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Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun madly in love


Other than Lee Seo Jin’s unfitting frames and his “artistic” hairstyle, these two Lovers look adorable enjoying each other on the streets of Shinsadong, Seoul. Although Lee Seo Jin is crazy busy with his hit drama, Yi San and Kim Jung Eun with her upcoming movie, these two still make time for each other, making singletons like me very jealous during this cold winter. This match made in heaven have not confirmed plans for marriage, but I won’t be surprised if they pulled a Vegas wedding on us. Keep the love in the air guys!


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137 Comments on “Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun madly in love”

  1. hikaru says:

    I’m so happy to see a couple so in love and in cloud 9.

    Keep up your love, Mr. Lee and Ms. Kim.

    Congratulations to to you. Enjoy a wonderful, joyous and warm Christmas, full of love and happiness.


  2. NOEL says:


    would you know why lee seo jin did not attend sung hyung -ah’s wedding ? Is she not his co-star in Yisan ?
    What a pity – it would have been great to see KJE and LSJ together in their freind’s wedding .

  3. David says:

    Wow ! I like this handsome couple. KJE has been my long-time crush and I truly admire her. I would love to marry her anytime. I hope LSJ would love and take care of this lovely lady forever. He is so lucky to have her. I envy him. I wish you both happiness in your relationship which I pray will blossom and grow deeper day by day.

  4. cattleya says:

    aura and NOEL,
    LSJ didn’t attend SHA’s wedding because he has to go back to Seoul to do the indoor filming of the series. the entire staff and crew of Lee San went to Busan on Saturday(12.08.07), where the wedding was, but only 2 casts of the series stayed behind for the wedding. the character playing the son of SHA in the series and another actor. could be they do not have to film that day. another reason, why LSJ was not there was that there will be media present and the couple as much as possible are keeping their relationship low profile. because if they really want the attention from the press and have their love affair photos posted in every magazine and newspaper, they would gladly be attending functions together. however as we see, they, as much as possible, are protecting it from media.

    let us just continuously pray for their lasting relationship and that may the Lord God continuously bless their love and relationship.

  5. cattleya says:


    you will eventually find someone like KJE and will eventually have that person.

    LSJ is definitely taking care of her and loving her so much.
    that even if filming his series takes most of his time, he calls her whenever he is not in front of the camera to film his scenes, and the two spend quality time during his day off(which i believe is on a saturday). what is important is that they are able to give time, support and understanding to each other, which is making their relationship stable.

  6. aura says:

    cattleya thank you so much for sharing this for me and david im just crazy about this two so much. its really a good news that even though they dont spend much time together as much as they like because of the media at least in spirit they are together.i like that very much that he is spending his day off time with her . thank you cattleya and popseoul for giving and sharing thier happy moment together. Merry christmas to you and i hope you tell us again about their holiday together im gonna be looking forward to your good news.see yah

  7. aura says:

    sorry noel i thought its david is asking i’am sorry my friend for the mistake. take care and merry christmas

  8. annie says:

    really wonderfull couple !!!!!!!
    i wish them all the good things !!!
    merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hitch says:

    a match made in heaven? true? sounds familiar. anyway, they do look good together.

  10. panda says:

    I am so happy to see the couple together and
    so in love i think.I’m hoping they will get married
    very soon and bless them with beautiful children.

  11. nafida says:

    I’m getting impatient.. when are both of them tying the knot???
    Anyhow may you r bless with happiness & I can’t wait for the wedding.. can I be invited too?

  12. cattleya says:


    let us not rush the couple. they know what they are doing.
    i am glad they are not like other celebrities who tied the knot after 3-5 months of dating. KJE and LSJ are still giving each other the time to contemplate on marriage. if they really want to be together forever and build a family and if they are ready to commit themselves to each other.

    all i care this time is for them to cherish each moment they have and every memory they create. the two seems to be testing their love. KJE will start filming her 16 episode series end of January and her series will be aired in May till June, while LSJ will finish his series in march more or less.

