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When’s the best time to go under the knife?


For regular folks, the perfect time to get your double eye-lid or higher nose or sharper chin is in between high school graduation and college orientation. But for celebs, the optimal time to go under the knife is before one’s debut. Although netizens dig up baby photos, graduation photos, etc to prove that they went under the knife, most people eventually move on, associating the name to the new and improved face.


However, getting additional plastics mid-career can be detrimental to one’s career, mostly because there’s no way to hide from it since their “before” pics are already stored in every-body’s memory and netizen’s hard drives. In addition, this move usually earns the star a lot of criticisms, especially if they were pretty to begin with. Yang Mira, Kang Hae Jung, Jun Hae Bin and late Jung Dabin and U-nee went under the knife mid-career and as a result, they had to endure the criticisms from netizens and sometimes even downturn in their popularity.


Yang Mira, formally known as the “burger girl” is now having a hard time finding a management company that is willing to re-create her career with her new “prettier” face, especially because the public is rather disgusted by the amount of plastics you see in her tiny face. Kang Hae-Jung‘s cosmetic dental surgery cannot be the sole reason for her low box-office ticket sales and low tv ratings, but there’s no doubt that it’s playing a significant role in bringing her down. And we all know of the deadly effect criticisms after plastics can have on celebs as we witnessed Jung Dabin and U-nee suffer from the anti-comments, eventually deciding to end their own life.


There is an exception to this generalized optimal plastics timing. If you were ugly when you debuted and went under the knife mid-career, the audience usually praises you for the hard effort. For example, singers such as Ok Ju Hyun, Bada and Jadu all went under the knife before and after their debut, but their honest confessions and the fact that they look much better actually helped their career instead of becoming a road-block.

So, if you ever decide to become a celeb in Korea, take a close look into the mirror and decide if you want to go under the knife. If you choose to go under the knife, make sure that you get the whole package before you debut because getting additional plastics mid-career can negatively impact your career, unless you look ugly after the first round of plastics.


48 Comments on “When’s the best time to go under the knife?”

  1. liquidhope says:

    umm lol.. all i have left to say is that plastic surgery can do wonders…

  2. jane =] says:

    all i can say is, jun hae bin was and is gorgeous. i dont get why so many people hate her.

  3. Se7enFan says:

    I love Bada…

  4. ed says:

    i really miss the old Kang Hae-Jung:( was her decision to have plastic surgery tied to breakup from cho seoung-woo?

  5. ooh bada = plastic surgery???!

  6. Steph says:

    I heard Jun Hae Bin got plastic surgery because she was in a car accident or something.

  7. yoojin says:


    yeah she was.
    i don`t remember the full details but she had to restructure her jaw?? something along those lines i`m pretty sure. don`t quote me on that though -_____-

  8. yoojin says:

    and whoa.
    i definately didn`t know bada had plastic surgery.

  9. Are you talking about the dearly passed Jeong Da Bin? She had surgery? If so I didn’t know that, but where did you get your info that her having surgery contributed to her suicide? Also, its really obvious to tell Bada had surgery…….. I don’t get why Yang Mira went and had surgery, I thought she was very pretty already. “Those who strive for perfection end up with just tears.”

  10. […] When’s the best time to go under the knife? [image] For regular folks, the perfect time to get your double eye-lid or higher nose or sharper chin is in between […] […]

  11. sweetrain says:

    Who is the first picture?

  12. luminality says:

    yang mi ra looks a lot like her sister (yang eun jin from baby vox re. v.) i don’t get why she got double eyefold surgery when she already had natural big ones =.= hmm i never knew jadu had plastic surgery. she’s still not that pretty even though she sings pretty well. but that’s just my opinion.

  13. daneil says:

    ^ Yang Mira is the one in the first picture.

    If their talent shines through i don’t mind surgery but if they were actually perfectly fine before… then it bothers me.

  14. ed says:

    thanks yoojin. bada may look prettier after surgery, but her inner beauty remains the same!

  15. Oh I forget to say and ask.

    Is the girl in the first pic suppose to be what bad surgery suppose to look like? Because I don’t mean to be mean, but it will sound mean lol. She doesn’t look any better, I mean why does she….I think I’ll just shut-up……………

  16. kai says:

    hahahaha..they look all diffrent!~

  17. amareally says:

    OMG Bada looks so much older !!

  18. mawee says:

    jeon hye bin admitted on having plastic surgery~ either way I think she’s really a great dancer,, if you have the money then go for it~ everyone strives forbeauty anyway

  19. han says:

    i think it was a good thing Bin and Yang Mira got a surgery
    i couldn’t stand bin’s face before…but she’s okay now, as long as she doesn’t smile and show her teeth…
    as for yang mira, i think the picture explains it all, she looks MUCH better now…her before pic scared me i was like ‘wtf is this really popseoul’ when it loaded…

    and is it just me or kang hye jung looks exactly the same in her before & after pics? she only looks darker to me..
    any smiling pics of hers?

  20. alice says:

    I have a friend who is very close friends w/ Jeon Hye Bin. Bin was upset that she had to get plastic surgery due to her terrible accident. She didnt want to, but she was advised to b/c her face was really damaged (the nose and jaws area) to save her career.

  21. joyce says:

    i think bin was really supposed to go under the knife, the doctors advised her, not just for her career but more because of her face structure

  22. Eva says:

    why must they use school pictures…??? we all look horrible in our school pictures!! thats just wrong on their part!

  23. yana... says:

    now i can conclude that most koreans wether male or female are insecure and not satisfied with their looks that’s why they’re obsessed with plastic surgery!!! i’m very disappointed…i thought korean actors and actresses have the most beautiful faces…but now, i have second thoughts!!!shame on them!!!

