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Pop or flop: Park Jin-hee is stylin in black


It’s been a while since a celeb has been poppin the style. Money warfare star, Park Jin-hee (29) looks absolutely fabulous in the simple black dress. The style is in the details – check out her gold earrings ( I want them!), strappy shoes, artsy bracelet and little gold clips on the straps. Even though she looks amazing, she doesn’t seem very confident wearing the plunging neckline since she seems to cover her cleavage with her hand. If so, why wear the dress? Confidence carries the style!


Pop or flop: Park Jin-hee in black
1) Pop: Style is in the details
2) Flop:Style is about color

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33 Comments on “Pop or flop: Park Jin-hee is stylin in black”

  1. Eve says:

    The dress is nicee she doesn’t seem like she’s too shy about it…probably was just bowing to someone haha.

  2. nileey says:

    she looks fabulous in that dress. Perhaps she’s covering it to prevent any potential bad shots that may expose her bits ^^

  3. daneil says:

    I think most female celebrities get into habit of covering and/or placing thier hand on their chest…. like someone else said most likely to prevent a nip slip

  4. Nhi says:

    She should have just used those toupee tape or something if she doesn’t want her twins to accidentally pop out. It’s kind of awkward if she keeps touching them. xD

  5. Narae says:

    she looks stunning!

  6. yznw says:

    “Confidence carries the style”..that is nice quote..

  7. amareally says:

    why the heck is she doing covering her bosoms when she’s wearing a low cut dress ?

  8. vincy says:

    i think the dress is a bit loose around the chest area.. mayb thats y shes covering up > < but she looks good!

  9. han says:

    i think she looks fabulous and confident enough
    she’s so pretty and she looks very natural =3
    i don’t get why she just got famous now
    i’ve liked her ever since I watched Since I Met You..

  10. jane =] says:

    she looks great, and i love her as an actress.

  11. Em says:

    I agree she looks absolutely fabulous! The woman is glowing.

  12. mawee says:

    love her! she seems everywhere these days.. heehee. she’s stylin` so def. a pop for me ^^

  13. Timoshi Huang says:

    hahah i think it’s her chest…. got a problem-v-;;

  14. haerim says:

    i think the reason she keeps covering up is cuz the dress looks a little too baggy on the chest area…

  15. ed says:

    gorgeous but teensy awkward…man, it’s so hard to tell her apart from park sol-mi sometimes:PP

  16. I like that dress, but its too small at the top. She’s even having probs with the too much cleavage showing, notice her hand? It surely isn’t because she was so delighted and flattered someone gave her comment. LOL(I really am talking nonsense right now, I really should go to sleep)If I’m going to wear that dress I need more booby coverage, I can’t have my girls out showing for others to see. I DON’T GIVE FREE OR PAID SHOWS! LMBO “Dreams are for insomniacs” I wanna get me some good ones today hahahahahahaha 자다 Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. Leigh says:

    I dont think she is trying to cover up, probably a hand gesture when she was talking or bowing or when she is laughing lol

  18. Zak says:

    Wow, she looks great. I wonder, is the hand covering a cultural thing? I’ve noticed that the women Korean celebs cover their cleavage when they lean forward.

  19. Michael says:

    hot diggity damn. she looks good and her smile compliments her dress even more.

  20. dust bunny says:

    Exactly! If you don’t people seeing your little boobies, don’t wear a dress like that.

  21. timeout says:

    the hand covering the cleavage things is a modesty issue for korean women, well the well mannered and polite ones, i’m not to sure about all the toooooo sexy things going on lately. us korean girls that grow up here in the states we don’t do the hand gesture either. but if i go to korea and visit the family with older relatives and i’m wearing a top that might relieve something if i bent over i would do the hand thing too. for example, all of us girls know that if u are a wearing a v neck shirt and you bend over guys can see down into ur shirt therefore giving them a free clear show.

  22. Me says:

    She looks great in the above pictures. Yeah, I think she probably trying to prevent a potential boobs slip…gather be safe than sorry.

  23. yriami says:

    she can fly on the last pic lmao ^^

  24. sexychikita says:

    it seems like she’s too conscious wearing that dress..she should be confident walking in front of cameras!xoxo

  25. Rain Argifel says:

    shes so awesome…
    it does not pop it to her…
    shes covering her boobs…so small and flat…

    my boobs is much larger than yours

  26. shinjungwon says:

    She looks great in that dress. BUT I HATE WEARING DRESSES!
    LOL boooobiess!

  27. Z says:

    the dress looks normal. Nothing special. whats with the pictures with her lifting her dress up?

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  29. fan says:

    love her….she’s so stunning

  30. don cole says:

    she is great looking–dress is nice–but she is indeed very stunning

  31. elle says:

    She’s pretty, but I really hate low-cut dresses…especially when the girl doesn’t “fill out” the dress anyway. I’d say it’s a flop >_<

  32. ramonerz says:

    i remember her words…”if you have it..flaunt it!” hahaha
    for me she’s one of the best actress of her time^^,
    i mean, one of the best nowadays….coz she can still keep up w/ the younger ones…

  33. ramonerz says:

    anybody here familliar with “sweet lie”??
    park jin hee’s new movie??

    i’m really facsinated w/ it’s trailer and it makes me crave for the movie itself haha

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