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G.O.D’s Park Joon-hyung cast in new Dragonball movie


Park Joon-hyung of G.O.D fame will be part of the big budget Hollywood adaption of the super popular Japanese based manga Dragonball.

“Joon Park”, as he is called in the U.S., will play bad boy Yamcha, a thief turned Z fighter. Also, Emmy Rossum recently signed up to play Bulma, a scientist and inventor whose father’s Dragon Ball is stolen by the villain, Piccolo. And Eriko Tamura, the popular Japanese actress who depicted Yaeko in popular TV series “Heroes”, will play the character of Mai.

The cast also includes Justin Chatwin, James Marsters and Jamie Chung.

Park Joon-hyung also has a part of the upcoming movie with fellow Korean singer, Rain, in Speed Racer (2008) where he plays a Yakuza driver. (see below)


Credits: Hollywood Reporter

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68 Comments on “G.O.D’s Park Joon-hyung cast in new Dragonball movie”

  1. Aimee says:

    A Dragonball live-action movie? LMAO.
    It’s gonna be so horrible… how can I NOT watch it? I can’t miss the cheesiness that will go on.

  2. Alisha says:

    I remember when I was middle school, DBZ was a big thing, including sailor moon. But now, I don’t hear about it anymore. I’m skeptical about the guy that is going to play Goku. He looks too skinny. Wasn’t Goku buff?! At least put some good looking Asian dude w/a buff body to play his part. I’m not trying to be racist or anything but it seems strange to see a live-action of it. (scratch head) But then again, it’s Hollywood. I haven’t seen a movie that has an Asian guy as a main guy. Wait. I think Mortal Combat count as one. Well, anyway, at least Park Joon-hyung looks hot in that picture! I thought silver hair doesn’t work for anyone, but apparently it works for him. ^__^

  3. spin says:

    this movie is going to suck so much.

    How they can even HAVE goku played by a white guy with a plastic nose is beyond me.

    And w/ chi chi being asian (korean), I see this as yet another “Yellow Fever” tribute played out for all the *white* fanboys of DBZ (back when DBZ was slaughtered by Funimation & cartoon network).

    If you can’t get the Japanese raws, at least settle for the mexican version. Everything else is just trashed down for US audiences

  4. choo says:

    I would have been thrilled if it was a japanese movie that will be released internationally.

    I like Stephen Chow but they will ruin Dragonball.

  5. CDUONG says:

    I saw him in the preview for Speed Racer while watching Alvin&the Chipmunkssss :D!

  6. elle says:

    It’s going to suck!!! Just like the live action version of Sailor Moon, and that WAS with Asian people. Now they are going to throw in Americans?! You know it’s going to suck! Speed Racer is going to suck too, but I won’t consider it a waste of time and money because Rain will be in it! ^_^ ❤

  7. Island says:

    hmmm it seems like he’s ‘American’ appearances is more than Bi O__O

  8. hamburger joe says:

    not going to work. I’m a movie and anime buff – this isn’t going to work–hollywood. some anime just isn’t meant to be live-action film.

  9. Vicky says:

    Lmae!!! I thought maybe it would just have Asians in it…. it defeats the whole purpose of anime.

  10. dilianB says:

    Now the Japanese are coming up with this full out boycott

  11. randomguy says:

    umm, just to let you guys know, its DRAGONBALL, not dragonball Z. If you watched the series you know what im talking about. In dragonball, goku is just a kid still and he isnt SUPER strong and BUFF, just a normal kid. And on top of that why does the goku have to be asian? I don’t understand that LOL and im asian myself. In dragonball z, GOKU is a SAYIAN. not asian…. so i really dont understand why goku has to be played as an asian dude..maybe because its a japanese show, who knows.. but in the cartoon itself he is a SAYIAN, not ASIAN.

    and as for the special effects, why does everyone worry about this one? I mean geez, look at 300, matrix trilogy, lords of the rings trilogy, spiderman trilogy, xmen trilogy, etc. I could go on and on about all the movies with crazy cgi and they did awesome. I mean FOX has rights to make this movie and they are. they are what, a multi-zillion dollar company? They are obviously gonna put a good amount of money into this movie to make it good. LOL sometimes the comments i read about this is hilarious.

  12. steve says:

    I always thought the characters in dragonball looked asian with black eyes and black hair and most of them portrayed asian looks (I’m talking about good looking asian actors/actresses not the ugly ones they stick in the us films). No offense but I love jet li and jackie chan for their fighting roles but they are both ugly actors.

  13. steve says:

    For example this guy is korean and I think he can play goku and he’s a good looking guy.

  14. This Sucks! says:

    Wow this really sucks! Now when people talk about dragonball it is going to be about the stupid movie. The same is going to happen with the internet and when you google it. Last thing i have to say is this movie is obviously not meant to be of quality. Just look at the actors and director and the amount of time given to them. This meant to be a quick crappy movie aimed to get all those millions of dragonball fans to watch it and hate it and bring their friends and family. Even if the movie sucks every fan is going to see it just because of the name. When I heard about the movie, it made me sick thinking about it. Dragonball was and still is my favorite show and this movie is going to f*** that all up by trying to make it appeal to pop-culture. I don’t see why they couldn’t make the movie 100% animated (3d or not), that way the dragonball universe will be captured better and it won’t look so cheezy.

  15. Shadow says:

    Well this film is gonna be challenging. I, Myself, am a huge dbz fan and would really like to see this kick off. But like many of u are saying, its either gonna be really really good, or really really bad lol. Cant wait though.

  16. chris says:

    its gotta be said agen but goku wasnt actually asian, he was a saiyan, alien if you like.
    lets just see how he acts in the position, playing goku’s laughable humour at the same time crossed with the intense anger in fighting scenes will be a hard thing to do

  17. laphoo says:

    woow it’s coming out soon ^^ But i’m not a dragonballfan myself so I maybe will think it’s ok. But one of my friends are, so I don’t know if she will like it x) But so cool he stars in it!

  18. lalala says:

    idc. but if park joon hyung’s in there, i’m watching it! ha.

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