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Backing up Audi TT

(Kim Jihoon)

Rising stars ventured to the north side of the Han river for the launch of the Audi TT at Tower Hotel, near Namsan. The new Audi TT is being marketed under the concept of 3 TT’s : sTTylish, aTTractive and exciTTing – I’m not sure how effective this marketing campaign is going to be since this gorgeous looker of a car can probably sells itself without any help from upcoming stars. But of course, having super hotties like Lee Jinwook behind the wheel would make this car an even sweeter ride. Unfortunately, Lee Jinwook was not chosen as an icon for the TT. Instead, Choi Si-won, Jin Bo-ra and Park Jihoon represent. Hmmm, does this mean that they get the TT for free?

(left to right: Park Gi-woong (keep the sunglasses on!), Lee taesong, Lee Jinwook (mighty fine), Koh Youngwook)

(left to right: Ki Taeyoung, Kang Kyeongjoon, Choi Siwon, Choi Siwon and Park Jihoon)


11 Comments on “Backing up Audi TT”

  1. kiwee says:

    what the hell is he doing.

  2. Mics says:

    He’s going to do the Otso Otso (Sorry… Filipino Joke XD)

    That’s a really awkward pose lol.

  3. ocean says:

    Sorry, I dont mean to offend, but somehow when I think of Choi Siwon, I dont think… “Audi”….
    Lee Jinwook gives me more “Audi” feel….
    But Siwon is a cutie too, so… it’s ok 😛
    And haha, Kim Jihoon’s pose is funny =X

  4. sez says:

    forgive me if im wrong but is lee jinwook the supporting actor from air city??

  5. Sandra says:

    what a HAWT car!!!

  6. popseoul says:

    sez – you are right, lee jin wook is from air city – he’s choi ji woo’s classmate….

  7. shelshel says:

    audi tt is a sexy and stylish car i see like loads evryday the inside of the car looks very good!!

  8. luvly says:

    thats the gayest pose i’ve ever seen in my life lol XD

  9. pokygurl^-^ says:

    choi si won is the BOMB….arrrrgggghh!!!! so cute

  10. Yurinaka says:

    is it right that siwon has an audi too?

  11. auto gps says:

    I think I will buy an audi quite soon.

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