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Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun madly in love


Other than Lee Seo Jin’s unfitting frames and his “artistic” hairstyle, these two Lovers look adorable enjoying each other on the streets of Shinsadong, Seoul. Although Lee Seo Jin is crazy busy with his hit drama, Yi San and Kim Jung Eun with her upcoming movie, these two still make time for each other, making singletons like me very jealous during this cold winter. This match made in heaven have not confirmed plans for marriage, but I won’t be surprised if they pulled a Vegas wedding on us. Keep the love in the air guys!


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137 Comments on “Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun madly in love”

  1. cattleya says:

    ASK ME.COM gave the wrong information. KJE was already given the honor when a hospital in Mongolia was named after her. that hospital was opened May 20th, 2006. the name of the hospital is DORNOD-JUNGEUN-HAN MEDICAL CENTER. i don’t think they are still naming some other for her. among the many charitable hospitals that were build in different continents, the hospital in Mongolia was decided to be named after her due to her popularity in that country.
    i have no news about the couple on Valentine’s Day. maybe the WHITE DAY is the one they will celebrate just like last year, they had a WINE BAR date on the eve of White Day and they had a Japan Getaway post White Day which POPSEOUL posted the details here.

  2. kiev says:

    they were clebrating together new year and valentine’s this year. how could they not? these are very special occasions for family (new year) and lovers (valentine’s day).
    this couple is extra romantic and affectionate.

  3. cattleya says:

    here is some sweet news about the couple. this was translated by KST_CICHLID:

    Kim Jung Eun designs a necklace as a present for Lee Seo Jin.

    Recently, actress Kim Jung Eun ordered a necklace which is designed by herself to be made at a well-known jewerly store Les Koo as a present for Lee Seo Jin. Last year, Lee Seo Jin also gave Jung Eun a diamond necklace Lucida from Tiffany. Therefore, Jung Eun decides to give a special present for her boyfriend this year.

    Although the necklace is very simple, it took Kim Jung Eun a lot of time to design it. One of her friends reveals, ” The necklace symbolizes eternal love; even the tiny chains on it represent her passion. People can see how deep the couple love each other.”

    The company Les Koo said ” The necklace designed by Kim Jung Eun that was done all by hand made because it is priceless.”

    On Valentine’s Day, Kim Jung Eun gave Lee Seo Jin a chocolate cake that made members of Lee San’s filming crew really admired the couple.

    The year 2008 is a very successful year for the couple in both career and romance aspects. However, they have no plan for marriage yet.

  4. bygone says:

    Cattleya, how did the lee san people knew about the valentine gift(s) KJE give LSJ? Did she go to the film site and personally hand over the gifts to LSJ?

  5. cattleya says:

    i think she went to the filming set and gave him the chocolate cake. LSJ, unfortunately, was filming on the day of the “lovers” although there is another more important one which is White Day and it will be on Mar. 14th.

  6. aura says:


    just read it that kim jung eun is going to have a tv show the title of the show KIM JUNG EUN CHOCOLATE is that a talk show or a children program. I thought Lee san is finished? I hope this lovers can have sometime together. Hope will happen at kim jung eun birthday.thank you so much to all the good news about lee seo jin and kim jung eun.

  7. wejin says:

    I read this in one of the site it says that Lee seo jin and Kim jung eun are going to guest appearance in the drama ON AIR. Did you know about this, are they a couple in this drama even lee hyori will appear too and some famous star.

  8. cattleya says:

    Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate is a late night musis show which will replace SBS’ Music Space. the format of the show is KJE will interview her guests, a-la late night show in US and i think there will be songs which will be performed every week.

    there is no confirmation concerning the couple’s cameo in ON AIR. perhaps the director just planned inviting them, but it didn’t materialize.

