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Miss Korea 2007 denies plastic surgery


The new Miss Korea, Lee Ji-sun (24) denies rumors of any plastic surgery. However, alert netizens are of the opinion that she is lying through her pointy nose. If you look closely enough, you may actually see the white silicon stick protruding out. Take a look at the end of her nose on the right. There is too much height compared to the size and shape of her nostrils, which are round. Generally those with naturally pointy noses have nostrils which are longer and thinner. You know that such high bridge does not come with round nose holes. Also, her nostrils and bridge are more defined (left) than the picture on the right where she actually looks like a pretty girl. Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Lee is the type of pretty that make the ajashis weak at the knees (but not as gorgeous as Honey Lee), but I guess, she wanted to be even more prettier with what turned out to be an uglier nose. Her nose job is reminiscent of Park Shiyeon’s carved out one.

There is no denying to the lengths that people will go to change their face. And I think she has gotten implants to make her forehead rounder….. Hmmm. I wonder what else she got done. Remember that the difference between pretty and beautiful is only a few millimeters.

Decide for yourself.

Did Miss Korea 2007 get plastic surgery?
1) Yes, she is pinnochio
2) No, she is a natural beauty
3) Not sure

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94 Comments on “Miss Korea 2007 denies plastic surgery”

  1. JaeHin says:

    she’s prettier before the surgery…
    after is like… no!!!!

    but anyway i like honey lee better…
    she’s pretter and so sweet….

  2. kismetology says:

    I definitely agree that she looked way better before surgery. It’s too bad she chose to have those procedures done; I don’t see how those improved anything.

  3. kokopop says:

    it’s called angle of photos

  4. Yama. says:

    To ‘wtf’:

    “It was fate that you had to be Chinese/southeast Asian. Deal with it you dark skinned wide nose freaks/chinky chunck chinks.”

    Racist name calling is low.

    Chinese/Southeast Asian? Certainly, many of our readers will be of that descent, but not all.

    To generalise that all Orientals have highly pigmented skin and possess ‘wide noses’ which you find so ‘freak’y is unwarranted.

    To see your beloved White Americans/Europeans/Aryans with their alabaster skin and their streamlined noses, go stare at perezhilton.

    • Marky says:

      koreans are bunch of slanted slit eyes with no eyelid creases. You guys have very large bones on your faces. Over 95% South koreans celecbrities had palstic surgery. Your miss koreas are all plasticified. All had plastics. So proud. Do you know most koreans only have 40% korean genes and the rest is from elsewhere like southeast asia???? You gooks are so fugly and that is why you all get plenty of plastics. That can not hide for long when you have kids. H,a ha, ha Koreas are most hideous looking.

  5. WTF is an IDIOT says:

    WTF you’re an idiot. Don’t make our race look so stupid by your comments.

  6. monalisa says:

    Popseoul, shouldn’t the trashy comment made by “wtf” be dumped into the trash bin along with him/her?

  7. Lily says:

    whoa…she looks like sung yuri in the before pictures. how did those bags under her eyes come out?

  8. aden says:

    its called makeup

  9. natalie says:

    korean woman you are beautifull! just the way you are.

  10. Janine says:

    OMG! she looked alot better in her before picture. pretty enough to have a chance to be in the top 5 in miss universe, but her after isn’t really pretty. she looks like an alien now. i don’t think shes gonna make the top 5 like honey lee. there was one girl in miss korea i thought should’ve won, rather than this girl.

  11. sunny says:

    She looked much better as she was. As do most people who got plastic.

