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Boa, put your leg down


In very unladylike behavior, popdiva Boa unnecessarily exposes her nether regions by trying to kick someone else in the same area. This granny panty flash was done in front of 3500 fans at Anycall Anyband concert on November 27th, 2007.

Doesn’t this pose just make you want to buy a Samsung Anycall phone?

The cultural ambassador performed with fellow Anybandmates, Tablo, front man of Epik High, Xiah Junsu of DBSK and Jin Bora.

Watch Epik High’s performance here.
Watch Boa and Xia Junsu singing a whole new world.

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Popdiva Boa wearing a super short dress with black grannies underneath (since she showed us – look above).

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DBSK’s Young Woong Jae Joong resembles a manga character. Even though I would not be caught dead in his punk leather pants – they are too cool for school.

20071128 anyband_epik120071128 anyband_epik220071128 anyband_epik320071128 anyband_epik420071128 anyband_epik520071128 anyband_epik6

Epik High. Tablo pulls off the nerdy cute with the ponytail and thick black rimmed glasses.

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120 Comments on “Boa, put your leg down”

  1. han says:

    it’s a short short to me

  2. nenz says:

    err, it’s not a panty.
    boa is not that stupid to wears only panty in such short dress. wait, that’s not even a dress. -.-
    it’s spanky. is that what they called it? lol

  3. anastasia says:

    Tablo: You got some style. It is freaking awesome. I love it.
    But BoA, i mean did you need to expose to that extent even if it a dance? Whatever it is called, granny, spedo, short but still look like an ‘underwear on stage’ to me, i want to see on how extent she want to do. I mean, no offense I love Anyband but why arent people nowaday cant become like Zard? or At least show some sense eventough we are an artist. Zard, is a simple as abc but a legand and has topped second us top chart recently even she just died. JJ: is quiet skinny yes after she has surgery on his injured legs. Before his body is soo muscular bcause he said to be obsessed with working out.

  4. Mimi_cute says:

    I love boa!! any clothes will fit her. It’s not a granny panty. Just rock on. Anyway! I love Jae-jung no matter what’s his style. he’s so charming.. Junsu!!!! is also cute and charming. The two of them really made me addicted to TVXQ!! The hottest papa to me. Muah!!! Manila.Phil.

  5. Mimi_cute says:

    I love junsu and Hero. Pretty!!

  6. Mimi_cute says:


  7. Cecelia says:

    Hahas BoA makes me laugh!! Shes ok I guess but shes not all that why do people brag about her like shes something BIG? Her fans are seriously overdoing it. Jae Joong is HOT. I don’t know what ppl is talking about!! And Xiah JunSu is so sweet can’t believe ppl would not like the both of them!! OMG!!

  8. IluvDBSK says:

    what is she doing????
    that might be good for publicity but not for her permanent record!!

  9. Kuraudo says:

    This article is fail!

  10. Kuraudo says:

    I’m really surprised with all the media information like tv, internet and shopping how girls can confuse booty shorts for underwear
    Don’t you Popseoul type people ever get out or something?

    BoA isn’t some sort of sk@nk. Even 15 year old cheerleaders/dancers wear the same thing.
    Its always the 13 year old girls who complain about such things because they have such little experience in life they’ve never
    been to the mid teen section of the mall or something.

    “Low Rise Booty Shorts – for DANCERS”
    BoA is a Dancer, she wears dance shorts. *OMG@HH the 8th mystery of the world!
    Description: To allow free movement on the dance floor during rehearsal or performance.…AAAIAONOCIJGNDD…m_medium=search

    Notice the links I used above, they are DANCE STORES. I’m not even a girl, yet I know these shorts exist even in places like Target.
    If you’ve had to work a day in your life as a teenager you’d know what they were, since you’d be folding clothes all the time.

    No I’m not over the top.. If I don’t say something with PICTURES, this type of nonsense will continue.
    Don’t look at tr@sh sites like POPseoul anymore, Popseoul is the one who called it underwear because
    they are seriously uneducated. Obviously people still don’t get it so I have to be more descriptive.

  11. greenturtle617 says:

    Jaejoong’s hot, seriously…..

  12. irees says:

    oh, golly. those pictures of boa are not appealing whatsoever.

  13. kimeunna says:

    i don find anything wrong ?~

  14. Chihiro says:

    Hero Jaejoong = every manga boy i ever fell in love with <33

  15. world_to_u says:

    nice => let everybody knows
    ugly => watch it on your own!

  16. Syq says:

    Although BoA looks unladylike,i believe it is just a split moment during her perf which unfortunately got captured,(unless she is lying down), but i am more interested in what song she was singing then

  17. mingzaaay says:

    OH COMEON. We all know that’s not granny panties. -__-

  18. Loujing says:

    Syq- “Girls on Top;” it’s part of the routine which she’s done COUNTLESS times when she kicks the male dancers away; got it, IT’S PART OF HER FREAKIN’ ROUTINE!!!!!

  19. candy jj says:

    hero jaejoong is the most cutest manga boy ever^^ and nothing wrong what boa is doing

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