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Jo In Sung lives in a cement closet


If you’ve ever wondered what type of house the stars lived in-look no further. The effeminate Jo In-sung lives in a cement closet house somewhere in Seoul (likely Kangnam). The exterior looks very cold and uninviting (as with most cement buildings) but the interior is thankfully a little warmer with the natural woods and beige walls. But the place looks so empty and devoid of life. Not a place I would want to live in.

Jo In-sung, is it lonely living in the closet?

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88 Comments on “Jo In Sung lives in a cement closet”

  1. chris says:

    I love this house! Wow! The Minimalist type! Its Zen and yet so cool! He has got taste. Can see that he loves art living.

  2. funkoffan says:

    If In-sung wants to live in this ‘closet’ (or any closet) then I wouldn’t mind living in it (or any of them) with him. He’s all the decoration that it needs.

  3. u_chill says:

    love it…
    plain, simple, cool…

  4. xoxo says:

    his house is soo unique.. hehex.. a nice place to clear your mind.. hmm.. i love it.. ^^ but it must be lonely living there alone..

  5. xoxo says:

    his house is soo unique.. hehex.. a nice place to clear your mind.. hmm.. i like it.. ^^ but it must be lonely living there alone..

  6. ok ok ok says:

    so if u know anything about the korean entertainment business besides the nice pictures you see and the phony interviews you know that most stars have a sponsor- aka some powerful ajushi/ ajumma who they sleep with in order to get more work and to be well taken care of. Jo In Sung’s sponsor is a man and it is a well known fact that he is gay among the entertainment industry.


  7. ruru says:

    I love the design! Its so minimal and simplistic and its so unique! The interior and design looks amazing too.
    Hah popseoul you’re such a wannabe. If you really have an eye for arts, fashion and music and real talent you would not see it as a closet. Your sarcasm is boring me nowadays. And effeminate and metrosexuality is not bad [=

  8. Yixx says:

    ooh my fav pic is number 10 ^^

  9. lily says:

    he is a gay?? i thought he is straight.. he had gf before..

  10. I hate modern architecture.

  11. CHICKEN!!! says:

    i love the house…and i love JO in Sung..(only fell in love with him after watching WHIB) …y do u guys think he is gay?? in all the character he portraid he was a straight guy…as for dirty carnival i heard pple say that he plays a gay lover but when i watched the movie i was a straight guy in love with a gurl!!

  12. lvazdrma says:

    I really like Jo In sung. Your web site keeps implying that he is gay. Why! He looks more manly that most of the actors or singers that all have those foo foo feminine hair styles and feminine cloths. What do you base your opinion on?
    Non the less, does it even matter. Whether he is gay or straight, he is one heck of an actor in my opinion. But, I hope he is straight because I think he is a hunk, anyway he is a hunk either way.
    Just my opinion.

  13. ash says:

    Looks too sterile, I’d go crazy in there…

  14. han says:

    ii think it’s unique but i want to see it in real life. Everyone has different taste after all

  15. insunglover says:

    the interior is cool although the facade looks kinda weird. But its ok as long as Insung lives there, im willing to accompany him wahahaha…love the stairs btw!! All people have different tastes so…drop it!!!

  16. mich says:

    what is a house if its not a home, i think in-sung wants a place he can relax and unwind after a daily struggle with the press and detractors (think he is sociophobic?) i think its a blessing to have him show his house,to think he does not need to indulge anyone. i would even volunteer to be his parking attendant or his maid without salary so long as we live in the same house!!!

  17. jaime says:

    the man seems like he doesnt plan on having kids or getting married. the house is perfect for flings.

  18. getbi lim says:

    Is he gay? Really? Well, I really don’t mind. After all, he is so cute and awesome actor. The house is nice, it suits my taste.

  19. Mary says:

    Guyz,be thankful to Jo In Sung,for showing his house in and outside to us his fans..He has a good choice on building a kind of an abstact house..For some of us,we may don’t like it or not knowing how to appreciate it but for him,it is more than of everything in the world because he spent sweat and hard labor for that to built that place..
    I wouldn’t mind,livin in that kind of house as long as Jo In Sung lives w/me..hehehhe .Whatever his purpose in life living in that kind of house,we must feel happy for him…
    Maybe Jo In sung,purposedly not to put heaps of furnitures,is not ‘coz he’s a stingy..He’s just want that his house not look s like a gallery or a witch house w/so many blings…or he just wanna feel being a real masculine…
    I don’t really can get it,saying he’s a gay or what…but I don’t care,as long as he’s a good actor and entertain lots of people, that was the most important…I really loved himm,and i’m happy for him whatever!! !AZZA!!!

