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Part I: 2007 Pusan International Film Festival Red Carpet Couples

10.06 kim tae hee

Couples galore at the 12th Pusan International Film Festival last night! Nice to see the stars paired up -even though they may not be couples in real life – or maybe they are and we just don’t know it.

10.06 kim tae hee10.06 kim tae hee3

Kim Tae Hee & Lee Kyu Han look like they are frozen in time from the wild wild west. Ms. Kim in a long black textured gown that reminds me of drapes. Mr. Lee looks buttoned up in his gray suit and strange bow-tie. I wonder how long it took to button up that vest. The vest is overkill.

10.06 um jiwon310.06 um jiwon410.06 um jiwon2

Um Ji-won & Jun Tae-su. Ms Um is trying to bring back the old Hollywood glam with the pin curl hair and dark red lipstick in a white jersey(?) gown. The back of the dress plunges to the borderline of her butt. Glamorous? You decide.

10.06 kim hye sung10.06 kim hye sung2

Kim Hye-sung & Kim Hae-na. Mr. Kim looks like a 12 year old child in his bowl cut beside Ms. Kim! And Ms. Kim, this isn’t an 80’s prom- no fluffy black dresses allowed. Like the cute polka-dotted tie on Mr. Kim.

10.06 kim ok bin and lee tae sung10.06 kim ok bin and lee tae sung210.06 kim ok bin and lee tae sung3

Kim Ok-bin & Lee Tae-sung. Somehow Ms Kim’s dress works – the porcupine silvery needles with the equally pointy black and silver shoes. A lot of thought must have gone into that outfit. Mr Lee in a 3 piece black suit with KFC tie and bowl cut…hmmm.

10.06 park10.06 park210.06 park3

Park Shi-yeon & Joo Jin-mo are a gorgeous couple but Ms Park’s dress is disappointingly blah in black. Not that black is not fabulous and slimming, but I expected more from her. As for Mr Joo, the man is deliciously hot but black on black with man cleavage? Not so hot.

10.06 ha jung woo and yoon jin suh

Ha Jung-wo & Yoon Jin-suh are a gay couple. No just kidding. But what’s wrong with a girl wanting to look like a girl? No need to try to get the boy look down, Yoon Eun-hye has already gotten that covered.

10.06 oh jiho10.06 oh jiho2

Oh Ji-ho & Park Sol-mi looked like they just got married with Ms. Park in a white beaded gown and Mr. Oh in a standard black suit with black tie. I thought black ties were only reserved for funerals…
10.06 lee hana and kim kwang woo10.06 lee hana and kim kwang woo2

Kim Kwang-woo & Lee Hana. Ms Lee is channeling Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City fame with the big black flower bag. A touch of color is a good idea, but not when its red shoes with black stockings. Somehow it doesn’t work. As for Mr. Kim, he needs to hem his pants.

10.06 kim ju hyuk kim ji su10.06 kim ju hyuk kim ji su2

Kim Ju-hyuk & Kim Jisu.Mr Kim looks fabulous in the penguin suit – it fits him well. And Ms Kim looks very comfortable in this lovely muted number. You don’t have to worry about your butt or boobs hanging out in this dress.

10.06 jang junhwan moon sori10.06 jang junhwan moon sori210.06 jang junhwan moon sori3

Jang Junhwan & Moon Sori. Standard issue- black suit and tie with black dress. Yawn.

Lee Jung-jin & Lee Soyeon are a gorgeous couple! Love the sexy n short sparkling silver dress with the slicked back hair! And as for Mr. Lee, he pulls off the difficult white and black suit with sequin tie just because the man is hot (including the slicked hair). Fabulous!


56 Comments on “Part I: 2007 Pusan International Film Festival Red Carpet Couples”

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  2. droppingby says:

    Park Shi-yeon looks preggy on that dress.. it doesn’t looks nice.. and the whole outlook doesn’t fit her.. hope that she had her hair clipped or something.. maybe next time.. hopefully!!

  3. mrasni says:

    i love you lee hana bye

  4. Your fan. says:

    I realy like how sharp the guys are looking. Especaly the guy in the first pitcher. Sorry I don’t know his name.
    Your Fan.

  5. superjuniorlover666666666 says:

    wow! ~_~

  6. SuperJuniorLover666666666 says:


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