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Can Yoo Seung Jun come back to Korea?


Once a pop sensation, Yoo Seung Jun made the biggest mistake of his life in 2002.  To avoid his military duties in Korea, he became a naturalized US citizen, but as expected, this did not fly with our fellow Koreans. Many felt betrayed and cheated since he promoted himself by consistently stating that “as a healthy male citizen of Korea, I plan to go to the army.” To make the long story short, Mr. Yoo was deported back to the states when he came back to Korea with his spanking new US passport.

A lot has happened since then. Yoo Seung Jun got married, had a child and started his musical career in China. He’s doing okay in China, but it’s obvious that he wants to come back to his motherland and he’s testing the water in various ways. He tried to do his own version of Newlyweds on Mnet, but that fell threw. And his latest strategy is to pour his heart out to the public in an attempt to make them understand why he made the wrong decision. Yoo’s interview was aired on tvN, but the timing couldn’t be any worse. The public is currently disgusted with the special treatment celebs and rich chaebols receive when it comes to military duties as they watch Psy’s investigation unfold, so forgiving Yoo Seung Jun is currently out of the question. But do you think that he should be allowed to come back to Korea?

Yoo Seung Jun’s MV during his heyday


72 Comments on “Can Yoo Seung Jun come back to Korea?”

  1. jess1tym says:

    Thanks for answering popseoul. I didn’t know that it was illegal in S. Korea to hold dual citizenship.

    I think everybody is right about people doing their duty in the military regardless of their status.

    Everyone need to do their share. I’m doing mine except for miine is not Mandatory.

  2. gumball says:

    =/ … a lot of the people above’s comment
    seem so harsh >

  3. lazybum says:

    the think the big thing about military service for celebs (and maybe other people) is that it disrupts your life for two years, rather than the actual hard labour they have to go through. i mean, most boybands, from my knowledge, debut around 17-20ish, so obviously, for them, they wouldn’t have done their service. but once your famous, and then you go away for two years (even if it’s for a ‘good cause’) it would SERIOUSLY disrupt your career. especially in such a fickle industry as the entertainment industry.

    so deep deep down, i would understand why any celeb would try to avoid it, or push it back. however, at the same time, since it is the law over is S.K., then they should just abide to it. taking such an extent to avoid it is just cowardice.

    in this guy’s case, maybe his intentions won’t that different from others, but he certainly chose the wrong method. an i agree that he probably just wants in for the money and fame.

  4. GWen says:

    but doesnt the US and Korea have good ties right now I mean our army is over there too and stuff…

  5. I am your Deathnote says:

    Well…why not let him back? Whats it gonna hurt? People talk about pride and alll that bullshit….the world is all about money and greed. So what?! stop making assumptions about pride and loyalty. Cus thats all not reality.

  6. Jackie says:

    F**K the military. He wanted to become a US citizen and he had the opportunity and did! I can’t hate on him for that. I really really hope that one day Koreans can open their minds! I miss Yoo Seung Joon so much and I am dying to hear more Korean music from him!

  7. danaburger says:

    What he did was cowardly for sure.
    But there are a bunch of people who probably do the same thing to avoid the military. He didn’t break any laws, he just found a “loop hole” and used it.

    For the govt of Korea to single him out like that is complete over-reaction. If he wasn’t a celebrity, I’m sure nothing would have happened.
    Korea is a supposed to be democratic.
    Let the guy do what he wants to do.
    The Korean fans and public would have punished him in their own way, by not supporting him. But Govt involvement was too much.

