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Hallyu Romantic Festival


Korea’s hottest celebs including Jang Hyuk, Gong You, Yoon Kae Sang, Zo In Sung, Ji Jin Hee and Cha Tae Hyun all gathered together for the Hallyu Romantic Festival held in Japan over the weekend. Since actors usually can’t show their acting talent on stage, they prepared their own “show and tell.”

Ji Jin Hee kicked off the festival by showing off his sel-ca skills to the audience and he also celebrated his 36th birthday with his fans. Then Jang Hyuk awed the Japanese ajummas with this perfect abs and martial arts. Gong You entered the stage by singing Lee Ki Chan‘s Beautiful Woman (미인), then changed into a high school uniform since he was voted as the the hallyu celeb that looks best in uniforms.

Ji Jin Hee – Happy B-day! He sure looks good for somebody born in 1971!

Jang Hyuk – gotta love those abs. I think all he did was work those abs during his military service

Gong You – he does look cute in high school uniform – can’t wait to see him in Coffee Prince!

Cha Tae Hyun and Yoon Kae Sang sang ballads, which isn’t surprising since they were singers in the past. Then, Zo In Sung finished off this heated festival by arriving on his motorcycle. Although this grand entrance was totally unnecessary, ajummas were screaming their lungs out by this extra “cool” effect. Zo In Sung also held a Q&A session so the audience has a chance to get to know him better.

Cha & Yoon – how does it feel to sing on stage again? Do you ever plan to go back to K-pop world?

Zo In Sung – is it just me, or does he look a little tired in these photos?

In addition to these hotties, many k-pop singers, such as Lee Minwoo, Shin Hye Sung, Jun Jin, SS501, Battle, Kim Jung Hoon, Howl & J, Lyn, I, etc performed on stage. Wow, what an event! Korea’s top hotties + top singers, now that’s heaven!

Lee Minwoo

Shin Hye Sung

Jun Jin – he looks so serious whenever he’s on stage. No wonder people call him the “over man” (over the top man) and Shinhwa was definitely represented at the Romantic Hallyu Festival!

SS501 – I haven’t seen these boys for a while, but they look like they are having fun on stage.

Kim Jung Hoon – Finally we see him singing on stage. When will you go back to the k-pop world Jung Hoon?

Howl & J – That must have been one of the best duet ever!

Lyn – When are you coming back to k-pop world Lyn? We all miss you dearly.


Singer I – he’s the one behind many OSTs including movie Sad Movie and drama Spring Day.


24 Comments on “Hallyu Romantic Festival”

  1. Michelle says:

    wish i was there

  2. Michelle says:

    -.-^ again…
    SS501 looked so cute!

  3. nz fan says:

    yeah what are ss501 up to these days, i havn’t heard anythng about them

  4. Mina says:

    Ah sounds fun… I wish I went.
    Jo In Sung!!!!

  5. ed says:

    one of the funniest posts you’ve done, popseoul!

  6. liquidhope says:

    i think gong you looks better in a suit than a high school uniform.. he looks kinda too old for it.. only my opinion =P

  7. blossom says:

    awwwwwwww…………….. JIS looks the tallest among them… *swoon*

  8. sakura says:

    Kim Jung Hoon! *Drool* Wish I was there to see him!

  9. jess1tym says:

    Jang Hyuk & Kim Jung Hoon ahhhhhhhhhh I’m in heaven!!!

  10. jjhero says:

    haha that is why I love my Jun Jin

  11. amabelle says:

    i wish i was there too!

    popseoul, what was the song sung by howl and j? is it the one from gooong? perhaps love?

  12. cabbage says:

    Seems Battle’s part of your list, but without pics.

    Mind sharing them?… please! 😀

  13. mawee says:

    Ji Jinhee, Gong Yoo, Zo Insung, Yoon Kyesang, Cha Taehyun
    Jang Hyuk~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lucky ajummas!!! hmf..

  14. repjans says:

    SS501 boys were busy preparing for the release of their 1st Japanese single (release date is 1st week of Aug). They’ve been staying in Japan for almost 2 months now.

    gaaah, i miss these boys a lot T_T

  15. insung_mania!! says:

    Jo in-sung. He’s look so gorgeous. **(^v^)**
    I Really love him so much >.

  16. hypergrl09 says:

    um, lyn IS in the kpop scene right now lol

  17. in sung i love u says:

    i wish i was there in sung.. he always always HOT.. omg

  18. ah!!!ss501 so cute and handsome!!!

  19. Kang Heejin says:

    how could they put such a collection of spanking hot men on one stage, without me there to see it!!!

  20. chloe says:

    Jo in-sung. He’s look so gorgeous. Yes. I saw his photo at a famous militarydating site named ttp:// !

  21. leiynne says:

    hot yoon kye sang!!! wow!

  22. josef says:

    i like gong yoo more… he looks really great! wish he could come in the Philippines. He has more than 1,000 fans here

  23. dorothy says:

    i love SS501 especially Hyung Joon, i really don’t know why korean does not come to India they have fans, especially in my state, hyung joon is so damn cute…….. love him

  24. Neetha says:

    GONG YOO!!
    never end to admire you..
    I LOVE YOO…!!

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