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Gong Yoo does Arena


Not sure what Gong Yoo is doing but it looks like he is sniffing his armpit. The sexy Coffee Prince star shows off the latest men’s fashions in the December 2007 issue of Arena magazine (Korea).

12arena_gongyu112arena_gongyu212arena_gongyu3 12arena_gongyu4

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48 Comments on “Gong Yoo does Arena”

  1. Minny says:

    Why do they always have to have a pose where they are smoking?

  2. Di says:

    EW He’s smoking!! Bad oppa, bad! *smacks GongYoo* T_T

  3. ghaha says:

    ok, he’s a cutie but he’s making ugly faces!!

  4. Cutie says:

    lol, POPSEOUL!

    No matter what he’s doing, for me, Gong Yoo is love~

  5. YooYoo says:

    He’s so hot! Yum Yum…

  6. Jen says:

    ah no. smoking!!
    He needs to shave 0.0

  7. JAMMY says:

    haha he’s such a dork! yeh i agree why do photographers make male models/stars smoke? its BAD! lol i guess the smoke makes an “atmosphere”

  8. Monziii says:

    He is so freaking HOT! Not really liking the smoking..but still…the man has got some GOOD genes!

  9. ames4eva says:

    lol, yea i was gonna make a comment against the smoking but i guess others have already done that 🙂

  10. Kay says:

    Hm, he’s smoking.
    I don’t like it, but hey, he’s still hot.
    Loving the pictures.

  11. .Eun says:

    Wait… When is he going to the army? I thought he was going to go a while ago. Whatever, he still looks good.

  12. ed says:

    very cute with the bowtie. he’s already a fine man now, can’t he just skip the army?

  13. Kelly says:

    ^ He can’t skip.. or he’ll be exiled.

  14. starz12 says:

    i thought he’s in the army right now.. i think i read it somewhere that he’s supposed to leave last month. but anyways. he’s damn hottttt..

  15. nz fan says:

    hmmm not loving the facial hair……..but maybe he is participating in ‘Movember’?

  16. Arie says:

    Oh, what a turn off >__<
    And that pose on the second photo (right side) is kind of.. weird o-o;
    Anyway, Gong Yoo is still a hottie X3~

  17. Liesel says:

    Not liking the smoking photos either. But anyways, Gong Yoo is a total hottie. He is so cute in a bowtie! ^^

  18. carmen says:

    hot hot hot

  19. amused says:

    I love his expressions…

  20. OC says:

    — i dont like smoking person.but Oppa so hot in that point.
    btw,he well known smoke action made hime sooooooo smart guy.
    this is a real K-guy, i think !!

  21. kikay*..* says:

    …gong yoo is love….
    is he really dating lim soo jung?
    they’d look good together….


  22. gulack says:

    smelling your armpits in public … and smoking? wtf? Sweetie you need to get to the army and straighten your act out a lil…BIG TURN OFF!!! lol… but i gotta say the “hello thursday” pic def got me spuealing in joy… i love him… HAHAHA

  23. funkoffan says:

    This photo shoot reminds me of Jo In Sungs shoot for Singles. Similar mood and lighting. Anyway, I didn’t really like GY much one way or another….but he looks better here. He kinda looks like those guys that work in Dongdaemun – like at APM, Migliore. The “virginal” pretty boy look drives me insane; this is much better. Like everyone else, I agree about the smoking; Nahhh-steeeee.

  24. Star says:

    Gong Yoo looks soo fine in these pictures..but why the smokin? How come the director peoples make them have a pose like that? Doesnt make them look any better…..OH WELL what can you do?????? He is still SMOKIN HOTT tho!!

  25. jessie says:


  26. antiGongYOO says:

    i hate this guy. theres nothing special about his face.
    and these days every other male korean actor seems to have a drop dead gorgeous body.
    when is this punk going to the army?
    dont tell me he’s having second thoughts now thats he’s finally got 15 mins of fame after years of being unknown haha!
    gong yoo stop messing about and go to the army!

  27. star says:

    i don’t mind the smoking. i think it’s better to be upfront about your “bad” habits as opposed to pretending you’re something you’re not. thought he was really cute in CP. For some reason he reminds me of Zach Braff from Scrubs, LOL. Does anyone else get this vibe too?

  28. babycakes says:

    teehee i don’t like smokers…but i can make an exception! GY defines sexy!

  29. stella says:

    I def. think the smoking is a turn off. even if he does smoke he shouldn’t flaunt it with a spread in a magazine. it promotes smoking which is bad.

  30. passang says:

    dont care whether he’s sniffing his armpit or watever – this man is fine. i gota give thumbs up to the stylist. gettin hotter every passing second

  31. pinklover says:

    he’s so fine!!! but yea, the smoking part is a big turnoff…still love him tho..

  32. A12 says:

    The photos are comparing between the photoshoot of Kwon Sang Woo (Correct me if i’m wrong) and Gong Yoo smoking away. This ain’t a cool thing to have celebrities smoking during photoshoot, obviously make them look ugly with the cigratte on their hands or mouth

  33. haezel says:

    there’s something about smoking a cigarette that spells “mystique”…it also gives them an extra added manly push and all in all, attracts the male viewer. i mean, many people smoke just because it is cool…in fact, i used to make some of my models hold a cigarette or have someone smoke it first, then have them hold it. when i used a guy model, it was to express a tough boy image look.

    also, many people in their field smoke as a way of dealing with pressure and stress.

    the photos aren’t too bad…i like the stylist though.

  34. singlemom0511 says:

    He is hot,hot, hot! Love him!!!

  35. citra says:

    ooh man look the way he holds cigarette so dazzling!!!!
    I love those pictures,kinda bad boy but has a heart like an angel,hehehe

  36. hellaakon says:

    smoking is disgusting. total turnoff.

    isn’t he suppose to be in the military or something?

  37. blinkable says:

    ~a Goong Yu….^^ *click*, *click*, *click* and *click* save as…except the one smelling his own arm pit!

  38. peepoo says:

    dude, all these actors smoke…it’s no big surprise.

  39. jb says:

    Why do photographers like to glorify smoking? I am just a little disappointed with the fact GY chose to pose with a ciggie (even though I know he smokes in real life). With his fan base increasing, he shouldn’t take part in glorifying smoking as cool…sigh, I am still a fan. GY and YEH make very good models but while they kept Gong Yoo looking cool, they always uglify YEH in the name of being artistic 😛

  40. Annie says:

    Such an awkward pose. HAHA

  41. Hee Chul says:

    MAN!!!!! HIS UGLY AND SMOKING????!?!?! THAT MAKES IT WORSER. AINT SOME PEOPLE IS TRYING TO STOP SMOKING and this Pic encourge them and not helping to stop?

  42. fi0naLee says:

    i love this guy… i want to marry him! hahahahaha!

  43. Hottieofindonesia says:

    He has a pose where he reminds me of Josh Hartnet.
    Hhhhmmm….Is GY Asia’s Josh Hartnet

    40 Days and 40 Nights with GY……

  44. yudisthera says:

    just love him and never say a harsh word to a person you don’t even know well!{lol}

  45. berwin says:

    gong yoo i will miss you if you leave take good care of your self

  46. Paul Ian Garin says:

    Gong yoo im gonna miss you in coffee prince. Coffee Prince is number 1 in the philippines…. Im one of your avid fans… I love you Gong Yoo…. mwuahhhhhhhhhhh

  47. imonflux says:

    i watched coffee prince recently and i found Gong Yoo to be a love magnet, romantic, cutie of whom i wanna marry. LOL!

  48. mavi_61 says:

    I love YOO
    I loved and I will always love him ^^

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