  12. Billy bob says:

    R_E_A_D T_H_I_S

    Changing your nose length to make you look more beautiful and changing your hair style to make you look more beautiful. What’s the difference? Apparently changing your body to make you look better is considered despicable. Okay ladies that means no more using makup to make you look more pretty or push up bras to make your boobies look bigger or shaving your legs, arms, armpits, blah blah blah cause apparently doing those things lables you as a fake. True beauty requires no alternations to thy self right?… she’s only trying to make herself more beautiful don’t be so hard on her. 🙂

    p.s. You cannot see the white silicon stick “protruding” out. That’s just rich… btw you can’t tell by the pictures since each are at different angles. First one’s taken underneath the nose and the second one is above… pictures are invalid! the poll is invalid! You’re a fake! everything’s a fake! even my name ^-^

  13. antonsihot says:

    cute dan pretty.. it’s real nose i think.

  14. denise says:

    I think she’s way more beautiful on the left shot. Thats more natural. Too much make up does not look good on her. She kinda has those puffy under eyes thing..

  15. chikalin says:

    ugh the whole actual procedure of plastic surgery @_@
    i don’t know why they want a western nose, i find asian flat noses more pretty! hmm i can understand making it smaller since noses and ears never stop growing haha wonder if they will start a trend with ears as well ><;;

    • Marky says:

      not all asians have flat noses. Most flat and wide noses are southeast asians = proto austronesians and austronesians genes.

  16. whatever says:

    oh come on. everybody gets plastic surgery. get effin used to it. i seriously don’t know what the big deal is.

    and the fact of the matter is that she was pretty on the left, and she still is pretty on the left. and i bet makeup had a ton to do with it. you people are stupid and naive if you don’t take that into consideration.

    and also, i think she DOES look pretty on the right. she has a sort of unique beauty that you don’t see in many people. everyone who thinks the left photo is the prettiest is just jumping onto the same bandwagon. to them, there is only one standard of beauty, and consequently, everyone chooses the left photo. you people are the ones that force others to get plastic surgery because in your mind only one type of beauty can be beautiful.

  17. Kitty says:

    Okay guys – don’t feed the racist trolls. If you give them attention, you’re doing exactly what they want. Just ignore them.

    Also, a lot of you blame this on “makeup”, but while makeup can make a difference, makeup will NOT change your face structure or even your appearance drastically. If you have an ugly face, makeup won’t do anything for you. Makeup is for ENHANCING your nice features, not for masking ugliness. You can pile on as much foundation as you want, but it won’t correct a crooked nose.

    She got surgery. 99% of Korean stars do. Heck, 50% of lay Korean women get it done. Considering the rates are that high, you’d think the netizens wouldn’t be so hypocritical, when the numbers say that half of them probably had surgery themselves.

    • Marky says:

      The prettiest korean naturally is Grace Park and the rest is plasticified. Over 85% koreans are born with no eyelids. And 15% have very small eyelid creases and 5% have the deeper creases. Koreans have only 40% unique korean genes and the rest 60% are from all over the place. It is most likely ethnic people of China, Mongolia, Southern Siberia, and southeast Asians. I see a lot of koreans with dark olive to very tan skin. I can tell koreans apart from other asians cuz of their unique mongoloid faces.

  18. Nameless says:

    Oh please. . its a nose job honey lee is fake -_-” i dont see why are you making such a big deal out of it. I’ve seen her pictures during her younger school days.

  19. lolocandieyes says:

    she looked just fine before

  20. Jinu says:

    no doubt about it. the face on the left is a 100 times better than the right. stop ruining your hot faces, sistas!!!

  21. ... says:

    the face on the left looooooooooks so much better than the right. wow, korean celebs really like to ruin their faces isn’t it?

  22. Mimix says:

    >_< Why did she had a surgery …. she was prettier before that surgery

  23. JANE says:

    isn’t the miss korea 2007 honey lee?
    this isn’t honey lee..

    • jo says:

      2006 miss korea is honey lee. korea picks their miss korea a ‘year’ before miss universe. so, 2006 miss korea goes to 2007 miss universe, 2007 miss korea goes to 2008 miss universe…etc.

      this year nari’s going to 2009 miss universe as 2008 miss korea, but she passed on her crown to the new 2009 miss korea earlier this month.

