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When will these celebs go to the army?

We saw many celebs come back from the army this year, including So Jisub, Jang Hyuk, Yoon Kae Sang, Song Seung Heon, Jisung to name a few, but there are more than dozen celebs who still have to serve in the near future. These celebs include Gong You, Sung She Kyung, Kim Jung Min, HaHa, Kangta, Eric, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dong Wan, etc, but since they are all at the height of their career, they are all trying their hardest to delay their enlistment.

Gong You was scheduled to start serving this May, but he delayed it to film Coffee Prince. Similarly, Sung She Kyung had start serving on May 29th, but he delayed it using his graduate school as an excuse. Koyote’s Kim Jung Min and HaHa aren’t enlisting either. Kim has a bad back and Haha is at the height of his career.

Shinhwa members are also counting down to their enlistment dates. The exact dates are unknown since they are currently busy with their solo activities, but the clock’s ticking and these celebs can’t avoid it any longer. So the question is, out of all these celebs, who do you think will enlist first?

Who has to enlist in the army this year?


64 Comments on “When will these celebs go to the army?”

  1. Vanessa says:

    I’m going to miss Gong You!!!! But’s it’s all for the best… I hope he comes back safe and sound, that’s all… I don’t know how Joo Ji-hun’s going to survive the army. I’m a big fan of Coffee Prince!!! And i can’t believe i won’t be seeing Gong You for 2 years, it’s so sad… Hope he knows he’s got a Malaysian fan… 🙂 The national service here is only three months and people are randomly selected to go for it, girls and guys… Some of my friends think of it as an adventure holiday… But 2 years of gruelling army training is no joke.

  2. Chriser says:

    Here is my thought. Those that are really talented and have true fans will still have that when they come back from the military.

    If they actually see war during their 2 years, I can see why they would want to post-pone their enlistment. If they are in peacetimes, it should not be a problem. Military is a hard life but it is worse when you are in it during war time. I know because I was active duty during the Gulf War so I can understand the hesitation.

    I would really hate to see these guys go especially since I just only recently got into K-pop.

    I did not realize that Eric had given up his US Citizenship, but isn’t Andy a citizen also? Did Micky Yoochun give up his also or is he still US citizen?

  3. carribeane says:

    i think the singapore system is better in that the guys serve when they’re ard 18 or 19, also for 2 years. that way you finish it b4 u start uni/your career so it wont get in the way like these poor Korean stars. oh well.

  4. KyuMin says:

    They should go if the law states they have to then they should but for Kim Jong Min of Koyote he did enlist and go but because he had a bad back he did not do anything that was too strenuous in other words he was still in the army but with a less harder job and for that matter I’m really shocked at Shinhwa they told their fans that they will enlist into the army but now it seems their words are mixed. At the highest point in their career they promised to their fans and to each other that they will forever stay as Shinhwa even when they have to go to the Army

  5. PM says:

    Everybody should have to serve their country in some capacity, the issue at had really is the stuckness of Korean system in the way they think about,”service”. They should look at how their nation can be best served by each citizen on an individual basis.

  6. tumbles says:

    “Sung She Kyung had start serving on May 29th, but he delayed it using his graduate school as an excuse.”

    tsk tsk, since when has education become an “excuse”? graduate school with a full-time day job is no breeze. I speak from experience. nobody in the right mind would use that as an excuse for the inevitable.

    Pursuit of higher education is admirable.

  7. annakas says:

    What is wrong with some of you? All of them WILL GO to the military! It is the law they can’t avoid it.

    But who are you peole to order and demand them that they have to go NOW or even better yesterday???!!!

    It is their choice if they want to delay it and it would be their choice if they wanted to go now or two years ago. No one can decide it for them. No one has the right to decide it for them when is the time for them to seve.

    When a person goes to the army it is their personal coice when exactly they are going to serve (like the law states before they are 30 two years).

    Why treat celebrities differently just because they are celebreties? Ordinary citincenzs can decide when they are going to serve and no one will cirticise them over it if they go when they are 21 or 24 or 28 ect. They will go, they know it everyone knows it so there is no fuss over it.

    Same should be also for celebrities. They will go. And it is their choice when exactly that happens. An no one has the right to tell otherwise.

    Not some whiny fan or stranger sitting cozily behind their computer who does not have to go in to the army themselves.

    Its their lives so its their choice.


  8. dana says:

    i think they should just get over it…i mean, they would only be there for 2 years or so…after that, they’ll be back…and when they come back, news of them coming back would be all over the newspaper and they will have new offers….i mean, it’s not like they would be gone and won’t come back…like kim jong kook…he’ll be coming back soon…but shihwa’s fun and so does haha…i won’t see them in variety shows anymore…so sad…it’s a good thing jaejoong won’t serve the army…

  9. dana says:

    oh well, all of them would serve the army anyway…i mean, nobody could disagree with it…let’s just wait for them, 2 years is not that long…and they are doing the good thing…not taking it and keep on delaying it is just being irresponsible citizen of Korea…wahaha….

    it’s a good thing i need not to go to the army…but i want to join the marine or air force…it would be cool…

  10. manuroxs says:

    for what i know, most of the shinhwa members except hye sung will be enlisted in march 2008.. however, as eric is now injured, he MAY be exempted, like hye sung

  11. clarity says:

    will lee dong wook be enlisted next year as well?!!

    if so i’ll miss him… 2 years is a very long period…

    well when duty calls.. they must fulfill it…

  12. chloe says:

    Yeah! It is not a good example for these celebs to delay their enlistment!
    Jang Hyuk is said to be at the most famous Military dating site . I am his fans. I will check him here and chat with him online!

  13. KyuMin says:

    all my uncles and my dad went to the army when they lived in Korea and the truth is, if they have a bad back that restricts them from doing strenuous things like training then they get desk jobs regardless of health and stuff if they are physically fit then they go and start training but for instance Shin Hyesung from Shinhwa he has a bad back so he is exempted from enlistment

  14. anne says:

    I wish them all the best when they do go however since the Iraqi war i worry for all the troops there and not just the United least all of these celebrities are going to serve their country they are not draft dodgers because it the law in Korea,i know some of the actors have tried to get out of it i am sure its just because of the uncertainty of the war that they tried who looks forward to a bullet buzzing by your head every second of the day.At least in Korea there is no, we will pay for college if you join like here in the States then they join for free college but then squawk when they have to defend our country.i pray for peace someday.but they are serving in any capacity so leave them alone my dad served in WW2 in the army ,my brothers served during Vietnam,and my great great great grandfather served in the revolutionary war as a hessian . God Bless anyone who serves their country.i mss Gong Yoo ,Eric,Kim Jae Won,and many more i will wait for their return in two years.

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