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Chae Jung-an divorces after 1.5 years


I hate to say it, but I knew it. Singer and actor, Chae Jung-an (30) is getting divorced after 1 year and 6 months. The now ex-husband in question also went out with a good friend just before they got married. We found that he was getting married not through friends but through the press. When we saw the announcement, we knew it wouldn’t last…. so this is no surprise.

Chae Jung-an made the right decision- we think that she definitely deserves better.

Ms. Chae will star in the upcoming MBC drama, the Coffee Prince



22 Comments on “Chae Jung-an divorces after 1.5 years”

  1. kiwee says:

    she’s really pretty and looks so young

  2. lyn says:

    looking at the pictures, her ex-husband looks terrified and didn’t even want to kiss her.

  3. jane =] says:

    wow theres a lot of famous old actors in the group picture.

  4. Se7enFan says:

    I want to watch that drama when it comes out. Please keep tabs on coffee Prince for me…

  5. OMG! says:

    i was so close. i predicted 1 year… 6 more months than predicted is not that bad i guess. why do celebs even bother to get married? they should just shack up and live in sin; their marriages don’t seem to last any longer than people who date for a year and break up… korea’s divorce rate is just typical of their instant gratification culture.

  6. krnxyuhjah says:

    oooh that sucks 😦
    well. the guy’s ugly, & she deserves WAY better :]
    she’s really pretty +_+

  7. dust bunny says:

    her husband is even fuglier

  8. toocutedoggy says:

    ^..same here

  9. jaenie says:

    OMG…he doesn’t even look good enough to be her husband.

  10. parkerlewis says:

    so these famous weddings are as fake as the talents who are taking part in them?

    got damn.

    btw, you guys are busting on how ugly the guy is, i’d like to see a pic of this female actress before all that plastic surgery.

  11. OMG! says:

    attending weddings in korea is just a publicity stunt. usually, if you were in the same drama, fellow cast mates might show up. there are some celebs who are close friends. otherwise, its all about publicity – just look at the paparazzi!

  12. xoxo says:

    yeah.. the guy is ugly haha.. she does deserve someone better.. ^^ she’s pretty.. she’s pretty even before.. someone said that.. though i still didn’t saw her pics from b4.. haha!

  13. taeyeon says:

    she is pretty with or without surgery.. so it doesn’t really matter.. :/

  14. who? says:

    i thought her beauty was unreal in Coffee Prince. seems like it really turned out that way

  15. han says:

    who was the guy?

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  17. sara says:

    she is party
    i am iranian and i think sh is not very perty

  18. LolitaMan says:

    Damn that dude is mad ugly and dumb. He got a beauty like her but screwed up.

  19. yoyo says:

    Beauty doesn’t matter. She could be a witch inside. We all have different personalities. You can’t expect everyone to just get along. It’s even more absurd to assume that beautiful people have beautiful personalities. While some do, many of them do not. But I do have to admit that it’s easier to forgive or overlook the mistake of a beatiful person rather than a ugly one. But I’ve dated some hot girls who have terrible personalities, only cared about their appearances and had cameras (yes, plural) full of pictures of themselves. It was really disgusting and almost hard to imagine how a person could be so infatuated with their own self.

  20. dcja says:

    biatch !!

  21. wajdnawd says:

    he doesnt deserve her!! she deserves my love1~~!

  22. Lady cas says:

    She deserves the best,no man is allowed to hurt a woman.she is pretty & i lk her acting

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