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Ivy’s sex video?


Fresh allegations of a sex tape of popstar Ivy (25, real name: Park Eun-hye) are burning up cyberspace. Ivy’s ex-boyfriend and model, a Mr. Yoo (31) purportedly blackmailed the singer for 45,000 USD, threatening to release the tape to the public if he did not get the money. Mr. Yoo has been making his demands known to the singer by bombarding her with 200 text messages since October 3rd, 2007. And earlier in the year, the ex was responsible for cracking the windshield of Ivy’s SM5 parked at a cafe in Gangnam.

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2) Hell no- doesn’t fit her image
3) Who cares

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Not sure if this is enough evidence for the police to get involved, but the Gangnam Police have put out a warrant for Mr. Yoo’s arrest.


Ivy’s management company held a press conference today to address the potential scandal. Of course, the management company claims that no such tape exists. They said if there were any tape, it would be of the singer sleeping or something equally mundane. While the 2 were dating, they were to have spent most of their time at her home.


(Text message states: (1) “I have everything from nude photos to video of Ivy,” (2)“Giving in to my demands would be cheaper than getting the advertising contract taken away because of the release of the video)


The blackmail money is purportedly for the removal of a large tattoo of Ivy’s name across Mr. Yoo’s chest. However, the cost of removal only costs a few thousand at most! So that doesn’t make sense.

Other things don’t add up as well. If a famous singer is going to be blackmailed, then the figure should be much higher- 45,000 USD is chump change for these celebrities. Also, the management claims that no sex tape exists, but why is there a warrant for Mr. Yoo’s arrest? There must be solid evidence of something substantial to make the police want to arrest the guy -200 text messages and a cracked windshield are probably not enough.

Since the release of her sophomore album, “A sweet moment” in February and her contract with Reebok (Korea) in April this year, Ivy has not garnered much of the pop spotlight. But now, with the allegations of a sex tape floating around, “Ivy” is on everyone’s mind.

We’ll keep you updated.

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79 Comments on “Ivy’s sex video?”

  1. Jane. says:

    Ivy and Wheesung are actually a valid couple. If you think about it, or if you knew, Wheesung wrote a pretty big amount of Ivy’s songs, including “Sonata of Temptation”, which was a huge hit. He could have been writing those songs while Ivy was cheating on her exboyfriend with do have to remember that the girl isn’t always the innocent one. But I’m not siding with either Ivy or her ex yet, not enough evidence. I never really liked Ivy though..

  2. Jane. says:

    Oh, and thanks for the translation soojungiee_

  3. shan says:

    BJY’s sex tape was soooo boring.

    I only hope that Ivy’s sextape is more thrilling.

    lol at “it doesnt’t fit her image”…

  4. yetaz says:

    Wheesung writing Ivy’s songs..
    don’t tell me this is like the whole J.LO. and P.Diddy thing. where she is using him for media coverage.

  5. peepoo says:


    that’s funny! i agree, if there’s gonna be a sex tape…at least be a good one..hahaha. dude, i don’t know what happened but from all the details written so far…she’s a 2-timer!

  6. Stupid. says:

    Ok, no offence but I think it’s all Ivy’s fault, she put it all on herself, if she didn’t cheat on him then this wouldn’t even happen and chances are they’d still be together.

    End of story.

    not XD =.=

    The guy needs serious anger management though why couldn’t he be like Wheesung and just forget it all (not even see her, contact her etc.)

  7. Mimi says:

    I know I know.. this has nothing to do with the topic…
    but doesn’t Ivy(on pic) looks like she have had some surgery?

  8. daneil says:

    if the rumors are true thats really ….
    shes practically dead anyways because netizens hate her

    even so its not like all the other ppl in this business are innocent as well.
    don’t be so naive. people get blackmailed often especially stars its just sucks when it gets thrown into the public like this. couch hyori cough. that girl is great but she would be in deep doo doo if her past was revealed as well.

    they just have their companies covering up their tracks. its just a shame that fantom?phantom? isn’t doing their job well enough.

    its almost like baek ji youung’s scandal. were her exboyfriend took a hidden camera and taped them having sex and expolited it all over.

    this Yoo dude is insane wanting to make a movie out of it. im not saying ivy is innocent it takes two to make a bad relationship.. but its a loss because she was actually talented. i hope she will come back like ji young…

  9. studentgirl says:

    i’m thinking, wouldn’t he call her by her real name~ not her pop star name?? that’s what most stars do in the circle of their closest friends…

  10. Dovey says:

    Wow…what a loser. Maybe he just wanted some attention from people. Poor guy. lol

  11. parkerlewis says:

    i will be the first in line to download this, if it comes out.

