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Stars Flashy Flashy at 2007 Golden Disk Awards


With each awards show, the length of the skirts seems to be getting shorter and shorter. And this time, 2007 Best Dresser award winner Han Hyo-ju gives us a glimpse of what’s underneath all that glam.

While flimsy micro minis were worn by some, other female stars stuck it out with longer lengths. Overall, showing off skin was de rigeur despite the freezing temperatures. It’s at times like this, it’s good to be a guy and fully clothed.

Winner of the Grand Prix for the 2007 Golden Disk Awards went to SG Wannabe. Two-timer Ivy also picked up an award for the Best Digital Sound.

For the list of award winners, click here (in Korean).


Kim A-joong and Ryu Shi-won. Kim Ajoong’s forest green dress looks comfortable.


Big Bang boys strutting on the red carpet. The boys are huffing and puffing in their performance here.


Epik High. The nerdy hiphop group put on a fabulous performance combining the modern with tradition by having Honey Lee play the kayageum. Check it out here.

20071214GD-FT island20071214GD-FT island1

F.T. Island look like ushers in their black and white suits. Check out there performance here.


Girls Generation. Black and white again. They should go out with F.T. Island so they can match.


Han Hyo-ju must be freezing in this flimsy chiffon white summer dress. On that night I was wearing long underwear, down filled jacket, gloves and beanie but was still cold. It even snowed that night.


Honey Lee rocks the house with kayageum performance. Who would have thought the traditional instrument was so cool? Miss Korea 2006 stays understated in this long black dress.


Ivy sheds tears of “joy” for winning the Golden Disk for Digital Sound. It’s probably tears of embarassement. Check out her ultra conservative, wannabe good girl outfit ? a plain black suit with white shirt.


Jun Hyebin, along with Han Hyoju wear the shortest dresses, but Ms. Jun’s dress does not reveal anything it shouldn’t. The dress itself is cute, but the earrings should go.


Pastic fantastic Miss Korea 2007, Lee Ji-sun is probably glad that Andre Kim is not looking over her shoulder. This time she opts for a conservative black gown.


Park Shi-yeon and Girls Generation. Park Shi-yeon literally tower over the youngin in her platform heels and monotone dress.


The Seeya girls are starting to look like clones of Nam Gyuri. Is that the concept?


SG Wannabe. They won a 2007 Golden Disk Grand Prix but not many pictures of them. Again, with the black and white outfits, they could be mistaken for part of F.T. Island above. Here is their performance of Christmas music.


Song Jihyo looks like a layered chiffon cake in this summer dress.


Suh Jihye wears a boring silvery dress. Again, a dress for summer.


Super Junior crew take over the red carpet in a sea of black. Now, if we mix FT Island, SG Wannabe and SuJu together and randomly pick out a 13 boys, we really wouldn’t know the difference.


Wondergirls (with Girls Generation). The girls have had a huge year with their viral hit, “Tell me.” Watch the performance here.


Wheesung is all gangsta channelling Usher in his performance.


Yangpa can’t decide whether she wants to be sexy or cute. She can’t do either in this blue-purple dress and fur tendril-like coat. Someone call PETA!


Actress Yoo In-young is gorgeous in this silver dress! The dress is feminine and subtly sexy. Plus it hugs her all in the right places. Purrfect. I want this dress!


79 Comments on “Stars Flashy Flashy at 2007 Golden Disk Awards”

  1. Old news too and Im the first comment, huzzah.

  2. amareally says:

    Aww my God !! The length of Han Hyo Joo’s skirt is just darn right scarry !!!!! girl pull it down a little !!! aaaaaghhh

  3. Whatever says:

    I like HyoYeon, and she looks great!
    -laughs like an ignorant fool at the girl two down-
    WHO dressed HER?!! hahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa allow me to die laughing now.

  4. BKJSuh says:

    Supreme T needs hair cut. It looks “ew” on him.

  5. apple3_pi3 says:

    lol sunmi looks so..different.

  6. phil says:

    the length of hyo ju’s dress is crazy
    her legs are fab though
    and hey at least we know the girl wears panties =)

  7. gosh! says:

    glad to know han hyo joo’s underwear matches her dress, but i’m wondering wouldn’t she be so cold???

