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Miss Korea 2007 looks old


Is this the same person? The newly crowned Miss Korea 2007, Lee Ji-sun (24), looks at least 10-15 years older in the picture on the right- complete with wrinkles. How can she be so young but at the same time, look so old? I guess it all depends on the angle. But how can this happen? And who wants to look 10 -15 years older than their actual age?

The picture on the left is creating a buzz among netizens for her “perfect” man-made nose. I don’t see what the big deal is about her nose – actually the only thing that jumps off the screen are her nose and wrinkles.

Also, if you are Miss Korea, you would expect to have no wardrobe problems – check out the little hanger-up-thingy sticking out from under her armpit. Not cool.



60 Comments on “Miss Korea 2007 looks old”

  1. Cecelia says:

    shes looks all plastic to me…she is Miss Korea? Humm I have seen more natural beauties and I wonder why they are not miss Korea?!?

  2. Dovey says:

    Maybe they let that hanger slip up thing exposed on purpose? I’m pretty sure they’d look through pictures, edit and whatnot , before they let out for the public to see.

  3. Da says:

    ewww her nose is fake.

  4. Kimchiilover says:

    honestly, shes a fake. I don’t think she deserves to be Miss Korea if shes another Brittney Spears wannabe. I hate plastic people. I can’t believe koreans would get their eyes done for creases. I think the no crease is adorable and I’m proud of it! I hate all the koreans who get plastic surgery. Shows how prideful they are and still call themselves korean. psh. And plus she does look really old and ugly at that too.

  5. Chi says:

    she had a nose job…I’m kinda sure about that.

  6. endre says:

    she is cute & butiful smile…..

  7. Katie says:

    well..well.. well.. here’s a serious case of denial and pointing fingers at others…

    you guys and gals really hafta start lookin’ in the mirror and see for yourselves that you ain’t as perfect as you all seem to project!!

    no harm intended.. but puhleeez!!! REALITY CHECK , please, people?

    how can you all scrutinize this stupid liar of a beauty queen when you yourselves arent perfect?!?

    i mean im not quite as perfect as per ‘messed up social norms’ … but am definitely not quite the kind that looks down on other people for their loks and such..

    plus.. im sure a lot..if not all.. of you pretending to be all perfect writing those comments… have..even once ..had a moment under the knife yourselves… what with the ‘double eyelid surgery.. nose lifts.. jaw-cut surgery..boob jobs and all….


    look at yourselves first before bringing other people down!!!

    though i dont also like how this girl looks and how she lied about it… well.. it’s her problem..not YOURS!!!

    grow up!!!

  8. thao says:

    i really like her and i think she is more beautiful and slim than Honey.Honey’s face is fatter

  9. imagirl' says:

    well people get older’ but like her, she need more rest’. .. shes still beautiful’…

  10. evilnhez says:

    what’s up with this beautiful people getting their face injected with silicon?!
    i think Koreans are beautiful..
    so why plastic?
    besides, God won’t recognize you if you die…you have a different face than the one He gave you…
    just saying….

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