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What happened to Shoo?


As you can see from the picture, Shoo is suffering from plastics overdose. I’m not sure why she chose to go down the dangerous road of plastics, since she was really pretty when she debuted as a member of SES back in the days. Perhaps Bada convinced Shoo to go under the knife so they can get a package deal. Whatever the reason was, she made the wrong decision. Her nose is melting so rapidly that she’ll soon look like Michael Jackson’s long lost sister. In addition, the giant double eye-lid makes her look robotic and lets not forget about the extra extra pointy or as the media loves to call it “V” lined face. Somebody get this girl some help! Not only does she need psychological help, but she also needs a surgeon to reverse the damage she caused herself.

Shoo before plastics



57 Comments on “What happened to Shoo?”

  1. Mai says: sad. Shoo was so pretty before. She was the prettiest out of S.E.S from my POV.

  2. yumi-chan says:

    What happened to Shoo?

    Bada got to her duh.

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  4. ReinCharlotte says:

    She wasted a lot of money.. She was my favorite SES member.. I hope she think of it before doing it.. I wonder if she didn’t regret the outcome… I hope she just used the money for the surgery for people that are needing it.. Poor Shoo… 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  5. Serah says:

    there is nothing wrong with plastic surgery if you’re ugly. but Shoo she was cute, i have no idea why she decicded to change her look. maybe Plastic surgery is contatgious and it’s widely spread in korea. doesn’t matter before or after plastic surgery, Eugene still the prettiest in the group. I hope Eugene cont. to keep her natural beauty. … cross my fingers … and wish that Eugene won’t be persuaded by others

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