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Super Junior members violate intraoffice protocol

If you’re a Super Junior fan this is probably old news to you, but we at POPSEOUL! pride ourselves on commenting on important issues like office politics. What you’re about to witness is a blatant infringement of intraoffice protocol!

Exhibit A:


Super Junior’s token handsome guy, Choi Si Won (21) and Trainee Stella Kim (17) are both products of SM Entertainment. These photos, while corny and ddak ssal, are suggestive at best. However, it is worthwhile to note that the photo is dated 2007. When Si Won appeared on the talk show Three Color Women in November, he stated that he had no girlfriend. But then again, haven’t we heard that line before?

Exhibit B:



The intense and disgusting lip action pictured above, is allegedly Super Junior’s Dong Hae (21) and Girls Generation Jessica Jung (18). The rumors surrounding this photo are rampant, and unfortunately we can neither confirm or deny them. However, there is an undeniable resemblance, enough to fuel a rumor. And it’s also been said that Jessica Jung has been around the proverbial block, in fact with other members of Super Junior, which we find to be downright incestuous.

Considering the degree of control that big brother executive, Lee Soo Man exerts over his employees, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if these relationships were engineered to generate some publicity. But if these photos are the result real couples and accidental leakage, than it’s obvious that the stars at SM haven’t gotten the memo on intraoffice dating, a big taboo in office politics.

Is there anyone out there that can shed light on these rumors? What do you guys think about these photos? And as for you elves, fire away!

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242 Comments on “Super Junior members violate intraoffice protocol”

  1. noew says:

    I’m not sure whether this picture is true or false..
    we can not confirm that the picture is lee donghae or jessica jung..
    if they know these things…
    I am sure that they will be disappointed..
    but..if this true…
    i’m so happy…
    because there are also people who love at them..
    aja aja fighting super junior and girl’s generation!!!
    go go go!!!

  2. hmmm... says:

    why would a 21 year old be dating a 17 year old? sketchy

    p.s. I know I’m so late, this is old news

  3. Keyona says:

    walao DONGHAE how could you?nvm i still support super junior and you forever!!!suju HWAITING!!i still love you~~

  4. SJ haha says:

    Oh! my god … oh my jessica i don’t think it you who kiss with dong hae. no problem with me . because i don’t like dong hae so much…..

  5. nox20 says:

    I think it’s not jessica it’s krystal why because jessica’s face is more pluper

    • NO!!!! its not crystal and Jessica they are just look alike that’s why many people is thinking about it and its not donghae too because its not handsome like donghae OK!! right and look at the face of Jessica and that freaking girl… Jessica is more cute than her OK! That’s the big problem of you guyz you just agree agree and agree…..

      some times you have to deny that that is false OK!! it’s
      not like i don’t like you guyz… but you’re ruining the
      SM. and especially they act like a brothers and sister

      • nox20 says:

        Sigh, how come did my sister ever commented here without my knowledge… She must have commented while I was supposed to be writing in my blog a while ago… Sheesh… I’m sorry about that. I’m going to give my sister a lesson again… T_T

  6. dIaNe rEiNe says:

    super junior is the best!!they can sing dance and act. there sooo talented

  7. auny says:

    i love siwon and all member of suju

  8. Sophie says:

    Geez, it’s already confirmed that Donghae and Jessica never had a relationship other than being good friends. Those are people who look like them, and it’s not hard to find people who look alike.

    As for Siwon, it’s probably true, but oh well. We can’t butt into their human lives.

  9. kang soo says:

    it’s cool

  10. han soo ra says:

    co’ ng iu ruj ak>?un gom’

  11. Yumei says:

    Hehe. I dont know about Dong Hae, but I heard Siwon said never have a girlfriend. He may said the truth. Cause he stated never have such any love story. And I heard that Stella who asked him first to date,you know Siwon is too kind,so he didnt reject her.haha. Whatever, I just believe siwon’s statement ” I never have any such a (really-really true love) history).hehe.

