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Miss Korea 2007 is lying through her nose


The new Miss Korea 2007, Lee Ji-sun has denied rumors that she had nose surgery, but the picture above (and below) proves otherwise. The barefaced beauty was a guinea pig for a makeover by the French cosmetics brand, By Terry at Shinsegae Department Store in Kangnam on November 7th.

Look closely and you will see the scar inside her nose and the silicon rod sticking out at the tip. When she presses her lips together, her nose looks like it is going to detach from her face. That’s just a messed up. She should have called Hwanhee’s plastic surgeon.


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49 Comments on “Miss Korea 2007 is lying through her nose”

  1. Cutie says:

    ooooh, scary!

    Hwanhee, lol. Yeah, should’ve had his surgeon >.<

  2. foodiefashionista says:

    looks like she had the double eye-lid surgery too. Wonder why she did that.. thought she looked pretty as her “before” surgery face…

  3. Dumpling says:

    Her face is totally surgeried. It’s not just the nose. The eyes are CLEARLY surgeried (not that they aren’t pretty, though). And there’s something going on with the chin. Usually, the chin is worked on when the nose is worked on as well. It gives symmetry and balance. Or so the surgeons convince the patients that this is so.

    Her nose is freakin’ weird. I can’t imagine that is comfortable.

  4. ed says:

    eww it must be weird making out with a nose like that 😛 looks like the surgeon had the “DIY lee young-ae” mark-up on the drafting board.

  5. ~HSG~ says:

    I have a scar like that and I haven’t had surgery.

  6. May says:

    who cares if she had surgery? is it the deadliest sin in Korea?

  7. Lily says:

    That doesn’t prove anything

  8. Kitty says:

    That nose is completely unnatural looking. Her jaw is also softer than it was before. She’s plastic. Pretty, but plastic.

  9. okeydoke says:

    yes. very conspicuous indeeed.
    i hate her nose. its too big.
    at least get it surgeried right if at all.

  10. Min A says:

    i can’t tell where the scar and silicon rod is….is it possible for u to circle it or draw an arrow on the pic? just i really can’t tell.

    ::sigh:: it’s tough having a nose surgery…it’s like to good to be true, so it looks fake. i had my days when i totally hated my button nose and almost non-existent bridge…but u know, that’s what my parents gave me, so i’m gonna keep it and work it.

  11. Se7en Heaven says:

    I think she definitely had a surgery, but who cares? I like Honey Lee more anyways and don’t you think Ms. Lee Ji-sun looks that much old? ö.Ö???

  12. soju says:

    what’s at issue here is that lee jisun has denied rumors that she had her nose done when it looks like she did. why lie about it if you had work done?

  13. Lily says:

    Can you prove that she is lying?

  14. E says:

    I think she looks really creepy in those pictures >_<

  15. Elaine says:

    ….Eurgh at the silicon rod, if that’s what I think it is.

  16. Kristina says:

    dont see it.

  17. infiniti512 says:

    So is this it?! Is this all you will talk about going forward?! If plastic surgery is all you have left to talk about, then I guess I’m done as a patron of your site. It used to be fun reading your opinions and about news that I couldnt read myself on newsen or other sites. Well, at least you will have alot to talk about since so many stars have had surgery, but I hope you will state facts and not just spread rumors. If not, then you will just be another anti-fan site and we all know how pointless those are.

  18. soju says:

    Nov 10th, 2007 at 6:31 am
    Can you prove that she is lying?

    can you prove that she isn’t?

    • wolf85 says:

      by watching two seconds of a korean tv show…come on, we all know she’s lying…who doesnt have a nose or eye job in the korean media today?

  19. Lily says:

    my point is no one can tell for sure that she tells the true or not.

  20. daneil says:

    lol whatever,.

    shes still a talented person though. have u seen some of her parsons homework stuff? shes talented@@

  21. anna says:

    she’s DEFINATELY gotten her eyes done.. as for the nose.. i can’t really tell that much..besides the fact that its weird…n looks a bit plastic. HOwever it could b real. Neways.. wow i didnt no plastic surgeons in korea were that talented. Some of the ppl that went through surgery displayed on this site had amazing turnouts…some of them even looks natural. Hwanhee doesn’t even look like he’s had nething done.

  22. sun ya says:

    u can see the silicone? i see a circle thing on the tip of her nose… in many pics… is that what ur talking about?

  23. - says:

    definately surgery .All fake ass a sh…t.

  24. sasuke says:

    UGH! That is the word that just popped into my head. She looked totally beautiful before surgery. Now she just is disgusting. Koreans~ Never develop a complex about your looks. You are beautiful as you are!!

