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Park Shi-yeon accessorizes her face with new noses


I am always amazed at the lengths people go to change their looks. Some people make simple superficial changes in terms of hairstyle, makeup or clothes, but others go to more drastic lengths to tinker around with their facial features – double folds and higher nose. You could say that these 2 procedures are the basic and don’t really make a difference except make you more attractive (hopefully), but when someone starts changing the shape of their nose, that’s when the trouble starts. Take for instance, Eric’s ex, Park Shiyeon. What the hell happened to this woman? In a recent magazine spread, the bridge of her nose looks dangerously high and unnatural- the silicon sticks out between her eyes and goes up above her eyebrows!!! That’s just plain disgusting. However, she was once a gorgeous girl. When I first saw her in a Korean Enprani cosmetics ad at her debut, I thought she was stunning. Now that look has done a 180 and she now transmorgified into freakish plastic doll.

I wonder how many surgeries she had to go through to achieve her current look. You can see that the bridge of the new nose appears to be slimmer, nostrils more defined, and the tip more upturned. That can’t all be done in one surgery. And what’s going on with the puffer-fish face?


Looking like she received too much filler? or is it because she ate ramen late at night?

Pop in:
Hit or miss: Park Shiyeon
Hit or miss: Park Shiyeon II
Only the nose knows


111 Comments on “Park Shi-yeon accessorizes her face with new noses”

  1. Kerry says:

    I completely agree, I used to think park shiyeon was the cutest/prettiest girl alive! That first photo is really scary, the silicon’s probably protruding above her forehead except it’s covered by her bangs. She looks an awful lot like namie amuro (who’s a plastic queen herself). Did you notice in the last picture, one nostril is smaller than the other? Shave any more and you’ll end up with nothing, a la michael jackson!

  2. People think everyone got a plastic surgery .. type in any celebrity’s name and you’ll get at least a hundred bashful stories about how they got nose jobs and blah blah. And so what if they did, it’s their businesses anyway. We don’t know them personally and it’s not only about just this particular actress. I really feel bad for famous people sometimes. People never stop judging them.

  3. hmmmmm.. says:

    u know what? after watching her 3 new dramas ‘La Dolce Vita’, A Man’s Story and Coffee House, i now know this post is a lie. that photos were photoshopped. her nose is exactly the same as before.

  4. kim says:

    she had plastic surgeries to her eyelids, cheeks, jaws, nose and who knows what else. Her face look very different than when she ran for miss korea 2000.

  5. yuki says:

    shi yeon,u are, dont waste money on plastic surgery.u should keep that money at the bank(maybe you can do buissness with that money)

  6. Nobu says:

    Kerry, Namie Amuro never had surgery. Except for her teeth, which are perfect now.

  7. misty says:

    Park Shi-Yeon is definitely pretty. I thought Park Shi-Yeon was half Korean and half white or something until I’ve run into your article.

    It seems that there are so many Korean actresses are having more Caucasian noses than the Caucasian women these days.

  8. crispau says:

    annyong gasiyu!! =’)

  9. Oys says:

    wait, so which one is the new nose? the more upturned one? It makes her look younger, like pre teen younger. If the new nose is the longer one it’s a win, otherwise she threw some money into looking uglier.

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