  13. aura says:

    cattleya, what is the title of this new drama that Kim jung eun is going to film and who is the actor i just hope no kissing scene like she did with Lee seo jin. im looking forward to this drama series again, its always nice to have something to look forward right cattleya it seems to be testing their love because of their busy will be okey i think im pretty sure they will find time to be together for themself. like what you said when he is day off they meet each other to spend some quality time together.they said absence make the hearts go ponder something like that. i hope this series will be a total drama no comedy but its okey everything she do, she’ll do it will because she’s an excellent actress.if they’re meant to be together whatever obstacle they encounter they will conquer and face you kje and lsj.

  14. justine says:

    ohhhh, their love relaionship is so impressive. no wonder people evy them.

    to the impressive and sweet couple, keep up the beautiful feeling. wish you more love shower this christmas season.

  15. cattleya says:

    the couple attended the Party for the Opening of La Lune Salon. this is the salon which has been doing KJE’s hair and make-up. although the couple were not photographed together, they had photographed with different groups of people who were in the event.

    here are their photos. ^ ^

  16. cattleya says:

    the couple attended the Party for the Opening of La Lune Salon. this is the salon which has been doing KJE’s hair and make-up. although the couple were not photographed together, they had photographed with different groups of people who were in the event.

  17. aura says:

    that is good enough for me. i wonder if they leave together.i think i’m getting greedy. cattleya,thanks and keep posting.

  18. lovely says:

    let us know how they spend their christmas together.

  19. helene says:

    you know what guys just asked my korean student to translate about that ent. ranking news with lee seo jin and kim jung eun date last Dec.5 or 6 she said that lee seo jin wants to get married maybe after the drama yishan, right now he’s very busy, so i’m thinking that whoever wrote that article that they might elope and married to vegas maybe its true. popseoul can you please confirm this. maybe lee seo jin already propose to kim jung eun. i’m getting very excited guys, i really hope will happen.

  20. cattleya says:

    in the latest interview of KJE, with co-star Moon So Ri in the movie “The Best Moment of Our Lives,” MSR disclosed that she advised KJE to get married soon, but KJE seems apprehensive and had asked MSR if marriage is good.
    in that same interview both actresses were asked what their Christmas plan is? and KJE said that LSJ is busy on Christmas day. well, knowing KJE, she will not disclose, of course, what the two had planned already for Christmas.

  21. queenie says:

    I wonder if they are together on this holiday season.I hope popseoul will have some news.

  22. cattleya says:

    the answer is YES.
    they spent the Christmas together. in an interview for the presscon of KJE’s movie, she said that LSJ invited her to spend Christmas in his house with his family and they had dinner together. that is all i got from a translation of the news.

  23. queenie says:


    you are the best. thank you so much.maybe you can help me with sister and i are planning to go to korea next year or the year after we really wanted to see kim jung eun in person did you know anybody or fans club administrator over there that we can get in might be thinking that we are really fanatics, the excuse that we can tell you that we really like her. even my husband thinks im nuts.he said that liking a person that i dont even understand the language.i said to him she’s just so beautiful and very good actress. because kim jung eun love lee seo jin we have to like him too.

  24. spring says:

    A Blessed and Happy New Year to the lovely and wonderful couple ! I hope their love for each other will grow deeper this year.

    Cattleya, would you know if the couple spent new year’s day together ?

  25. precious says:


    Like you my friends and I would like to visit Seoul to see KJE in person. We are impressed by her talent and magnificent personality. She is a beautiful decent lady. LSJ is so blessed to have this rare jewel as a sweetheart. We hope he will treasure her forever.

  26. cattleya says:

    spring, i am not sure if they spent New Year together.
    but LSJ thanked her when he gave his acceptance speech when he won the 2007 MBC Male Top Excellence Award. after he thanked all the people involved in his series and director and his family and mother, the last part of his speech was …”and now who is watching the TV, the person who is more than joy for me, my lover Kim Jung Eun, i really thank you.” then the MC said, “wait! I really thank you for saying directly KJE’s name. so where is KJE and what she’s doing now?” LSJ replied, “she said she’ll stay(home) watching me on the TV.” the MC further asked, “so after this awards show, will you meet her or will you go straight home?” LSJ answered, “since my house is close to hers, i will meet her first.”

    could be that LSJ and KJE sacrificed not to be together on New Year’s Day, so that LSJ could film his parts so he can take some time off(along with the male co-stars of his series Lee San) to attend the VIP Screening of KJE’s movie last Jan. 02.