  12. Hyuk Jae Nim says:

    I got a little dissapointed when I saw Donghae’s pic Jessica. I wanted to cry

  13. Hyuk Jae Nim says:

    Aw… I’m really kinda sad. But idk why,,,

  14. SICAH says:

    oh jessica is a kind of SF or what we call ” SIMPLY FLIRT”

  15. Kim Seon Eok says:

    oh i love suju except donghae because of what he done, that photos must be he’s defect to all he’s fan’s…:((

  16. It’s not Donghae! Maybe the girl is Jessica! You know
    that girl is super duper!!! FLIRT! She always flirt the members of superjunior. As in NONSTOP! Shame on her! I wish that girl die now! SHE SUCK!!

  17. MINCHIE GUIANG says:

    it’s not donghae after all it’s said that it was mickey of DBSk in that picture….. look at this link please…..

    it’s not donghae at all…^_^ that proves donghae is innocent….^_^ DONGHAE fighting.<3 ❤

  18. lhukarets:)) says:

    dat gurl???
    eeewwww/…..she’s so FLIRT!!!!

  19. Briana says:

    It’s been confirmed by a source that those two people are look-a-likes. It’s not Donghae nor Jessica. The boy looks a lot like Donghae but it’s not and Jessica never had black hair from what I’ve seen so far. Not even in her baby pictures or her graduation pictures.

  20. lalala says:

    Aish ! It’s not jessica ! Jessica is more different from that girl on the “kissing photo”. But the guy looks like donghae… But I don’t think it’s dong hae…

  21. yolei says:

    jessica get over your safel donghae ï love you

  22. Toilet says:

    You freaks are funny, anyone in Super Junior wanting to kiss a girl is just nonsense…

    And jessica would be kissing some heir to a chaebol fortune, not some stage-monkey.

    Get over yourselves with your delusions.

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  24. yoonyul11 says:

    The last pic was Jessica but the kissing one isn’t, I’m pretty sure about that.. and Jessica didn’t have her first kiss yet…. and stella kim?? isn’t she supposed to debut with Snsd?.. hmm to bad for her…


    i love super junior .mmm.muah

  26. NiceBlog. Very usefull.Is there a rss feed to keep up with your blog.. Thank you!

  27. anawachi says:

    i know im too late for this..

    i really dont know if this issue is true…. but if it is true, they have a right to do so because its there life and we dont control them.
    yet, i have 99% that this issue is not true. because they (esp donghae and siwon) respect people especially the girls…..

  28. Jessica once was known as the most hated SM trainee ever as she’s pointed out by many ppl to date most DBSK members (except Changmin) and SuJu members during her trainee times. Not mention all the pictures of her with those boys back then…On March 4th, at MBC’s Gold Fish Radio Star SNSD Jessica clarified about rumor saying that she ever had love triangle relationship with DBSK and Super Junior members.


  29. EL says:

    Stella and Siwon can do whatever they want, Stella won’t probably debut anymore so back off. let them have privacy and happiness. XD

  30. zack says:

    i think the kissing photo is not jessica and donghae but the photo below it are them. because from the both pict, it is obvious that they wear different outfit. jessica hair colour are also different

  31. zack says:

    donghae and jessica maybe took their picture in makeup room since they were labelmate. jessica also hold a cosmetic product..

  32. Mika says:

    I have no problem whatsoever with SuJu members dating..i actually think that members shud date within their companies, as dating in rival companies is…ermmm…i think u get my point, too much heart break…
    Plus i think these plp are old eough to take their love life decisions and fans or anti fans have no right to intrude in their idol’s life. u can only fantazie but not destroy their lives u know…

  33. Janice says:

    actually if u “really focus” on that kissing photo,the girl n the guy doesn’t look like jessica n donghae…….thru wat i saw,it more like stella n micky yoochun….(no bashing) juz my opinion….

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