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100th Mnet Countdown Special Winner: Girls Generation


Why the sad faces? Actually those are tears of joy. Since their debut, 9 member girl group, Girls Generation finally hit the top of the Mnet charts. The girl brigade performed the songs ‘Girls on top’, and ‘My Name’ at the 100th Mnet Countdown Special at Olympic Stadium last night.

They joined Big Bang, Super Junior, Chae Yeon and others.


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111 Comments on “100th Mnet Countdown Special Winner: Girls Generation”

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  2. Eunhae says:

    Kara is NOT good ..snsd is better !
    Kara can not dance!
    sorry JaeHin or anyone that loves Kara theirs just one person in Kara that is okay (i don’t remember her name) but the other ones no.

  3. sujufan007 says:


  4. ohgeeze. says:

    Honestly, I was not a fan at first.
    I thought that the whole “9 member girl group” thing was dumb.
    But SM has a way of making their groups success.
    Yeah okay, SNSD won this one award.
    But Wonder Girls won MKMF awards.
    I don’t see the point in comparing.
    I like SNSD and I like the Wonder Girls.
    I personally think they both have a lot of talent.
    So Nyuh Shi Dae, a lot of them can actually sing.
    It’s all a matter of if you’re a SM hater or not.
    That’s what it all comes down to really.
    Those “Wonder Girls rule!” fans probably don’t like Super Junior or anyone from SM, but those “I love SNSD only” fans probably love everyone in SM.
    There’s no point in bashing.
    They already won.
    I’m happy for them.

    Btw PopSeoul!:
    I’m glad you posted this article up.

  5. ^_^ says:

    StUpId gIrLs gEneRatiOn!!!

  6. ViV says:

    Well I am not really a fan of the girl groups these days but..
    Wonder Girls are kinda uneasy.. Sunye, Yeeun and Sunmi(a little) can sing but Sohee and Yoobin..? Well Yoobin can at least rap but Sohee as absolutely no talent in my eyes except for modeling, either in singen, nor in dancing, shes to young. They can perform quiet well but they really have to work on live singing.
    And nobody can tell me that SNSD isnt talented! They are anorexic skinny and pale but Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany can sing really well and HyoYeon can battle Stephanie in dancing when she gets more experience in future! Sunny and Seohyun can sing too but whats with Yuri, Sooyoung and Yoona? What can they do? Either I didnt notice their talent or they really dont have one..? But at least they can sing live, even if their dancing is like baby.. its catching!
    I really like Tell Me and Eebabo but WG dont appear on shows that much.. I wish I could see more of them.. to get to know their personalities better.
    KARA’s the same! They dont show theirselfs 😦
    And SNSD is so much on TV, I am already getting bored of their faces, when I look for my shows on youtube.
    I always see SNSD members, especially Yoona ans Yuri. And then they dont even entertain really.. their “girly being” is just going on my nerves and ruins the whole show for me! (Yoona and Yuri). I dont hate the two but they and Sooyoung seem so useless for me in the group.
    Sry I am being harsh but thats my opinion.

  7. --- says:

    I see it this way: who will make it farther? Obviously it’s SNSD members. Why?

    Purpose: Because their group [SNSD] is more entertainment based whereas the wonder girls are thinking only of the present and basically only to sing. Fortunately for SNSD, SM understands this. SM is training the girls with dramas, movies, sitcoms, and variety shows.

    Retirement: The fact of the matter is that even after SNSD breaks up – it will happen eventually because all groups break up at some point – they’ll have somewhere else to fall back on. The group has actresses, dancers, models, even possible solo artists.

    Singing: Though both groups have weak members, namely Sohee and Yoona, one is clearly better: Yoona. At least she can hold a tune. And Yoona can always fall back to acting whereas Sohee can’t. Yes, each group has a member that is the group’s “face” but one has other talents while the other doesn’t. Sohee’s basically the reason I can’t stand wonder girls.

    Plastics: Both groups had surgery. And everyone has to admit that people grow up and mature. For another thing, just because an Asian celebrity has double eyelids, it doesn’t mean that they had surgery. I personally have them…naturally. In fact 1 out of 3 Asians have them naturally.

    Tour: Yes it’s good for a group to go to other countries and develop but in the long run it wasn’t a smart move for the wonder girls to go tour in America. They’ve hardly had a chance to developed in their native country first.

    Hits: I’m sorry but all the wondergirls are known for is “Tell Me.” Woppee one hit.

    Training: SNSD has been training two to three times more than the Wondergirls. Don’t object because it’s true. Sohee should have trained for three more years and then debuted with another group or even dropped.

    Lipsync: And honestly Wondergirls don’t lipsync because their coreography is sooo easy! If it was that hard, why and how would videos of GRANDMAS be circulating the net? Compare the dance to SNSD’s “Into the new world” dance…those grandmas wouldn’t have a chance with all the turns and techniques.

    • Lively says:

      So you’re saying that SNSD members are singers but because they cannot sing well, SM Ent. has to train them in other areas for them to survive in the cut-throat market? Because members like Yoona cannot sing, they have to rely on acting, modeling and hosting. Yeah well then they shouldn’t even call themselves singers in that case.

      Singing wise, you can’t just compare the 2 groups like that. SNSD has 9 members but only a few can sing while the rest can “carry a tune”? There are only 5 members in WG but 3 can sing, 1 can rap and 1 can carry a tune. Besides, who are you to judge whether Yoona or Sohee sings better?

      Touring wise, WG already reached their peak of popularity before SNSD. SNSD only peaked in 2009. Before going to the US, WG already made their name in Asia. I’m not sure why you claimed that they haven’t even developed their name in their native country when they were the top Korean girl group before going to the US.

      Wonder Girls have Irony, Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody and now they have 2 Different Tears. They have also made remixes that have topped charts internationally; they also got onto the American charts with Nobody. You sure Wonder Girls are just a “Woppee one hit?”

      And what you mentioned about the training period, it only goes to show that SNSD had to train like crap 2-3x more than the Wonder Girls, yet I don’t see them any better than WG. Jessica trained for what, 7-8 years? But her singing isn’t that good and Sunye/Yeeun easily tops her. I heard Yoona trained for 5 years? And she can carry a tune? Wow, that’s totally awesome of her -_- If Sohee trained for the same duration, she would totally pwn Yoona in singing.

      Choreography doesn’t determine the talent of each group-.- If that’s the case then Hyoyeon shouldn’t even be in SNSD. Just because SNSD has slightly tougher dances doesn’t give them the right to lipsync, that kind of thinking is totally warped. WG routines are intentionally easier so it is catchier and fans can follow them, which is why Nobody and Tell Me was so popular. SNSD followed along with Gee right?

  8. KIMI CHO DA says:

    true.. SNSD’s choreography is alot harder than WG..

    i like both groups but im really into SNSD now.. taeyeon, sunny and sooyoung are my personal favorite.. tiffany and yoona comes second..

    Taeyeon and jessica has such powerful voices! i love it when they sing!

    sunny, seohyun and tiffany can also sing. Sunny is a good DJ too. Same goes with sooyoung. Tiffany on the other is good in hosting.

    Hyoyeon truly is the best dancer. Yuri comes next. This two should develop that.

    Yoona and Sooyoung are models now right? Yoona is a trained actress.. She’s pretty good in acting.. ^_^

    SNSD unni’s are really cute.. I like the way they dress.. ❤

  9. jenifer says:

    I love they so much..

  10. Aki. says:

    Damn….some of them are still in high school. Is that why Wonder Girls and Girls Generation strut around in the school uniforms? ~.~

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