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Ha Ha is slick


Doesn’t funnyman HaHa look like he was born to dance? And dare I say he looks quite handsome at this angle – the slicked hair, neatly trimmed mustache, the open shirt, and more importantly the poise…he has it all! I see him in a new light.

Ha Ha and the Infinity Challenge crew including Jung Joon-ha, Yoo Jae-suk, Jung Hyun-don, Noh Hong-chul and Park Myung-soo all rose to the challenge of competing in the 10th Super Korea Cup Dance Sports Competition. The dance competition represented 13 countries and 350 teams.

The Infinity Challenge crew practiced 3 months for this competition so it’s no wonder that they (Yoo Jae-suk) might have been a bit nervous. The dance episode will air in the middle of December 2007.


20071118infinity-haha120071118infinity-haha220071118infinity-haha320071118infinity-haha520071118infinity-haha620071118infinity-haha7 Ha Ha looks confident on the dance floor! Confidence = sexy.

20071118infinity-junghyungdon Jung Hyung-don graceful in the pic

20071118infinity-jungjoonha120071118infinity-jungjoonha2 Jung Joon-ha looks great with the black eyeliner.

20071118infinity-nohhongchul120071118infinity-nohhongchul4 Noh Hongchul looks like he is enjoying himself and his partner

20071118infinity-parkmyungsoo20071118infinity-parkmyungsoo120071118infinity-parkmyungsoo2 Park Myung-soo reminds me of dracula.

20071118infinity-yoo120071118infinity-yoo220071118infinity-yoo320071118infinity-yoo4 Yoo Jae-suk. In his heavy makeup, every ounce of concentration is focused on his dance steps. He looks like he is in pain. Poor guy.


41 Comments on “Ha Ha is slick”

  1. Arie says:

    Yu Jae-suk is so cute XD
    Park Myung-soo got the only pretty girl :3~
    And HaHa is looking funny X’D
    Gosh, this guys crack me =D

  2. topspin0yb says:

    I love HAHA!

  3. Hany says:

    Whoa! Park Myung-soo still needs to get rid his eyebags..
    I agree.. HaHa looks pleasant… MC Yu Jae-suk looks gay too…

  4. RoflMyWaffle says:

    Kmfao. Thank god they aren’t serious.

    Ingenious, dancing competion. Amazing, wait are they serious about dancing? (as in… they are going to dance-dance…to show us what they got)O___o

  5. HL says:

    haha looks quite hansome

  6. valski says:


    haha looks a tad bit feminine. at first i kinda thought “the artist formerly known as Prince?”

    they’re all working it though!

  7. lyn says:

    someone better put this up on youtube. It looks so freaking hilarious.

  8. marmar says:

    did they really do this?
    but I gotta admit Haha is looking pretty hot .n. that picture..I am really feeling the trimmed mustache..LOL

  9. se7enfan says:

    wow ha ha does look handsome in that pic…lol.

  10. janepak says:

    park myung soo looks creepy lol same with jung junha >.<

    yoo jae suk looks so cute lol
    i bet if no heung chul dyed his hair black .. he’d actually look attractive lol

  11. chiaye says:

    third picture is extremely painful to the eyes.
    btw Haha’s shirt looks the best amongst the IC

  12. heyleadinglady says:

    omg i love HaHa, and now i love him more 🙂

  13. carmen says:

    haha is sexy!!!

  14. toocutedoggy says:

    haha looks better ^^

    + “Park Myung-soo reminds me of dracula.”
    ^ he does…. lol

  15. blaaaaaaaa says:

    MC YOOOOOOOOOO wow I MISS XMAN!!! OMG the all look sooooooooooooooooooooooo funny…im soooooooo watching this!

  16. Tiffany80 says:

    awesome!! love the pics!! this episode is going to be great!

  17. Cutie says:

    ooooooooh, I agree – I see Haha in a new light~

    MC Yoo looks a bit funny in these pics… lol.

    Everyone, looks okay- except for Hong Chul, he looks good with this style anyways……..

  18. KanginsFutureGF says:


  19. Ann*e says:

    i have to watch that!
    they’re soo funny!

  20. Mai says:

    omg! haha’s the best! not handsome but man he can carry himself, love him and park myung soo.

  21. Timoshi Huang says:

    go Yoo Jae-suk!

    omg yoo jae-suk looks like my Uncle!!!! @___________@!!!

  22. nurkeyandie says:

    dang, i gots to see this…seriously!!! ^_^

  23. F.T. Island says:

    HaHa looks so confident and serious (for once). hehe. he’s always cute though. As for Yoo Jae Suk, he looks so nervous, i guess he’s really serious about this whole thing. Park Myung Soo looks kinda bloated on the main pix, but his partner is beautiful.

  24. This is nice! Lol. Yea… Park Myung Soo kinda vampirish. Lol.

  25. simplyYours says:

    holy mother of jesus! i cant wait to watch this. LOL.

  26. Milk* says:

    Park Myung Soo reminds me of a penguin ^^;

  27. xxx says:

    PMS still looks like something else..
    somewhere between his initials.

  28. junsufan says:

    Haha..i can’t stop laughing at park myung soo..I love these guys..yoo jae suk..park myung soo and HAHA~~ CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH THIS!

  29. Bihae says:

    Omg!!! I can´t waitto watch this episode n_________n

  30. Cabbage says:

    chiaye November 21, 2007 at 10:50 am

    third picture is extremely painful to the eyes.
    I thought it was Andre the alien for a sec. -_-

    I love these guys.

  31. Da says:

    omg. check out ha ha’s dance partner’s muscles ._.

  32. ~HSG~ says:

    Ha Ha and PMS look so serious in the first pics. MC Yoo looks hilarious. XDD

  33. reina says:

    woa ha ha is taht really you
    he looks so wierd XD
    ha ha fighting!!!!!!!

  34. Em kay says:

    ha-ha is never ha-ha funny. at all. It’s as if the shows he’s in just want to fill in the void and he just happens to be available.

  35. manuroxs says:

    ha ha was really funny. lolx….thinking about the old xman days when he never seems to make me stop laughing

  36. YaHa says:

    MC Yoo, PMS, and HaHa!??? XD lmao

    let’s hope they do well! ^^

  37. fritzie_03 says:

    i really like this show.. i like all of them.. they’re hilarious! especially that episode with paris hilton.. oh their english was so..funny!!

  38. alibaba says:

    HaHa looks so cute! i really wanna watch this! YOUTUBE! XDXD really wanna see them dance.

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