  24. Mark says:

    Well it’s not like Jeon Hye Bin was ugly before her accident/plastic surgery..

  25. b0mii says:

    well i think some TALENTED stars which are “ugly” are okay to go under the knife.. because maybe people think they are too ugly & will not support them.. if a person is cute or pretty wouldn`t it be obvious that most people will support him/her (unless she/he have no talent at all)… think about it, it`s obvious people love stars base on their appearance rather than their talent.. well like me but i love most base on talents.. well i don`t think that a star need to go under the knife if you look nice already, natural beauty is always better (though i don`t agree at times)…

  26. christianpete says:

    I can’t believe those are the high school pics of Juhyun, Bada, and Jadu. They were ugly ducklings at one time, but with the magic of cosmetic surgery, have been transformed into lovely swans.

    I agree that if an established celeb undergoes cosmetic surgery it could potentially ruin their career…. On the otherhand, if a celeb continues to produce quality material (ie songs, dramas, etc.), then their new plastic appearance wouldn’t be a problem for their fans, especially the hardcore ones.

  27. Amy says:

    I don’t see why people still get all riled up over plastic surgery. To me, it’s like getting braces or a new haircut. If you’re unsatisfied with something of yourself, considering that you have the money, why not go do something about it? From what I know, U;nee was pushed to get her breast job to get a “sexier” image, and while that did work, it definitely took a toll on her mentality. And of course, if your face was damaged in an accident, why not fix it? To me, natural beauty, while it’s definitely good, is considered being lucky in life. So why should people less gifted in the looks department be punished for their genetics. Oak Ju Hyun turned out much better, and most of the time, plastic surgery DOES help. While I don’t plan to go under the knife any time, I’m a full supporter of plastic surgery.

  28. Lily says:

    For some reason, I know there’s a big difference in between the before and after picture or Jung Hye Bin, but I can’t quite point out where she did surgery on because she looks completely different in both pictures. ::sigh::

    Plastic surgery isn’t just for ugly people, I know a lot of people do it for confidence and such. And I agree with Amy. Plastic surgery isn’t a crime, it’s an enhancement of their current looks.

  29. kkes says:

    lily: I think its a bit of everything… (or maybe just the nose?)

    The girl on the first picture…
    I like her befor picture… she might not look very pretty, but I think she had charms..
    I don’t like her after the surgery… especially the nose.. I think it’s too pointy

  30. jane says:

    jun hyebin looks better after surgery lol
    thanks for the photos.

  31. Sarah says:

    But wouldn’t it better if people learned to appreciate themselves, make the best with what they’ve got in life and be the best they could be…
    Beauty IS only skin-deep after all. What will they do when the body images they depend on fade with age in a few decades?

  32. ed says:

    ^ they take up the bottle, pills, and definitely more trips back to the cutting room! it’s easier for most to conform to group pressure, than to stand apart and say “i am fine and unique as i am”. that takes something intangible no surgeon can give you.

    anyway are korean plastic surgeons the best in the world? how come the results are always so amazing, when we see so many american “surgery gone wrong” or overdone like michael jackson?

    • Audrey says:

      “What will they do when the body images they depend on fade with age in a few decades?”
      You have answered a rhetorical question.

  33. disay says:

    the wonders of plastic surgery!

  34. meme says:

    omg look at jadu! wat a differece!

  35. blah says:

    i like hye bin in the before pice, she had more character…

  36. noodle says:

    Suicide? That’s really sad, I hope people will be a lot kinder, if they had surgeries who cares?

  37. ForeignGirl says:

    i actaully is planning to goes under ze knife… before i become famous and i dont care if ppl post my old pictures ill just tell everyone how much happier i am and that EVERYONE SHOULD DO IT IF THEY WANT TO=)

  38. Milk says:

    I do think that plastic surgery is necessary if someone is not confident enough with his/her physical and he/she does not have financial problem…If he/she will be happy with the new physical,then just go ahead…coz life should be happy…

  39. Doggy Supreme says:

    The Nine Pics:

    1st Row:

    Pig, Half Pig, Ok.

    2nd Row:

    Fugly, Ok, Getting Old.

    3rd Row:

    A Man? o.O, Ok, Ok.

    My Opinion.

  40. GG Suxs says:

    Korean Entertainment needs to change and have a better focus on REAL BEAUTY and REAL PEOPLE rather than constantly bombarding the public with FAKE PLASTICS LIKE SNSD.

    • Audrey says:

      I have been told that Korean “indie” music is growing while the audience attached to mainstream, plastic-y kpop is shrinking. However, this is not made clear to us, we who remain squatting, peering through a knothole into a world that is the Korean music industry. Why? For only Kpop is publicized past the country’s borders, inflating the misconception that it is all KMusic has to offer. That the Korean population is consumed by cookie-cutter songs that lack any aesthetic and creative qualities whatsoever. So what insidious entity crouches behind the black veil? The large entertainment companies – SME, JYP, YG to name a few.

  41. drama critics. says:

    check out yunho’s teeth before and after.

  42. […] doesn’t make Henry cut up his his face, like Hee Chul. Talk about a bad (and unoriginal…remember Bin?) excuse. As if everyone who falls down needs plastic surgery. Even though Koreans highly value […]

  43. A ! says:

    Jeon Hye Bin only did her nose cuhs of a car accident.
    She’s so gorgeous, I still love her ❤

  44. deep says:

    hello i have big nose and i want small nose. please tell me what is the charges for it. i want to change my face colour also. please tell me as soon as possible on my email id
    thank you

  45. totallyc00lkorean says:

    DAMN. LOL ….wow….

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