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So Ji-sub needs money


Why? Because So Ji-sub is going to be the face of little known domestic men’s brand, Sieg Fahrenheit. Poor guy. While others are getting calls from global brands or even creating their own brands (think Lee Jong-jae & Jung Woo-sung), Ji-sub has to make ends meet with a name I can barely pronounce in English let alone in Korean. In the mother tongue, “Fahrenheit” becomes “Parenheit”. puhaha.

Now that’s a classy name that will sell lots of cheap suits.

Check out So Ji-sub’s photo spread in the woman’s fashion monthly, W Magazine (Korea, November 2007) based the concept of the U.S. film, Brown Bunny. Many consider it as the worst movie ever. The photos were taken by famous photog who is known for his provocative style, Terry Richardson.

Warning! some pictures should not to be seen by the young and innocent. Seriously. (But, doesn’t that make you want to click more?)


Pop in:
Pop or flop: So Ji-sub’s long hair
So Ji-sub returns as an adopted child again


239 Comments on “So Ji-sub needs money”

  1. Tinatin says:

    Chip suit or not, need money or not, who cares! As a model he did his job and he did it well.

  2. kenie says:

    slightly dscustd but still here to suprt you. ji sub.

  3. Yaleni says:

    thats hot….

  4. CiiNDY says:

    the b&ws are nice… but the others are PRETTY terrible. :l

  5. aefa says:

    I must be desensitized…I don’t find the fotos to be shocking. They actually make me want to stare at it longer…not to understand it…but just cause they’re definitely something you have to take a second look. Anyway, I thought all you fanfic gals would go crazy over these pics seeing that you create disturbing stories/fantasies anyway. Anyway…it’s a matter of preference (his appearance)…I think he looks gorgeous. If a man can look fantastic clean-shaven or all bum-like (like your beloved Johnny Depp), then he truly is a handsome man. And it’s true…about the white chick thing…you realize that whenever there is a “provacative” photo spread with a male ASian idol, they are ALWAYS paired with a white gal…like the one of Japanese idol Yamapi with that white model naked together in the shower.

  6. charlene says:

    was completely in shocked when I first saw those should I say ‘not-so-good-scenes/photo s’ of SJS. As many of you guys, it’s a big “WHY?” .

    I’m trying to put this in perspectives but can’t find it myself where I might end up with. Has he gone fearless? That he dared to go beyond what he has normally portrayed.
    Let’s say, each of us has at least one daring thing that we’d like to try in our lifetime. As for SJS , just a hypothetical question, on your part, is doing this kind of work falls on that type of thing?

  7. alike says:

    wow SJS u r the best!!!

  8. hope says:

    sjs, my heart hurts so much to see those photos

  9. kaka says:

    was SoJSub a drug addict..omg last time or now? Is he still a drug sad..can anyone tell me?
    Looking at these pictures, he seems to look like a drug addict..huh
    bad taste..puke. Makes me sick! an insensitive actor/model for posing these kind of acts degrading women. What would his mother or sister think by looking at these pics of him..happy? I doubt. huh.

  10. ta ka shi says:

    why on hell he is toushing him self?
    what is the point …

  11. E says:

    Oh nomnomnomnom Ji Sub. Raunchy photos indeed, and shocking to say the least. But I guess it is just art for Mr.So. I don’t believe he’s doing this out of desperation for money.

  12. dannah says:

    the way you reacted as if it’s real…
    it’s just a photo!
    have you read the article of that magazine?
    do you guys know the whole concept of that advertisement so they have to used those photos as their subject?
    what if they were just trying to show us how women are being treated?
    dirty, porn thing, disgusting and whatever you want to call it…it’s up to you if you think or look at it that way.
    but please, be more open minded…if so ji sup portrays a pervert ( in a movie, tv series or in a photo ) does not mean that he is a pervert.
    GO SO JI SUB…GO!!!
    GODBLESS and keep up the good work…
    i’m still your avid fan…

  13. Ji Sub was not Broke! says:

    I have to admit that these photos are really not good. lols. But, at that time he was not broke. If he were where did he get the money to keep Cain and Abel running? They were going to drop C&A b/c of the delays and there was almost no more money in the budget for the Drama. But, Ji Sub shi said he was going to finance them if they wanted (I mean he was going to give about 3 million)… so he;s was not broke.