  8. Nick says:

    The green dress look beautiful on KAJ… so beautiful and elegant..

  9. wink_wink_ says:

    i could’ve swear i’ve seen two other korean stars wearing the same design as one of the seeya girls…the silver outfit…hmmm?..

    i luv jun hyebin’s outfit even though its short…luv big bang…luv their shoes….

  10. kayumanggingdilaw says:

    Again with the black and the white . . . it’s almost 2008 and it’s SPRING! The celebs should make this a part of their New Year’s resolution. Khaki, beige, and yellow are some of the colors that almost always compliment Asian complexions, I think.

  11. lalala says:

    ew why is there a separate award for Ivy.. really don’t like her.

    anyway, i also love that silver dress, and i think jun hyebin looks gorgeous!

    and i can see a glimpse of T.O.P from big bang… soooo hottt

  12. lalala says:

    p.s. i LOVEEE honey lee!! she’s stunning and talented, should be every girl’s role model

  13. Min A says:

    congratz to sg wannabe!!! i love them.

    hey, is it true that SM artists cannot attend the MBC and SBS awards ceremonies b/c of the kangin incident?

  14. jaime says:

    wahh IVY and WHEESUNG together at the same place..
    hmmmm. didnt he stand up when she came out..? hmmm..?
    wonder girls look adorable! ^^

  15. for real says:

    That’s so wrong to call Miss 2007 a plastic fantasic!! She’s innocent ’til proven guilty; ain’t a change between her “before” and “after” photos so stop torturing this girl with lies!
    It’s Honey Lee that deserves the plastic fanatic title.
    She’s was so friggin’ in her pre-surgery days. That ugly fug gets praised while poor natural beauty Lee Ji Sun is harrassed by people like you!

  16. Cutie says:

    I saw the winners on Shenyue a while ago, but anyways.

    At least Yangpa looks warm, right?

    Heh heh, Big Bang looks cool here. I still cant remember all of the Suju members, 2 are still unknown to me @__@

    And I was hoping Ayumi would come (Wrongful Meeting)…

    I hate some of the dresses that Girls Generation is wearing. Especially the one with the black scarf and stockings #.#

    Honey Lee looks fab.

    And one thing for all, IVY’s outfit is all… boring for such an event. And her hair is annoying me -_-“

  17. pavlov says:

    @ for real
    Miss 2007 is a plastic un-fantastic. It’s you that doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

  18. suu says:

    dude that Han Hyo Ju’s legs are so weird. too skinny, the space in between is too wide, and they look really flabby and weak. y is that attractive? but i think honey lee looks great.

  19. bloo says:

    So that was Honey Lee playing the kayageum. She looks so gorgeous ..looking down and she was awesome!

    Seriously, it’s fine by me if you want to show skins and all, but think of your health! Why do women do this to themselves?! It’s so confusing.

  20. babycakes says:

    i see london i see france i see han hyojoo’s…anyway at least she isn’t pulling a britney. haha

    honey lee…gorgeous!

  21. FT ISLAND LOVER says:

    snsd should NEVER go out with FT ISLAND because ft island is the sexiest beasts i have ever seen in like 4 hundred million trillion gaxillion secto cragillion years!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE SEXY BEASTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. for real says:

    pavlov, puhaha you think you know what you’re talking about?? tsk tsk ur a loser.

  23. dodo says:

    kayumanggingdilaw, i think you should not give out these horrible fashion advices. Asians should especially AVOID colors like YELLOW, KHAKI, and BEIGE because since these colors all have elements of yellow, wearing them will make you look more yellow!

  24. daneil says:

    considering the scandal ivy wore the right outfit if she wore a short mini or soemthing the netizenswould have been bashing her more than ever. shes still getting bashed now for even attending

    hyojoo needs a better dress. she looks likea hot mess

  25. studentgirl says:

    I agree, the black dress Lee Honey is wearing doesn’t do her justice~ but her performance later totally makes up for it.
    I wonder how Miss Korea 2007 Lee Ji Sun felt watching it~^^*

  26. hellaakon says:

    Finally the post!

    …but I don’t have anything to say anymore. haha.

