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K-1 superfighter Choi Hong-man shows off his girl


It’s classic case of beauty and the beast. K-1 fighter Choi Hong-man (beauty) and his CF model girlfriend, Kang Su-hee (beast) pose together for a recent photo-shoot.

Choi Hong-man captures the spotlight with his “charisma” by dyeing his hair blond and wearing blue contacts. But seriously, who can miss a 2.18m giant with a head that’s 3x the size of a normal person? Although he will not win any beauty contests, his face alone is enough to get attention.

Also, check out Choi Hong-man’s thumb ring. Coincidence? Could Choi Hong-man be Ivy’s other man?


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116 Comments on “K-1 superfighter Choi Hong-man shows off his girl”

  1. Rayne says:

    woah… that’s just DISTURBING,.
    i agree with jjhero ….if he grew out his beard… ASIAN HAGRID! lawl

  2. Naqiyyah says:

    SCARRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY!! I thought that he’s fake or photoshoped or sumthing!! OMG!! Look at his hand…and and HIS HEAD!!! SCARRRYYY!!!!

  3. princess arethna says:

    why his face shape is so big? is there somethin’ wrong with the pictures?

    • Friedrich says:

      Hong-Man Choi is 2.18 and suffers from Acromegaly that means “giantgrow” in which giants develope a larger head then average.

  4. jess says:

    i wonder how he carries that thing around. I think i would break my neck if i was trying to carry around somethin that big

  5. DieuAn says:

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow….Wow. That’s cool, I thought it was photoshoped, but guess not. But people are being kinda mean…It’s not like it’s his fault he looks like that.

  6. who? says:

    superfighter indeed. he might be a demon sent from hell.

    check out the girl’s arms. her arms are only the demon’s 2 fingers.

  7. Nessel says:

    whooooooooooooooo,,gigantic,,the girl is blind

  8. Big Mac says:

    nice pictues.

    i am a k-1 fan and choi is one of my favorite fighters, even if he can´t move very well.

    i saw this picture some months ago, posted in on k-1 fans (the official fansite) and asked “choi´s girlfriend?”
    some user from korea answered and stated miss kang is his music partner, but they wouldn´t be a couple…

    but if yes or if not, i wish both of them much luck! i am not really interested if they are a couple or not, because everybody should have his private life!

  9. wolfblade says:

    all the posts that i`ve read are very mean, he actually looks normal. its just that the photos are pretty bad, i`ve seen alot of vids of him, and if you don`t place anyone around him, he looks normal. i think this topic is just plain mean

  10. bwahahahaisanidiot says:

    “bwahahaha November 8, 2007 at 1:38 pm

    i wonder how big his penis is?! oh, wait, he’s korean so that’ll make his penis of just average size then? LOLZ… good thing he’s korean too because koreans (on research) have the lowest sperm count… less probability of having more like him…”

    Wow! Why do you care? You jealous that his small penis is still bigger than yours?

  11. BBoongBboongii says:

    omg. his heads are MASSIVE!! his girl is like twice of him LOL!!

  12. nursing student says:

    he probably has acromegaly

  13. jasen says:

    I like the Lotte ad he did with Karina Nose, they make a cute couple too!

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