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Who pops it best? Kwon Sang Woo or Jo Insung

10.05 who pops it best

Two mega and stylish stars, Kwon Sang Woo and Jo Insung are wearing similar semi-formal suit at two different occasions. Kwon at an airport and Jo at a more formal event. Obviously, Kwon overdressed for his plane ride, but who do you think pops it best?

Who pops it best?
1) Kwon Sang Woo looks so proper
2) Jo In Sung looks hotter with his ponytail
3) Both look steaming hot!
4) Neither
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53 Comments on “Who pops it best? Kwon Sang Woo or Jo Insung”

  1. michiko says:

    im not dead yet and neither is insung, thankfully!!! gosh, until this thread posted those pics i actually didn’t know that kwon sang woo whatever had the same get-up as in-sung’s, the thing with in-sung though even if you’ll mar his face and kill his posture, he would still come out damn good-looking. he doesnt even have to look conventional to be hot!!! i love you in-sung!!!!

  2. COOKIE JAR says:

    jo in sung of course!!!!

  3. limone says:

    I like him with long hair. Makes him look more mature and sexy. So it’s Jo In Sung! And yep, his nose is perfect. I can’t emphasize it more..

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