  24. elle says:

    Wow I did not know you can do plastic surgery on your forehead to make it rounder, taller and more westernize, even through I am korean, I have to amitted, that a lot of our celebrities are plastic. Nose and eyelides surgeries are very popular in Korea. I hope to see more natural beauties.

  25. Anal Sex Anal Rimming Asian Anal…

    I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you got good point of view…

  26. cbcnamja says:

    That photo on the left REALLY looks like Sung Yuri. Could that be a mistake or what? Anyway, I like the before photo (the left one).

  27. han says:

    OMG PPL! look closely! its just the camera angle! On the first pic her face is kinda down! On the second her face is straight and the camera is low.HELLO! OF course it would look pointy!duh! (2nd pIc) and its just the make up. And for the the first pic shes smilin on the 2nd one shes not!DUH!of course the size would be diff.dude use ur own guys read the passage das y!it got u blind!use ur imagination..

  28. han says:

    ALSO!have u seen honey lee with or without makeup.she looks diff.its the just the makeup!just like every1 else but koreans does it best.=}

  29. Jennifer says:

    IN the united states, many korean girls go and get their face done. They do their eyes, nose, chin, forehead, nose bridge implants.

  30. Jennifer says:

    I don’t know why Koreans are always in denial. Check out “Tyra Banks and eyelids” and “Montell Williams and eyelids”………. Its all koreans going to Dr. charles lee to get their ugly faces fix…………………

  31. Jennifer says:

    Just the other day at the amusement park, there were lots of dark skinned koreans as well as yellow skin koreans with no crease eyelids and extremely slanted eyes………………… I can spot koreans out so fast…………


    • Marky says:

      Most korean beauty queens and female celebrities look alike. There is only 2 types of eyes made by plastic surgery. They are look too much like with those face chins. They alter their facial bones . Koreans eyes are by far very small and unique looking.

  33. cheesecake says:

    ok i get it it seems she has nosejob done. but i dont agree that if you have high nose bridge, your nostrils will not be round. i have a high nose bridge but my nose is round. same with my dad and brother. it might not be common among oriental asians, but this is quite normal among other races, for example italians with what is known as “garlic nose” i.e. fleshy nose but being italians, they have high bridge along with their round, fleshy nose (that’s how my nose look like).

  34. sanlynn says:

    I Don’t like sung yuri.
    I like snow queen or borar.
    you know?
    bye bye.
    I live in arakan city/south asia/near india.
    you know my country? Google Search[Rakhine/Sittway]

  35. audry222 says:

    i just hate it when koreans claiming that they wer the most beautiful in the world or in whole asia duh! all girls there wer just a product of plastic surgery! & as far as i know no one dares to undergo an eye surgery just 2 make eyes CHINKIER like korean.. but koreans they all undergo eyelid surgery to make eyes bigger! & i could see lots of korean actresses’ nose jobs looking horrible! really obvious.

  36. azns-r-awesome says:

    maybe its with the makeup or the angle of the camera… i mean…. why create a damn issue when you cant even prove it…. thats jsut waaaaay mean

  37. jue says:

    I’ve a korean friend, who did her nose, eyes and boobs job and then turned around said “YUCKS, NO WAY” when new friends mentioned doing ‘plastic surgery’ in a conversation. SO hypocritical! Yah they will do all their might to deny they’ve ever done it. FAKE PEOPLE!

  38. Kerry says:

    A bit of plastic is fine, but she looks like she’s gone way overboard. She did her nose, had cheek/forehead implants, slit her eyelids and shaved her chin. IMO beauty = good features + natural look. Even if individual features fit society’s definition of beauty, she does NOT look natural at all.

  39. rhealyn says:

    i think everyone is entitled to do what she/he want to do in his/her i guess if she denied the speculation that she undergo cosmetic surgery, it remains her prerogative to deny the allegation.

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