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Stars Flashy Flashy at 2007 Golden Disk Awards


With each awards show, the length of the skirts seems to be getting shorter and shorter. And this time, 2007 Best Dresser award winner Han Hyo-ju gives us a glimpse of what’s underneath all that glam.

While flimsy micro minis were worn by some, other female stars stuck it out with longer lengths. Overall, showing off skin was de rigeur despite the freezing temperatures. It’s at times like this, it’s good to be a guy and fully clothed.

Winner of the Grand Prix for the 2007 Golden Disk Awards went to SG Wannabe. Two-timer Ivy also picked up an award for the Best Digital Sound.

For the list of award winners, click here (in Korean).


Kim A-joong and Ryu Shi-won. Kim Ajoong’s forest green dress looks comfortable.


Big Bang boys strutting on the red carpet. The boys are huffing and puffing in their performance here.


Epik High. The nerdy hiphop group put on a fabulous performance combining the modern with tradition by having Honey Lee play the kayageum. Check it out here.

20071214GD-FT island20071214GD-FT island1

F.T. Island look like ushers in their black and white suits. Check out there performance here.


Girls Generation. Black and white again. They should go out with F.T. Island so they can match.


Han Hyo-ju must be freezing in this flimsy chiffon white summer dress. On that night I was wearing long underwear, down filled jacket, gloves and beanie but was still cold. It even snowed that night.


Honey Lee rocks the house with kayageum performance. Who would have thought the traditional instrument was so cool? Miss Korea 2006 stays understated in this long black dress.


Ivy sheds tears of “joy” for winning the Golden Disk for Digital Sound. It’s probably tears of embarassement. Check out her ultra conservative, wannabe good girl outfit ? a plain black suit with white shirt.


Jun Hyebin, along with Han Hyoju wear the shortest dresses, but Ms. Jun’s dress does not reveal anything it shouldn’t. The dress itself is cute, but the earrings should go.


Pastic fantastic Miss Korea 2007, Lee Ji-sun is probably glad that Andre Kim is not looking over her shoulder. This time she opts for a conservative black gown.


Park Shi-yeon and Girls Generation. Park Shi-yeon literally tower over the youngin in her platform heels and monotone dress.


The Seeya girls are starting to look like clones of Nam Gyuri. Is that the concept?


SG Wannabe. They won a 2007 Golden Disk Grand Prix but not many pictures of them. Again, with the black and white outfits, they could be mistaken for part of F.T. Island above. Here is their performance of Christmas music.


Song Jihyo looks like a layered chiffon cake in this summer dress.


Suh Jihye wears a boring silvery dress. Again, a dress for summer.


Super Junior crew take over the red carpet in a sea of black. Now, if we mix FT Island, SG Wannabe and SuJu together and randomly pick out a 13 boys, we really wouldn’t know the difference.


Wondergirls (with Girls Generation). The girls have had a huge year with their viral hit, “Tell me.” Watch the performance here.


Wheesung is all gangsta channelling Usher in his performance.


Yangpa can’t decide whether she wants to be sexy or cute. She can’t do either in this blue-purple dress and fur tendril-like coat. Someone call PETA!


Actress Yoo In-young is gorgeous in this silver dress! The dress is feminine and subtly sexy. Plus it hugs her all in the right places. Purrfect. I want this dress!


79 Comments on “Stars Flashy Flashy at 2007 Golden Disk Awards”

  1. Yin says:

    Isit possible for Girls generation to have all bad dresses. I THINK IT IS.

    i love the seeya girls and wondergirls outfits. ^^

  2. junsufan says:

    omg..that’s such a short dress..


  3. Pogi says:


    But wow such a short dress, it still looks sweet though. 🙂

  4. Rayne says:

    they’re SOOO cute!
    it was HILARIOUS watching them trying to sing english, but KUDOS to them!! soooo good! ❤ i wanna kiss them all

  5. MissBubbles says:

    Tiffany in Girl’s Generation is around 5’3″

  6. F says:

    The Epik High + Honey Lee performance was awesome.

  7. sara says:

    even though her dress is wayyyy too short, hhj looks cute
    if only her dress were longer… -_-

    omg epik high/honey lee was the most genius thing ever

  8. cindy says:

    in the pic it doesn’t really look like jun hye bin

  9. Saebin says:

    ^why not?

    hmm. thats why i always wonder how come their dresses are so short yet they dont ‘reveal’ anything.

  10. hiha says:


  11. Anne says:

    i swear u guys at POPSEOUL! are way too overrating Honey Lee after all she’s just a beauty queen nothing special other than her hotness…

  12. nana says:

    haha omg is it just me or is F.T. Island just getting hotter and hotter each time i see them…haha

  13. ilov3lala says:

    honey lee saranghaeyo

  14. poppy says:

    Popseoul’s mother is a stinky slut.

  15. patty says:

    han hyo ju… she’s so pretty!! but i like her more in little conservative image than on her pics in here..

  16. irees says:

    honey lee, although her dress isn’t so pretty, is much more gorgeous than the new miss korea. ugh. honey lee’s collaboration with epik high was amazing! she’s so talented. her fingers were BEAST!

  17. angie says:

    some of these girls are wearing such ridiculous outfits BUT THEY ARE ALL GORGEOUS IN THEIR OWN RIGHTS! KOREAN GIRLS ARE SO FINE!

  18. veaine says:

    i jux looked at the suju pix. theres only 12 bois. where is heechul? he was the only one missing from there.

  19. £ğöçεή†яỉǺ≈ ŁąñЕTAEJUS says:

    han hyo joo looked cute, yangpa was fabolouSSS!! oh and leeteuk…so droolable…yum.

    but ivy looked like shyt.

  20. £ğöçεή†яỉǺ≈ ŁąñЕTAEJUS says:

    veaine, heechul is missing all the time…

  21. £ğöçεή†яỉǺ≈ ŁąñЕTAEJUS says:

    Big Bang is *squeel*!!!!!!!!!*

    they are GORGEOUS!! Esp… tae yung and TEMPO!!!!!


  22. yana says:

    wow,love in young
    she’s pretty

  23. Schemeness says:

    Yangpa’s evening outfit was gorgeous! Some other celebrities might be able to pull off the look better though, her performance outfit seems to put her more at ease.

  24. katherine says:

    uh… popseoul…before you write ur article you should probably check your pictures first..
    there are only TWELVE Super Junior member…Heechul is not in any of the pictures you put there.

    and doesnt 90& of the stars that goes to awards wears black and white? i mean what’s the big deal??

  25. MyMai says:

    I know the dress is short but ive never seen a dress defy gravity like that. A breeze might have been the offender in making her dress stick up a little.

  26. geriemae says:

    the comment about Yangpa is so funny… i laughed so loud I nearly choked

  27. random says:

    I noticed these celebrities tend to over-accessorize. And the metallic, strappy, rhinestone-ridden shoes? Worn much too often… and kind of cheap looking. Kim A-Joong’s simple, deeply colored dress is most flattering. It doesn’t take away from the actress herself. Yay!

  28. zooieyaj13 says:

    go SuperJunior!

  29. Your fan. says:

    That dress is way to short but she pull it off . My favorite part about the dress is the ruffuls. Like the white on F.T.ISLAND.
    BY: Your Fan.

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