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Lee Teuk is a big fat liar


After thousands of hateful comments left on her cyworld, figure skater Kim Yuna wrote that she cannot understand why this is happening because she accepted Lee Teuk’s friend invitation. Is this real? So, Lee Teuk made up that story, fully aware that his fans will blow it out of proportion, guaranteeing him the media spotlight. He must have been really desperate for attention because what he did was really low. Not only did he lie, but he put another innocent person in danger to feed his ego. What a jerk! Elves, why do you worship this big fat liar again?

Pop in:
SuJu fans’ cyber attack continues


335 Comments on “Lee Teuk is a big fat liar”

  1. friv says:

    very cool. I like this games

  2. y3 says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this. Wish to get this type of article again and again.

  3. Maria says:

    Leeteuk is still my favourite…even if I appreciate Yuna Kim, I totally understand and support Leeteuk…<3
    He made a joke, it's not necessary to say it's a jerk…:|

  4. Maria says:

    he’s a jerk*…sorry

  5. FATEMA says:

    He will still be the most awesome man on earth. And it was only i joke. Or i believe it was….. still. Fighting ❤

  6. angela ogdamina says:

    lee teuk is not a liar he is a good person if he lie you dont lie youare perfect ha i love lee teuk and ilove eunhyuk my bias i love super junior

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