  12. honeyTHEhottest says:

    oh dear. ivy, im soo sorry. i hope everything will turn out all right. yeah, i agree with daneil. hyori would be in real deep trouble.

  13. […] answer lies with the alert netizens who have been digging up the dirt on Ivy,. Although there is no sex tape to be found, netizens have gathered pieces of the puzzle to prove that Ivy is a manipulative double timer. Undercover […]

  14. Tg USA says:

    Drama, Drama.. Regardless of Korean society being open minded about liberal relationships. Bottom line who really can accept a liar in any culture?

  15. 200 messages? I don’t care how you’ve been dumped part of growing up is moving on.

    Evidently she wasn’t the girl for you. It happens. Cry, lick your wounds but move on

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  17. […] two-timer, but her former boyfriend, Mr. Yoo, who blackmailed to release their non-existent sex videos was sentenced to one year in jail and two years on […]

  18. Naqiyyah says:

    Haha. This is so like Britney and Kevin. but a Korean version. Oh, I bet there is a sex tape and I so wanna watch it. HAHA. Oh, so sad.

  19. Taejus says:

    I don’t like Ivy. How many boyfriends is she gonna have? Or whos she preying after next?

    Kim Heechul, Park Hyo Shin, Rain?????

    heehee that better not happen… ^-

  20. […] Pop in: Stars Flashy Flashy at 2007 Golden Disk Awards What is the truth about Ivy? Ivy’s sex video? […]

  21. […] two-timer, but her former boyfriend, Mr. Yoo, who blackmailed to release their non-existent sex videos was sentenced to one year in jail and two years on […]

  22. […] With “Saturday Night” sweeping the #1 spots on music programs, the new hit maker has become the reigning queen of dance. Although I feel that “Saturday Night” does not deserve the recognition, Dambi definitely does. Woman has worked her booty off in incredibly short skirts and showing off her curves at every turn.  Last year along with her rising popularity on the now declining, “We Got Married,” Dambi’s “Crazy” chair dance became a huge sensation and made Dambi a bona-fide diva. Yet, it has recently been revealed that the producers of “Crazy”, The Brave Brothers, created this song for the fallen sexy dance icon of Korea, Ivy, in mind. Dambi’s management, however, heard the song first and scooped it up. Ivy has been out of the limelight for the past two years due to a sex tape scandal unleashed in 2007. […]

  23. lalala says:

    thats creepy, i understand the warrent for the arrest, he obviously used her & wants some of her money, threats, creaking windsheilds, im glad hes going to jail or something

  24. […] the alleged sex tape scandal and management issues now behind her, Ivy is reported to have started recording for her new album, […]

  25. Well no surprise there. why do peole call it scandal, she just happened to get caught red handed that’s all.things like that happen all the time all over Korea, it’s one of the most hypocrit country i’ve ever been, they pretend to respect each other, girl pretend to be naive, lovely and innocent, and guys pretend to be genttleman, acting cute and lovely to girls.
    When they are in public they won’t even hold habds, but once they’re within foru walls, they drop their masks.
    If you even mention the word sex in a conversation, they call u a pervert, but koreans are big cheaters, the married couples cheat a lot, and no matter how messed up their marriage is, they will keep on pretend that everything is perfect, and sleep with everyone around them, for them cheating is ok as long as you don’t get caught.
    The young koreans are starting to have sex earlier, but nobody mentions it, there a lot of young girls having sex, or even selling themselves throught the net, and the biggest excuse you will ever hear is that they were drunk, some girls even pretend to be drunk and let things happen, so that the guy won’t think they’re easy, so a lotta of the use the excuse to go drink, cuz is the fastest way to get laid.
    Cheating is a hobby for many, so if the average people do that, what would u expect from stars, by the time they become famous they have slept with, directors, producers, even cameramen, and if anyone here disagree, i’m open to discuss this topic.
    Don’t get me wrong, i love korea and koreans are great people, it’s just they try too hard to pretend thair righteouss and better than the west, cua they say there’s no such a thing as free sex in korea.
    If you find a korean girl that is 25, pretty and still virgin, marry her, cuz it will be hard to find another one.
    Terramingo Fighting!!!

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  27. […] a second sex tape was leaked a week ago, singer Ivy is not having a good year. Due to her previous sex tape scandal, many netizens assumed that it was her, but it […]

  28. […] a second sex tape was leaked a week ago, singer Ivy is not having a good year. Due to her previous sex tape scandal, many netizens assumed that it was her, but it […]

  29. teacherjjlee says:

    Are you sure its her sex video???

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