  25. Yeppeda says:

    yea, i think we hv 2 appreciate what God has created us especially if you’re already beautiful….
    like Sasuke said, u’re beautiful as you’re

  26. yetaz says:

    “Can you prove that she is lying?”

    Oh come now, through these pics it is so obvious she has. But I suppose you can never be too certain. And how can some of ya’ll not see the silicon and scar?? it is right there, look closer. If plastic surgery helps a suicidal person boost their confidence, by all means, it has its advantages. But no one likes liars.

  27. anecia says:

    It doesn’t really matter if she has plastics or not,
    the point is…
    GEEZ!!She should have gotten a better plastic surgeon like hwanhweee’s

  28. anonymous-y says:

    it’s easy to tell if a face is artificial or not…
    there’s no need to go through all the trouble trying to shove it in our faces, really.. but thanks anyways popseoul. always such a treat.

    i’ve no qualms with cosmetic surgery. if you wanna enhance something, then by all means do. just don’t deny it.

  29. Big A says:

    Man, Hwanhee’s surgeon did a fantastic job…couldnt even tell by his picture. I dont care whether she had surgery or not.

  30. grace says:

    i’m fine if someone chooses to have surgery but just be honest. it’s just ridiculous that stars deny it when you can totally tell. do they think the fans are idiots??

  31. Somebody says:

    Do you people really believe all Koreans were born with flat, wide noses? Do you believe everyone who has a bridge on their nose has plastic surgery? How silly, this obessesion with accusing everyone of having plastic surgery is so boring. Please, I beg find something interesting to write about. What is this, like the zillionth article about whether or not someone has gone under knife. Geez, how do you keep rehashing this dull subject?

  32. pelican says:

    Actually, it is quite easy to spot a plastic nose. If I see a nose ridge totally straight and equal width starting from between the eyes all the way down to the ball, I would check it out closely. I dislike how some korean actresses look like a bird from side view because they make their nose too high/sharp. Front view, it may look nice but the profile is laughable!

  33. toocutedoggy says:

    fake or real = i dun

  34. Sonagi says:

    Without clear-cut proof such as a photo of Lee Ji-sun walking out of a plastic surgeon’s office with a bandaged nose, I don’t think it’s responsible to accuse her of lying. A US website called Awful Plastic Surgery dot com is very careful about lining up before and after photos and writing vague comments that only infer that the entertainer has had work done. This is to avoid lawsuits.

    I see nothing wrong with publicizing possible plastic surgery. Girls are very impressionable and look up to entertainers as beauty role models. Cosmetic surgery costs thousands even tens of thousands of dollars and entails some medical risks. Sadly, breast implants are really catching on in Korea, and that is really bad news, for breast implants, unlike nose jobs and chin jobs, are not permanent. They deflate on average every five years, and must be replaced. If a woman decides to get rid of them, she’s left with sagging grandma breasts with loose skin.

    Plastic surgery is not immoral, but it is not something to be encouraged by blindly worshipping the looks of women who’ve gone under the knife. The fact is that most Korean women are naturally endowed with single lids and low bridge noses. There are plenty of natural beauties who better represent Korean women than plastobarbies like Lee Ji-sun.

  35. anonymous says:

    I know her through New York, shes a dongseng of my friends. She definitely got her nose and chin done. Eyes im not positive about. End of story, move on please.

  36. Em says:


  37. Rayne says:


    haha. after michael jackson scarring me for life… i just hate the idea of nose jobs

    what a loser. she’s pathetic.

    i mean- it;s not the part about getting plastics… why the heck would you lie about something like that???

  38. angie says:

    i’ve had plastic surgery on my nose and i can validate that miss korea DID have surgery. you know why? I have the same problem, after years of surgery, the silicone falls due to gravity and the pointed tip starts poking out the nose. believe me, you can ask for cases at the doc’s office and pics that prove..she, like many other candidates, have had her nose, chin(which looks dimply), eyes worked on. Believe me, because i’ve had all 3 worked on in NY as well.

  39. CHRIS says:

    it’s so obvious for heaven’s sake!

  40. […] in: Miss Korea 2007 is lying through her nose No one does it like Honey Miss Korea 2007 looks […]

  41. sweetdreamer says:

    it’s so obvious that she had her nose done!!!!!

  42. Pinoy says:

    Why do people say Koreans are “plastic”. There’s a number of Filipinos in my country who also want artificial European noses.

  43. GG says:


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  44. wolf85 says:

    It doesn’t matter if she denies surgery, anyone who has watched five seconds of most korean tv shows will notice that actors, singers, models and such in korean media…ALL HAVE NOSE AND EYE JOBS. Period. It’s what’s normal in their culture right now and it’s their issue, why even bring it up, it’s so damn obvious.

  45. gg says:

    i love her nose

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