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Is Jenny Lee desperate for money?


Jenny Lee, a former actress came back to the motherland to promote her sexy photos available only via mobile phones. However this once chubby kyopo actress made it clear that she will not make a comeback to the local entertainment scene, which begs the question, why the hell is she releasing revealing pictures of herself? Is she that vain or is she in desperate need for some easy dough?


Check out Jenny Lee’s “before” pictures after the jump.



62 Comments on “Is Jenny Lee desperate for money?”

  1. seola says:

    when you lose weight the 1st thing you lose is the boobs…just saying

  2. Kitty says:

    Check out the CRAZY obvious airbrushing in the orange bikini picture. Look at the distorted stove by her left breast, and the odd unnatural shading on her right breast. Ha.

  3. Raihana says:

    i don’t know her but she looks pretty ok with some boobs but the babe has no butt to flaunt..check out the before pic in the pink skirt..

  4. jessie says:

    DESPERATE….if she’s not acting, then she’s losing money and not getting any income what else is left for her to do BUT take sexy photos(that aren’t quite sexy to me) and try to sell them…she might as well just start acting again if she’s really that desperate.

  5. Cutie says:

    ^Lol, I wouldnt call her desperate just because she modeled for some clothes. Plus, she has a husband whose a singer(its not like she’s living alone and needs money to survive)-_-“

  6. Brenda says:

    Is it just me or could she be G-Dragon’s older sister? They have the exact same face! She’s always had big boobs too.

  7. roze15 says:

    she looks really sexy in the very first picture where she’s wearing tiny white shirt and yellow skirt, she’s not bad looking though..

  8. Jasmine says:

    Wo0w…i suddenly remembered her after watching her BEFORE pictures !!!
    She looks totally different..i mean great body and all but i don’t find the pictures sexy

  9. TEssiE says:

    Did she get a boob job by any chnce?

  10. halfkorean says:

    @MissBubbles – she did not get a boob job. She always had big boobs if u ever watched “namja seht, yuhja seht” you’ll know…

    I agree… wow someone else remembers that show?

  11. Mz Keno says:

    To the person who said she looks fake — I think it’s because the pics are airbrushed and some have that fake ‘soft light’ effect. She did get plastic surgery (and new teeth, thank god) and looks much improved. I think she looks kinda fake because she’s so skinny, including a skinny face with a huge forehead and pointed chin. Extreme “heart shaped” faces can look odd in photos but I don’t think it’s “fake”.

    She wasn’t chubby before but she did have a lot of baby fat and was around before the rise of hard bodies in K-Pop. And while she may have been known for having an above av erage sized chest before, the fact her chest seems the same or bigger now even though she’s much skinnier — she could have gotten implants. A lot of women who say they have a ‘naturally large’ chest get implants. Just check out Han Aeri! LOL.

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