  27. helene says:

    just watch the screening of kim jung eun movie ,wow lee seo jin give kim jung eun a very nice congratulatory hugged. more and more im falling with this couple.this two are very much in love to each other and they are not afraid to show to everybody.

  28. frannie says:

    very lovely couple..i just hope they wouldn’t end up in the splitsville like lee dong gun and han ji hye.. *sigh*

  29. spring says:

    Cattleya, Thanks much for the info on the details of the acceptance speech of LSJ. It is sweet of him to express his appreciation of KJE in public. KJE is certainly an inspiration to him since his life, image and personality changed for the better because of his relationship with her. First, his career bloomed after his association with KJE. He garnered more acting awards. Second, his aura became different. He is now always smiling and his face exudes radiance and joy unlike in the past when he looked stern and unattractive. Third, his personlaity seems to have changed . He used to be unfriendly and cold but now he seems more human and approachable like KJE. KJE is really a good person since only a good person can have a positive effect on another. Certainly LSJ became a better person because of KJE – this must be the effect of real love. Truly, as LSJ put it KJE is more than joy to him ! Hope he will forever realize how blessed he is to have KJE.

  30. Melchor says:

    The fact that LSJ invited KJE to spend Christmas with his family means that LSJ’s family likes and accepts KJE. Otherwise, she would not be welcome to their home especially since LSJ comes from a very wealthy ( and I suppose discriminating) family. KJE must be super special to LSJ because he is proud to bring home KJE to his family especially his mother who he is very close to. I read somewhere that he did not bring home his past girlfriends to meet his family. Any man would be proud to bring home sweet, lovely and decent KJE to mama.

  31. cattleya says:

    well Melchor, one of KJE’s aunts is a close friend of LSJ’s mother. the family of KJE’s mother has been a known friend of LSJ’s family from the father side, 3 generations now. KJE’s mother side is also rich having owned a company called E Group. the press find them compatible in everything from family background etc. it is not a matter of wealth etc, but the mere fact that LSJ sincerely loves her, is more than wealth itself.

  32. aura says:

    i think this two will get married pretty soon.korean tradition you dont just bring your girlfriend to meet the parent unless approve by his family. she spent her christmas dinner over to his house so it must be serious his intention with her.and his award ceremony he mention kim jung eun name and that she’s the joy of his life, he did it infront of all those people then he did it again on the screening of her movie infront of those reporter ,movie star and fans giving her a big hugged that look like telling everybody that kim jung eun is marking his territory. i love seeing her very happy and she’s more beautiful this days. just love the story about kim jung eun and lee seo jin how it really started. more power to your love.i hope cattleya will have some more news to us.

  33. queenie says:


    I’m wondering if you have any good news to us about our favorite stars.What they do with thier one year anniversary. The only news i have right now when she have that screening of her movie. Did she visit him on the set of his drama?She said she will because shes missing him a lot.Let us know if you have something you want to share with us.I will be glad if you response to this. And to lee seo jin and kim jung eun hope your love to each other will last forever.

  34. cattleya says:


    no news lately about the couple. anyway, we need a break from all the ticklish news about them. the latest i got was about the success this couple are having right now. the article even mentioned that they are at the best moment of their lives. LSJ’s series is approaching 30% already and KJE’s movie is #1 at the box-office. right now KJE is preparing for her next TV series “My Sweet City” which will start filming last week of January.

  35. athena says:


    Does KJE live by herself or with her parents? How about LSJ ? Does he live with his family or does he live alone?
    I read that KJE’s house is only 500 meters away from the house of LSJ. They are just neighbors !

  36. cattleya says:


    KJE lives with her parents, especially because she and her sister are not married, and her sister stayed more often in Paris for her studies. LSJ lives by himself and lives close to his mother’s house. they are really neighbors actually even before they became lovers. living 500+/-m away from each other is very convenient for both and beside they date within the place…within Bang Bae Dong which i think one of the places for the rich people.

  37. lovely says:


    Jan.30 Lee seo jin birthday do you know anything if he has a plan (with Kim jung eun) how he’s going to celebrate his birthday.I know I’m kind of a nuisance asking you about them but just soo anxious to know what is going on right now between those two.Like everybody else always looking forward what you going to tell us, what’s goin on about our favorite star Lee seo jin and Kim jung eun.I hope you have some good news to us.Anyway, did you know who is the lead actor in Kim jung eun new drama series My Sweet City.Did she ever visit him on the set of Yisan, she said she will.I know that they’re very happy right now and very convenient too that they are living closeby.