  9. wejin says:

    I don’t even know where i read it , in that soompi forum i think they’re talking about this interview of lee seo jin in one of the tv show, he admit his desire to marry after he’s done filming the Yisan or Leesan.Even his grandfather in that show (Yisan)said that he approved of those two to get married they’re very nice and handsome couple.Maybe you know about this and did Kim jung eun start filming My Sweet City? Actually, I read a lot on that site ,but i only can read whatever is open, love reading in that soompi forum lots of nice information about those two lovers, i wanted to register but i’am having a hard time getting in. they even mention about lee seo jin taking a day off to bow to kim jung eun parents on Lunar Day.Even if i register what can i add to those conversation i can only ask questions.They even said that they might get married this year, I’am really looking forward to that one.

  10. wejin says:


    I’m sorry I’ve made a mistake I read some of it in Dramabeans.

  11. cattleya says:

    unfortunately, KJE will not be participating in MY SWEET CITY anymore. she confirmed that she’ll concentrate in hosting KJE’s Chocolate.

  12. france says:


    How did KJE spend her birthday today ? Was LSJ with her? What is his gift for her birthday?

    Is it true she did not continue with Sweet City to have more time for LSJ and the probability of marriage this year?

  13. Lovely says:

    Provably the reason she does’nt want to do the My Sweet City because of their upcoming marriages (just guessing)or maybe they want to spent more time together as a lovebirds, since the filming of Lee san they dont see each other that much.It’s too bad he’s not there on her birthday but i heard that he send a note to her.But its look like nobody knows really what is their plan of getting hitch or they might keeping all the hush hush plan for themself right now.Is she gaining weight? i saw one of her picture she look gorgeous and very classy but she look like she gain a few pounds.Anyway, to my favorite star of all time KIM JUNG EUN HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MORE POWER TO YOU. GOOD LUCK TO ALL YOUR FUTURE PLAN.

  14. cattleya says:

    i don’t know if they spent her birthday together. all what KJE asked for for her birthday is to receive a hand-written letter from LSJ. and here is something we have to watch for. LSJ will be KJE’s first guest during the pilot episode of her music talk show “KJE’s Chocolate.” according to the latest news, despite LSJ’s hectic schedule in filming his series Lee San, he finds time to practice a song which he will sing for KJE, while she does the accompaniment by playing the piano. the couple will tape the pilot episode this saturday (03.08.08) and will be aired on Tuesday. it seems LSJ is more interested/engrossed to his darling’s show than his. i hope we will get to see the show for it will be aired at wee hour of 12:35 midnight.

  15. Lovely says:

    Let us know where we gonna find this clip when the show is finish okey Im getting very excited. Thanks for the info you’re the best.

  16. cattleya says:

    well, today KJE had a press conference of her show, and it seems that LSJ will not be appearing. anyway, let us wait. because there are now conflicting news just after the press conference.

  17. cattleya says:

    here is a clip of KJE’s Chocolate with LSJ practicing his song. KJE was laughing a lot. i wouldn’t wonder why. LSJ sounded horribly in this clip.

  18. aura says:

    maybe he does’nt know how to sing and he’s doing it just to please his sweetheart.Kim jung eun dont know much eithere but a little bit better than Lee seo jin. But they make me very happy. Thank you so much and i watch some of the clip that shulien posted in’re the best for all the good news that you’re sharing with us.

  19. nazareth says:


    I have noted that KJE makes reference to her mother and that she expressed that she loves her mom very much. However, I wonder why she never mentioned her father. Are her parents separated or is she simply not close to her father ?

    As to LSJ I understand his father passed away already.

  20. cattleya says:

    i think because the father was just forced to permit KJE because the mother appealed that he let her enter the show business. her parents are together. LSJ just did his formal bow to them last Chinese New Year. KJE doesn’t talk much about the father, because she is closer to her mother than to her father. i too wonder how KJE’s father looks like as she inherited most of her father’s features.