  8. kyokoryu says:

    amen -points kak2gi’s comment-


    If he truly loves his motherland, wouldn’t have left in the first place. Heck, in our country, girls go for National Services for 3 months. (when they’re 17)

  9. peoplepearfect says:

    sevenfan you seem to be just a child. whatever his lame reason for becoming a U.S. citizen is his own buisness. but the facts are that culturally native Koreans (general opinion) do have a tendency to treat kyopos like stars, and maybe that was where he was heading???who knows…all we should care about is if he makes good music

  10. […] anything related to Yoo Seung Jun, the exiled singer is considered a taboo and a horrible PR move in the local entertainment industry, but bookworm […]

  11. varms says:

    Geez, why can’t this guy just stay out of Korea. His fans have dwindled, he’s labeled a loser and a coward for turning back on his word that he’ll go into military service and can he even call himself a man now? Celebrities expect too much and to change nationalities just because of that? Very brash decision. Doesn’t exactly display patriotism or set an example. But somehow, deep in the my stony little heart, he should be given a chance. Let him back in when he’s say…70?

  12. NRG says:

    Firstly, other Korean celebs have voiced their support for Yoo SeungJun, as have scores of fans. He has been performing and working in China and Japan successfully.

    Personally, I don’t know of any men in this country that would want to go to the military out of some outdated law(s). No one can call SeungJun a coward until they are in his shoes. It is easy to say when YOU are not the one under obligation to go.

    As Koreans, we also place a high value on our parents and people have forgotten that, according to the reports, SeungJun’s father asked that he not go as well. Imagine the dilema while you are in your glass houses throwing stones.

  13. david says:

    i was reading some of the comments made by people. and wat i think is that. with everything happening in the world. and you seung jun saying he wanted to go to the army was a bad choice. i would feel the same way if i was his father. i came to america to get away from korea and from my only son going into the military when the world is in chaos. i would tell him not too go too. and do everything in my power to make him stay. mostly korean dad’s think this way and that’s why they come to america. “to live a better life”. but i just think you seung jun was doin so good in korea and he wanted to make people think he was a real korean. so that is why i think he said those things. he was juss being hyped by his fans and how big he got. and don’t hate on him. dude he juss wants to be liked by everyone. and come back to where his parents called home once.

  14. haneul says:

    Service in Korea sucks. I used to have legal residecy in Korea, but I chucked it for that specific reason. Who wants to serve in Army if they dont have too,

  15. phat al says:

    So is this fool coming back or not?

  16. Bones says:

    The part about being a US citizen and serving in another countries military is illegal, is not true, I have met
    Koreans who had American citizenship and were serving in the ROK Army. I asked how that happen and he said that his family did not take him off the Family Registry, therefore in the eyes of the ROK government he was obligated to serv. I think that’s how alot of guys get caught up. The ROK military is hard duty, but they do try to keep foreign members out of harms way.

    In America you just have be born in America to be an American citizen.

    Thats not the case in Korea

  17. Jasmine says:

    They should totally allow him to come back ^^ korea needs some real talents like him..and yeah as we know he had to endure that much just because he was a celeb..they should forgive him

  18. HYUN KIM says:


    you stupid faggots.

    it was totally legal for him to avoid it

    because he became US citizen.

  19. Girl From Arabia says:

    in Egypt, if someone avoided his military duties ,he would be sent to jail. However the idea of exiling him is just ridicules.

  20. Irony says:

    What I don’t understand is why Celebrities are held on a different level than politicians. BOTH are public figures, politicians LIE and are hypocrites ALL the time yet they are never exiled from their home country. On the contrary they are seemingly always re-elected into office!!

    He didn’t break any laws, he became a US citizen. Following this logic all my Korean friends that have become US citizens (although they didn’t become American to avoid military service, but the reasons for becoming American shouldn’t matter as the “crime” is the same) have all broken the law and none of them should be allowed back into the country. Yet, a lot of my friends visit S. Korea on a regular basis. What’s wrong with this picture here?

  21. amyy says:

    if i was him id want to go back to korea to cause getting famous is korea is like america pretty much

  22. Sweet Yoo says:

    i don’t mind if ysj doesn’t go back 2 korea. what i want from him is to hear his amazing voice + see his excellent foot work again. ysj has great personal charisma. & i still prefer 2 hear him singing in korean because he look d best in korean style. love yoo seung jun.

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