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Who’s the next addition to Shinhwa’s solo battles?


It’s Minwoo aka Shinhwa’s shorty. I guess his US debut is not happening – anyone surprised to hear this news? Of course not, so far all the k-pop stars that made a big fuss about debuting in the states hadn’t achieved much. Hopefully that will change with time. Back to Shinhwa’s solo battles. Minwoo’s comeback is scheduled for July 10th, which is before both Dong Wan & Hye Sung‘s. I guess he called shot-gun when they all sat around the coffee table one day, trying to decide who’s going to comeback or debut first. But regardless of their debut or comeback date, I’m sure that Shinhwa fans will find a way to equally distribute their undying love to these three members. Good luck to all!

Who will win the Shinhwa solo battle?


10 Comments on “Who’s the next addition to Shinhwa’s solo battles?”

  1. Jennie says:

    I cant wait for all their solo albums, epspecially DongWan’s!!
    But I thought DongWan’s album was coming out on the 9th. Isnt that before Minwoo then?

  2. popseoul says:

    Jennie – Dongwan’s album is already out, but he’s not starting his promotion activities until mid-July.

  3. han says:

    he reminds me so much of my brother
    how tall is he again?

  4. cosmicolor says:

    I think it’s great that they’re still together as a group (as well as friends) and are able to still come out with solo albums. 😀

  5. infiniti512 says:

    There’s alot of talent in that little package!

    From reading Shinhwa fansites, Dongwan’s CD comes out June 28, and he’s already started appearing on Variety shows and also performed last Saturday at an event.

  6. ginnie says:

    Didn’t Dongwan appear in some variety shows? They are floating around youtube already.

    It’ll be difficult to give equal support to all three members debuting/coming back. I’ll probably just support only if their albums is I like the style/songs. Probably not the kind of undying love they might be looking for.

    Minwoo is short but he sure seems taller than a lot of performers when he is performing on stage…that’s stage presence.

  7. Lily says:

    Minwoo started his solo career a while ago, no? Didn’t he come out with 2 albums already? But Shinhwa’s the best and everyone of them would be successful even if they go solo.

  8. joyce says:

    Lily – yes this is his third album

    im so excited for these three
    and though my favorite is wannie
    i will support hyesung and minwoo to the fullest

  9. mingzhu says:

    lol, Shinhwa’s shorty..

    Wow, Minwoo too. Omigad.. 3 solo albums… hmm.. must save… My wallet is starting to get empty.. I wonder when they’ll be releasing their 8th..

  10. SABRINA says:

    “It’s Minwoo aka Shinhwa’s shorty.”

    rofl! HAHA. =)

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