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Pop Quiz: Who has the sexy back?


At the Golden Disk Awards on the 14th, this best dresser was strutting her stuff on the red carpet.

Pop Quiz: Who has the sexy back?

1) Lee Dae-hee
2) Han Hyo-ju
3) Honey Lee
4) So Hee

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It’s Han Hyo-ju, recent winner of the recent Best Dresser award for 2007. In this micro short dress, the actress not only reveals the wide expanse of her back but also the length of her long legs….



53 Comments on “Pop Quiz: Who has the sexy back?”

  1. amazed says:

    This picture reminds me of a scene from the Exorcist. Like the head is twisted all the way around and what we are looking at is really the front sans boobs. Maybe she should have used Rain’s boob shirt.LOL

  2. elle says:

    *begins rant*
    Are you serious? Wow, I thought you all were just being sarcastic as usual, popseoul. Sexy back my ass! Her back is hideous! It looks all bony…and…sweaty. From the front she is gorgeous, but from the back she looks like a completely different person, with her disheveled hair and her awkward shawl to her incredibly tacky and ill-fitting dress(From the picture it looks dingy too). Can we saaaay crack whore?
    *ends rant*
    *walks away*

  3. sexychikita says:

    yeah, she got the long legs. =] love the outfit but it should have been inches longer, like 2 inches? HAHA. she’s gorgeous, i see her in the korean tv show which is being aired here in Ph, she’s cute but not that pretty actually. i think her back is not purple, may be it’s just because of the lighting or whatever you call it.

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