  38. cattleya says:


    unfortunately KJE was in Japan on his birthday. she was invited alonng with Moon So Ri(her co-star in her movie) by the Korean Government to go and support the Korean Handball teams who had a rematch for the qualifying game for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. i think it is just fine for LSJ. KJE was involved in a movie that was about Handball team who won silver in 2004 Athens Olympics. the success of the movie at the box-office can elevate the spirit of the teams for the rematch, which eventually paid off because both men and women team won and are qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. KJE went back to Korea on the 31st(today). well all i know is that the couple date on saturdays..and if there are important events that do not fall on a saturday, LSJ i think make it a point to be with her. maybe asks for some time off then continue filming.

    about KJE visiting LSJ, she only visited him once. that was in November. and they treated the entire staff and crew with a lunch. the couple decided to give them lunch and KJE organized everything especially the menu.

  39. edsel says:


    I hope you provide us more photos of this sweet lovebirds. They will have their one year anniversary soon.

  40. aura says:


    Their anniversary is on January 12 I think, just like you everyday I’m waiting or checking what good news I’m going to read about this two beautiful people im crazy about.What I really wanted to know is what they really do on his birthday ,cattleya said kim jung eun is in japan that time promoting her movie with moon sori.I think we got spoiled to all those good news about them, we are getting greedy now ,we want more.

  41. oishimanju says:

    nice one! wow i’ve learned so much about kje and lsj from reading the comments… like some of you, i would like to personally see kje. i’ve loved her since all about eve, and she wasn’t even the leading actress there. i just love watching her eventhough i cannot understand korean language. well, after i graduate i’ll make sure that i’ll go to south korea.

  42. natalie says:


    I read in dramabeans that LSJ wants to marry KJE after Yisan. Thus, he is not inclined to having Yisan extended to more than 60 episodes. Would you know about this ? Is this true? We are all excited for the happiness of this lovely couple.

  43. oishimanju says:


    more news bout kje and lsj please…please.

  44. ginger vitality says:

    “unfitting frames and his “artistic” hairstyle”, that make me smile..

    Love never ever about look. While he didnt look so gorgoues, she herself has surgery done, which something that I didnt like. Both of them accpet each other as they are. Put aside any kind of past and look. That is how true love is.

    But apart from that both known as good person. She is charming lady with great personality, toughtful person loved by many and her partner look like a good person also.

    The way he hold her hands,,,wow so lovely..they are the couple that can make us see even in 100 years if they arereally meant with each other will still be together..

    Wish them the best of luck.

  45. helene says:

    ginger vitality,

    I like your comment.

  46. Edsel says:


    Would you know hor KJE and LSJ spent the lunar new year holidays?

  47. cattleya says:

    nope they didn’t spend the Lunar New Year together. LSJ was filming his series.

  48. aura says:


    thanks for all the update and answering our question.hope you have some good news to us this coming Valentines Day and Kim jung eun birthday.I read somewhere that lee seo jin and kim jung eun will appear or guest in a drama togethere with some big stars.i thought lee seo jin will be finish with lee san at he end of january, kim jung eun will start her new drama series is that right?

  49. cattleya says:


    there is a possible extension of LSJ’s series, by how many episodes? that i don’t know. but i believe if there will be no extension they will be finished filming the series before April for they are filming 6 epis in advanced. concerning KJE’s series, it seems she is not doing any projects yet at the moment although there were reports about her being in MY SWEET CITY. i am not sure if that would ever be materialized. KJE is still busily promoting her movie. we can only hope that the couple can have spend Valentine’s Day and White Day together. unless they are planning to celebrate them not on the exact day though of the occasion.

  50. wejin says:


    i’m wondering if you knew what lee seo jin and kim jung did on valentines day.just read on one of the korean site ASK ME .COM that they’re building a 5 hospitals in different country like Peru, Switchzerland is that right spelling? and 3 more country cant remember the name.They’re naming it in her name kim jung eun.(it said a famous movie star in korea kim jung eun to honor her for the charity work that she done.)I think they going to build one too in korea.Just wondering if you knew it.

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