  21. aura says:

    I dont think he’s that bad looking (the father)KIM JUNG EUN think that maybe he’s not too handsome but if she get that bone structure from her dad it means he’s not bad looking guy.But because her mom is ms korea she must be beautiful. I think cattleya guess it right that he does’nt want kim jung eun in showbiz. You know that a lot of bad gossip and even your personal life become a public property that can hurt the family. They’re rich she does’nt need to earn for a living but her passion is to be in showbiz. He does’nt like it but his wife and daughter persuade him i think.Her sister is more of a round face but they still look a lot alike.Just watch those video clips that shulien posted the press coference of kim jung eun chocolate.

  22. cattleya says:

    here are LSJ and KJE at KJE’s Chocolate Show.

  23. cattleya says:

    here is the BTS of the taping of her show.

  24. gordie209 says:

    Just want to know who is playing the flute when Kim jung eun singing. Did Lee seo jin wait for her in her dressing room because I saw him going inside when he finished singing.Do you know what they talk about on the program maybe you know the translation.They’re beautiful couple.

  25. gordie209 says:

    Hello! you’ve been very quite lately I thought i will send you a note just to say hello. I registered myself in one of the site here .Now i read a lot of latest news about our favorite star Kim jung eun and Lee seo jin.How you been doing i think you just busy with your work. Not working right now but pretty soon.I might not be here often reading the good news that you share with us, maybe this job will put me in the graveyard shift.I thank you a lot, if its not for you i will never know abou them.

  26. gordie209 says:

    I really missed you here. If its not for you sharing all the juicy news about our favorite star kim jung eun and lee seo jin i will never know about the update between those two. I hope everything is okey with you. Thank you so much and take care.

  27. nathan says:


    The one who played the flute is KJE’s younger sister.

    For updated info on KJE, you can visit soompi forums.

    Hope this helps.

  28. xoxo~pie says:

    hi to alll,,,

    just want to know the name of KJE’s new movie….

  29. cattleya says:

    the latest movie of KJE was BEST MOMENT OF OUR LIVES a.k.a. FOREVER THE MOMENT a.k.a. FINEST HOURS.

    i think late April or early may the DVD will be released.

  30. kyna says:

    i really love watching the two of you!

    i feel day is incomplete without seeing the two of you!

    you are the best couple i’ve ever seen!

    more power!

  31. kyna says:

    i love watching lovers!!!!

  32. antoi says:

    I really love every news about kje and lsj… every day i look forward in reading news about them and i really find the two of them very inspiring.

    I would like to thank cattleya for every news she bring. I do search news about them and watch youtube but unfortunately i cannot understand korean language. i really would like to see their interview on goodmorning show i think i already have seen it but didn’t understand a thing. THough i feel happy watching them together…

    cattleya where do you ge all these news, i envy you. i hope i’ll learn more about them, but i’m grateful to every news you post

    to LSJ and KJE thank you for inspiring me.. I really hope that you’ll be together forever …


  33. antoi says:

    does anyone know how their love started?

    please let me know thanks

  34. summer says:


    Their love started while they were filming ” Lovers”. Lee Seo Jin was attracted to the expressive eyes of Kim Jung Eun and to her bubbly, charming and kind character. He asked her to date him two days after the series ended.

  35. kimlee says:

    the couple is currently in new york for a photoshoot of NUMERO magazine to be released this fall in Korea.

    Before they left for New york, LSJ was interviewed at section tv:

    he said he loves kje today more than yesterday and wil love her even more tomorrow

    here’s the link

  36. Rose says:

    Im from Philippines. I watched you drama series and i fell in love with the two of you. You look goog together and no doubt that the two of you are in love

    Hope to see yah guys someday


  37. gordie209 says:

    Saw her in person WOW kim jung eun more beautiful in person than in tv. KJE LOOK LIKE A BARBIE DOLL TO ME. STARTRUCK when I saw her. I WATCH THE CHOCOLATE SHOW LAST YEAR IN KOREA.

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