    Aren’t you all glad he did that? B/c the drama was so good.

    Another thing, what about the other pics of Seig Fahrenheit? The ones he did later, was mad hot. And those suits are not cheap at ALL!!! They are one of the most expensive one’s I’ve seen.

    I think Ji Sub just wanted to try something different, after getting out of the army and w/e he left his hair to grow and so it fitted with this concept.

    Anyways, Ji Sub was not broke and the company does not make cheap suits.

    Hwaiting Gang Ji! =] He’s so cute.

  14. Ama says:


    God..please..take him in the right way..
    Hugs..always hope best for him..but this pic..oh heart was hurt..pray happiness for him.hik

  15. Amaria ashe says:

    I dont think so..i dont care how bad he was.but anyone?..he look perfect in all style,suit or whatever.he is profesional know that,hm.. he just doing an art,but..ok..i guees his pose in some photos were tooo baaaad…Please so much..i’ll hope to him..dont pose like that again..sorry but please..god help me submiting my hope at him..
    And,attention,he not broke!!he not a drug addict!!!he not in money insuffiency.
    Sorry.but i can’t let someone have bad thinking to him.
    i know.he is personality..we trust him.
    hm..thx for everyone who respect and advice to him..
    dommo arigatoo..
    Hm.for peace in the world!!

  16. Cherry Thailand says:

    Could anyone here can find the whole pages(this article in Korea W Magazine)tagging along with these photos? Either by scanning those pages or inserting the web link.
    Coz I 100% believe that Ji Sub will not ruin his long & success fame with just this one time wierd photoshooting!!!.

  17. Jill says: forced him.!nice choose ji sub,for leave bof.i support u.go!go!

  18. Jill says: was forced him.!nice choose ji sub,for leave bof.i support u.go!go!

  19. Ji Sub was not Broke! says:

    this was two years ago. MAN! He’s hot now and that’s what matters. AH! Can’t wait to see him.

  20. LiTa (Thailand) says:


    But enough to consider each other last. The rhythm of life of people. It is up to the most. It must be down to the lowest point.

    (Or perhaps “U Look BUT U Do NOT SeE. U Listen BUT U do not HeAr”).

    And no one perfect 100%. What then past it to the end because it is a life time experience.

    I choose to look on the good work of you because it makes me happy “HAPPINESS IS SOMETHING TO BE CREATED”.

    Also very important. Get involved because I was a fan club you (Jisub Addicts Club).

    Also like to see better performance of your stay,

    Is committed to working in every time,

    And every step of your work, I still have to track your various works.

    “Love U so MucH”.

    “Take Care”.

  21. Cherry Thailand says:

    I read an interview So Ji Sub said that such “nearly naked photo” was shot unintentionally while the paint was suddenly dropping down. And this photo set was done for a charity purpose/campaign.
    So Ji Sub was in fact not broke at all at that time. Two year after military service (May 2007- 2008) that we haven’t seen any of his TV drama it was because SBS (So Ji Sub had agreed to play the lead role in Cain and Abel)postponed the production of Cain and Abel for nearly 2 years according to unsatisfied script and tv schedules.
    During such 2 years, he got so many TV commercials and be a presenter of many products. Thus he certainly earned bunch of money.

    I’m strongly believe that the person who titled this topic “So Ji-sub needs money” should be blaimed. Not only that he/she really did not know the fact, but also expressed his/her bias on So Ji Sub

  22. cris says:

    i need these pictures in hq~ ❤

  23. ciel says:

    The enlarged photo and the blog entry title is dramatization!

    So Ji-Sub is not only doing very well these days but also he looks superb!

