perfect.
    So..why so serious? Take a deeeepp breath and relax..don’t make some brutal comment, its not make them hurt actually :p. And I’m very sure, they even don’t care about this s*it article.

  41. bodhi says:

    can’t believe this same topic has been going on forever. people should accept that plastic surgery is part of enhancing the beauty that already exist in that person. just that it could go wrong if you’re under an unskilled and unartistic eyes. just don’t overdo it that your looks change, and eventually your character too.

  42. jin divina says:

    what the big deal about korean celebrities getting plastic surgery? even hollywood celebrities had work done on them too.

    • koreans love plastic surgery says:

      I think koreans celebrities do a lot to there face. They completely buy a new face.

    • camsay says:

      This is an issue that has been dragging so long…the height of the two stars was the one being discussed here and yet the issue have gone through plastic surgery…The thing is plastic surgery is done ANYWHERE in the world because of obsession of FOREVER YOUTH looks. It does not centralize primarily in SOUTH KOREA nor is exclusive for celebs only but is AVAILABLE to ANYONE. Whether your color is white, brown, black, yellow or whatever race PLASTIC SURGERY are readily available to anywhere in the world. Also, please refrain from making unnecessary remarks such as “mongoloid” to any particular race. No one has the right to make this kind of racy comments to anyone worst generalizing a particular country. Look people…BEAUTY is not concentrated on one particular country nor continent. Every race will definitely have an outstanding or exceptional beauties among its citizen. This is what you call EQUILIBRIUM. Beauty comes in all sizes whether one is short or tall, flat nose or has large mouth. I am also from Asia but I am a huge fan of Hollywood and just recently becoming to appreciate Asian stars as well and I am smart enough to know who did surgery and who didn’t. Let’s accept the fact there are really individuals who stand out from the general population of any country in terms of physical and mental attributes (genetically or surgically wise). I think we should practice respect and be smart enough to choose the words we use. PERIOD.

      • KoreansLovePlastics says:

        In south Korea looks all makes the difference in how you are being treated and rather you get the job or not. South KOrea has the highest per capita of plastic surgery. Most South KOrea doctors do not belong to the international plastic surgery data bank or whatever the name is called. Over 75% south korea women under 36 had plastic surgery. Over 90% at last got their eyelids done . Koreans have the highest mono lid among asians. They also have very big bones on their faces.

  43. yulli says:

    i dunno abt kth but i knew shk is short. lol

  44. lily says:

    155cm to 165cm that’s so obvious! they are not tall

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