  27. minhwan says:

    min hwan’s hair style looks weird…
    i couldnt tell whether it was him or
    nowt.. took me about 5 min to figure
    it out. kekeke O.o

  28. Alice says:

    I can see that the new manstyle hats are a great part of fashion in here!~! Wheesung AND Leeteuk (Super Junior) are wearing it~~! ;D But I love it anyhow…SUJU FIGHTING!~! They look really cool!~! 😀

  29. *************to POPSEOUL****** says:

    why are u hating on Lee Ji-sun so much? keep saying she’s plastic. u can’t prove that. if ure going to hate on someone who had “plastic surgery” start hating HONEY LEE with passion cuz everyone knows she had everything done

  30. hanie says:

    honey lee is fabulous!!! epik high r genius by inserting traditional kayageum (& honey lee) in their performance..

  31. joyce says:

    ^^actually honey lee didnt do anything..
    it’s the majic of make-up for her..
    ive seen pics of her when she was really fat, and she looks the same especially her smile..

    her performance with epik high was the best that night
    i dont even care if her dress was fugly..

  32. joyce says:

    wrond spelling sorry

  33. jyyjc says:

    i think the silver dress nam gyuri is wearing was also worn by hyun young and suh ji young before. anyway, i liked epik high and ft’s performances..haven’t finished watching all yet. and snsd and wonder girls..together!??! tiffany has her arm linked to sun ye..didn’t know they knew each other very well, that’s so cool! gonna go watch the rest now.

  34. Naqiyyah says:

    I CAN SEE Han Hyo-ju’s PANTIES!! Haha. Anyways, I like Jun Hyebin dress. It’s too short but it look nice on her. and Seeya’s girls look pretty. Yoo In-young dress is simply GORGEOUS!!

  35. soju says:

    does that girl even know her panties are showing??

  36. chikady says:

    Girls’ Generation needs a new stylist! Their outfits are terrible. And why is it that they are so short; I know they’re young, but I think most of them are old enough that they aren’t goin to be growing much more. Well, at least they’re cute, even if I can’t tell any of them apart : )

  37. chuleepie says:


    siwon,lee teuk and han geng look so HOOOOTTTT!!!


  38. KimEunHye says:

    hyo joo’s dress was very cute but it’s not so suitable for weather at that night…it was cold!! used longer dress next time!

    OMG! FT Island look so cute! They were like ‘younger usher’ or something in those suave looking clothes…

    honey lee looks amazing when playing the kayageum!! love her!

  39. Angie says:

    yah no kidding. why did Ivy win? i realllyyy reallly dont like her. and i love the comment about if u mix Sg annabe, FT Island and SUJU together u wouldnt know the difference. sure, but once they open their mouths you’ll know . god knows suju cant sing like SG wannabe lol

  40. hey says:

    @ Joyce

    wrond spelling sorry”


  41. Annie says:

    Honey Lee looks beautiful. Look up her performance on youtube, it was quite interesting, a collaboration with some rap group.

  42. chiaye says:

    -i am not hating on girls generation-

    but lol :

    why do they reminds me so much of little elves.. haha .. *sigh*

  43. heyleadinglady says:

    My goodness, Girls Generation are.not.short. I’m not a die hard fan, but I was curious enough to find out their height to compare with mine since we’re all about the same age, and… they are not short. And i’m not happy either

  44. mao says:

    no matter how short han hyo joo’s dress is, she’s nowhere near sexy. =.=” she should stick to her sweet girl style.

  45. blaaaaaaaa says:

    hey how come u don’t have YEH’s pic…she did attend and she also presented the grand (wateva its called) award to SG wannabe and JYP before that!!

  46. penguin_x3 says:

    all i have to say is B to the I to the G BANG BANG!!! sexiass peoples!!!!

  47. well says:

    whoa… how i love jeon hye bin this time,
    she looks simply girgeous!!!

  48. nurkeyandie says:

    epik high and honey lee’s perf was awesome!

  49. blinkable says:

    did she know her dress is up?? Or it’s supposed to be like that?? ^^

  50. kk says:

    The girl with her panties showing shouldn’t have worn such a short dress. She isn’t much sexy to pull it off and her panties somehow look like diapers which is quite a turn-off.

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