  24. woow iam crazy too lol

  25. bulut says:

    olamaz olamaz bu so jı sub olamaz lütfen bırı bana o degıl sadece bı figuran desın bu kadar igrenç olabılecegını hıç aklımdan geçmezdı kirlendı su jı m…neden neden neden yaptın nedennnnn

  26. bulut says:

    kalbımın kocaman bır yerınde masumca ve okadar temizdın senı hıç bırlerlere koyamazken neden yerlerdesın şimdi inanamıyorum aglamak ıstıyorum senın bır porno aktırıstınden ne farkın kaldı .sanat bu igrençlıgın neresınde bu çıplaklıgın altında sadece olabılecek olan sadece ŞEYTAN DIR.oysakı sen benım MELEGIMDIN :(( yıkıldım

  27. bulut says:

    her nekadar bunun bır canlandırma veya bır reklam olması adı altında yapılmışsa yınede so jı sub hıç ama hıç yakışmamış yanı nedır bır sapıgın reklamını mı yapıyor saçmalık saçmalık ve igreçlık.. so jı sub annesının ve kız kardeşinin yüzüne nasıl bakabılıyor yada arkadaşlarının ve onu seven okadar hayranının 😦 bu resimleri ailesi görüp tebrikmi etmişler .. :((

  28. bulut says:

    bu fotografları kışkırtıcı veya çekıcı bulanlar sız sadece abd mümtezellerı sız sapıklıgın esıri olmuşsunuz. maneviyattan yoksun bır gurupsunuz malesef benım sojısub umda abd veya bu resım karelerını alan sapkının tuzagına düşmüş..ALLAH yardımcısı olsun bu çılgınlıktan kurtulması için duva edıyorum. ALLAHIM ona yardım et onu yanlış işlerden koru .inşallah pişmandır ve bu bırdaha olmaz..amin

  29. NACHA says:

    wowwwwww,,,,,,,i never see so ji sub picture like that before what i see right now from his pics i just wanna says WOOOWWWWWWW,,,,,,its that really him,well i ,am more like so ji sub on the screen as sweet,gentle and romantis dramas or movie but what i see on that pics not for real right?????,,,,,,,even i dont really like him in that pics but i sure this is just one of his role right????thats must be part of so ji sub scenes of his movie right,,,,,just for acting right……looking good with long hair like my favorite ACTOR jhonny deep,,,,,,*=))

  30. Ann says:

    No biggie, it figures that it’s Terry Richardson’s work. Makes him even more interesting among the countless feminine looking guys in Korea.

  31. Redwine says:

    He is absolutely my favorite actor. These photos are provocative but I love them. He’s beautiful. My goodness. Extreme yes, but I like that he stepped out of the box. You go So Ji Sub.

  32. var says:

    bu fotograflar sojısub çok soguk ve bozucu yapmış nerede o anlam yüklü duygulu adam adımlarının bıle bır anlamı olduguna ınandıgım bu fotolarda tıpkı bır yaban domuzu gıbı..

  33. Joo says:

    it’s because the famous photographer.Ji-sub wants to be big, wants to make his name known all over the world.but he ruins it.he ruins his lovable side, his everything.
    he should act better, should learn to speak english well.maybe then he would have a chance in international media.

  34. Cherry Thailand says:

    The truth is this shooting run under the deal of SJS’s Agency vs. a magazine on the campaign of “anti-abuse to woman”. Nothing about SJS needs money !!!

    And SJS did say that it was an accident while shooting (dropping pants) and he didn’t believe they publish this shot. Like many cased that behind the scene pics of popular celebs were publish in magazines/newspaper and misunderstandingly commented the celebs later on.


  35. ichilyta says:

    i love soo ji sub. and i don’t care about this photos.. i just wanna say..he is nice, he’s have good personality..i like him so much…

  36. Joo says:

    anti-abuse woman campaign? by encouraging rape&abuse woman? it’s ridiculous. he could just refuse it, if he’s somebody who has courage for real… sorry about that!
    and 7. photo was an accident? well, his face doesn’t look like that. come on, be honest. he did something wrong for his image, and his agency tries to fix it. he must be sorry (or not) but should admit it without covers. like a real man!
    and his fans shouldn’t be more royalist than the king. 🙂 don’t try to justify him. maybe he hates what he did as well?
    and, i really don’t understand women who likes so ji-sub in his character, his shyness and these photos at the same time. what a world…

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