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Lee Teuk loves his height increasing soles


First of all, Lee Teuk looks like an old man in that Chinese vest. Wasn’t Lee Teuk the leader of an idol group and not some old school band with members over 30?

Sorry, I digressed. Back to the story. Lee Teuk advised the girlfriend who was embarrassed by her boyfriend’s use of height increasing soles that she should be more understanding on his show, Love Fighter and even declared height increasing soles as “must have items” for fashionable guys.

Lee Teuk took the boyfriend’s side because he also uses those height increasing soles, but who wouldn’t be embarrassed by a boyfriend who shrinks an inch or two as soon as he takes his shoes off?

We have a better solution here at POSPEOUL!’s Love Fighter.

Shorty boyfriend, build some confidence because girls dig confident, but not overly stuck up guys. As long as you are comfortable with your skin and can carry yourself well, there is no reason for you to resort to those embarassing height increasing soles.

Lee Teuk’s Love Fighter will air tomorrow, December 27th at 7 pm on Mnet.

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121 Comments on “Lee Teuk loves his height increasing soles”

  1. pootcha says:

    Who takes serious relationship advice from someone who almost took his life when his ex girlfriend dumped him?

    • teuk says:

      well it must be hard for him how would you feel if you were in his shoes huh?
      he still has to go about his schedule thinking about it probably hurts bad. He may be famous but he’s just a person who has feelings and situations like us. I think he likes to smile a lot and that’s a good thing. Lee Teuk knows how to accept things and look forward with a smile knowing that there’s another opportunity out there. So don’t say things about him you don’t understand about.

  2. pootcha says:

    And I mean Eetuek!

  3. merry says:

    wait! this person is a guy? look like a girl to me! not to be mean. but yeah “As long as you are comfortable with your skin and can carry yourself well, there is no reason for you to resort to those embarassing height increasing soles.” i agree with you this!!!

  4. SUCKER says:

    suju lover:unfortunately,whoever the owner of popseoul wont stop bashing korean singers. he/she seems to enjoy alot posting negative comments on the artist esp suju or leeteuk. omg, seriously i dontknow why im even writing this comment, completely waste of my time. seriously i think this is the worst ever web!!!!!!!!! F OFF POPSEOUL!

  5. Sungminx/33 says:

    wtf r u saying? so wad if he loves to wear insoles? he wanna look tall so wad? height onli? and its just by 1 or 2 inches.dun u think u r sooooooooooooo stpid to rite all these things? very childsh man.leeteuk has agd-looking face and i guess noone will mind abt his height as all the gals in korea all oso not that tall right? tink be4 u say okay? brainless kid….-.-

  6. Sungminx/33 says:

    damn idiotic man u.height so wad? i dun think u urself is tall too -.- maybe u urself is fat,short and ugly.

  7. muddie says:

    I don’t really think it matters that they wear height increasing soles or not- i mean, LeeTeuk thinks he’s short, being 178-9cm tall, but what about SungMin and RyeoWook? [and speaking about being tall, Ki Hyun from Battle is 188cm tall, and he slouches to look the same as the other members, which is pretty much the complete opposite of height-increasing soles…sorry, that was just a random comment..^^”] Being short myself, I don’t personally thing height is a problem…and for the lipgloss and makeup thing, they all wear it, as well as fake tan at some point[pointing out U and Don’t Don for Suju] too. It’s not a big deal- most grown men in the industry wear it, too- does that mean that they’re all drag queens?!? No. Sure, i agree that as long as you are comfortable with your skin and can carry yourself well there is no need for these kind of things, but it doesn’t mean they can’t, either.

    [lol, i just had to say that somehow~]

  8. Joanneee :) says:

    LEETEUK IS THE BESTTT. He’s hawt!! xD
    But.. I agree, the shirt and the “only fashinable guys wear insoles” was kinda lame. :\


  9. TeukieSarang says:

    i won’t mind if my bf wear incresing soles
    actually Leeteuk already consider tall

  10. LOVESsj says:

    yes , he is Quite tall 😀

    And He is The Hottest ! I LOVE HIM !

    i wont mind he increasing soles .

    Btw , he looks cute !!!! LOVE HIM MuCHHS !

  11. rachel_love says:

    ok, i’m tired of saying this again and again and again man. STOP SLAMMING SUPER JUNIOR! GOSH! seriously. if you dont like them, then shut up. and i think he looks cute in the vest (suck it up you pansy). and what is so embarassing of height increasing soles? NOTHING. (i dont have any btw) and i seriously dont see that there is anything wrong.

  12. no need to known says:

    i don’t care wat he does or do
    we don’t have right to said about his past life
    let them be in peace days

    peace off

  13. EeteukIsTheLove says:

    popseoul has smth against suju. confirm. but why? whats to hate about them? i dun get it. anyway, eeteuk is tall without insoles too. hes probably about 20cm taller thn me. and my height is considered average since i am still in school. whts this about insoles? i bet all the members of suju wear them, and its not like they are short. if suju wears them, i dont see why other guys cant. its probably just a ‘in’ thing in korea. EETEUK HWAITING! ❤

  14. Reem says:

    My name is Reem and I’m from Saudi Arabia

    and i love lee teuk very

    i love him :$

    Ah Shi beautiful life seeing lee teuk

  15. Reem says:

    My name is Reem and I’m from Saudi Arabia

    and i love lee teuk very

    i love him :$

    Ah Shi beautiful life seeing lee teuk

    I (“><") U

  16. Siao la. Lame bodoh. See height for what ? -.- , as long as you love him right. And somemore leeteuk is so fking cute laaa! 😦 , *hugs* leeteuk. 😀

  17. hate u says:

    yes…i hate popseoul for always talk negatively about super junior…how come u biased the artists??the more u talk badly about super junipr,the more i hate popseoul n the more n more i love super junior…hahaha

  18. kyu_89 says:

    hey do p0pse0ul have a grudge against SuJU or something??..i think they sh0uld be fair to all artists n must n0t c0me out with articles that are biased n trying to degrade these artists..shame on you!!..

  19. teukiesaranghae says:

    i can’t judge popseoul on what’s behind all these negative articles about Super Junior especially the Leader Leeteuk (he has many negative articles here in popseoul).
    i mean, if you don’t like Suju then we can’t do about it. But please never be biased and never degrade such lovable group.
    i hope all the admins or writers here in popseoul understands why we are reating like this.
    We, ELFs, one day will read a positive article about Super Junior especially to Leeteuk.

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