  20. aegyo says:

    it doesn’t look like home. -_-

  21. Skina says:

    i just love the house!popseoul must be blind man!!it’s futuristic!i love futurustic n who doesnt??that must’ve cost him millions doubt~ nway,happy living there oppa!

  22. Diana says:

    i tink it looks awesomely different (*unique*)

    thumbs up

  23. Gee says:

    LOL! I hope korean actors that are gay would come on out of the closet! It’s a sad and cruel fact that most of pretty / handsome boys are gay !! Just look at Wentworth Miller…! Dayyyym. Kpop boybands are gay too… before you know it these pretty boy korean actors are really gay..

  24. FimFim says:

    Heck its beautiful.
    The exterior is even great!

    I wouldnt mind having a BOX-TYPE house.
    That looks so empty and cold from the outside.
    At least people won’t take interest!

    As long as my interior is great, NOT a problem.

  25. AThinker says:

    I’m not paying for it. I don’t have to live in it. I like it

  26. okeydoke says:

    the house is interesting.. but it doesn’t seem like a house

  27. amay says:

    it’s cool and unique…not ordinary looking…it’s kinda mystery!

  28. haeru says:

    i Love it..simple..but if he paint the wall..maybe the house will look more beautiful and life…-_-

  29. blinkable says:

    very classy and eccentric indeed! I wouldnt mind having a place like this ^^;

  30. undead says:

    i don’t really know what he has done to anyone who keeps on pushing that he is gay. leave him in peace, you are no god to condemn him, let alone judge him for everything that he is and he is not. I don’t know him personally, but i always know that he is the least insecure person in the whole wide universe, know why? because he won’t put up with any of your perceptions of him. Maybe you will all just die and he’ll be just living in perfect contentment, i just hope so.

  31. chuck bass says:

    thank you for defending jo in sung…he is really an awesome actor,humble,down to earth and kind,basher’s who were saying that he’s gay are just insecure morons!! especially popseoul…i hope they all rot to hell!!

  32. undead says:

    chuck bass, thanks for believing in him, more than anything!!!
    its just ironic that we believe in the same man who is the most oppressed one here, i hate them so for just plainly hurting him. hell is not enough of a punishment…

  33. poignant says:

    Doesn’t look like a very friendly house..
    but it’s pretty in its own way.

  34. killer whale says:

    I think it’s a pretty and modern house but I wouldn’t live in there. It’s too dimly for my taste. I like my place to be bright. I don’t mind the minimalist part of the house. I can live with that. It makes the place looks spacious. If there’s more sunlight, then I’d definitely live in there.

    May be Jo Insung likes some privacy without having to worry about paparazzi or stalkers trying to snap photos of him from the outside. I respect that. Don’t just go around concluding he’s gay just by judging from his choice of house -___- Are you imbecile or something? This always happen when some actors decided to play gay roles in a high profit gay movie… Like Jake Gyllenhaal for example…

  35. Astrid says:

    So many insecure creatures!! please don’t condemn him just because he happens to be very BLESSED. this gay rumor about him is really pathetic. I can attest that he is STRAIGHT. 🙂

  36. Elizabeth Walker says:

    Jo In Sung effeminate? You need your eyes checked, methinks(not that I considerate effeminate a derogatory term, some of my heterosexual male friends look effeminate, whereas some of my homosexual male friends look extremely manly… do us all a favour and disabuse yourselves of ridiculous cliches). Now, neither his sexual orientation nor who he chooses to love (or not love) is any of your (or our) business. It makes and should make no difference (besides both homo-and hetero- kinds of love are difficult adventures). He’s a fascinating actor to watch,and, most important, he shows signs of growing in depth and skill from film to film, which shows a commitment to the art of acting. I’d love to see him in bold, challenging roles in the future (Dirty Carnival Street and A Frozen Flower were in the right direction). The fact that he’s is devilishly handsome and playfully sexy (without being infantile) is an added bonus but not the main thing about him. His universal sex-appeal (the fact that he appeals to both sexes)testifies to his innate allure and magnetism and adds more dimensions to his on-screen persona. So try and educate your homophobic minds. His house is nothing like ‘a cement closet’ either, that kind of style is called ‘chic minimalism’, and while it looks like tons of money has been poured over it, it has managed, to a considerable extend, to avoid ostentatiousness.

  37. Elizabeth Walker says:

    Goodness me! The second line from top in my previous post should read ‘I consider…’ not ‘I considerate…’; and in the fifth line from top ‘nor who he chooses to love’ should be changed to ‘nor whom he chooses to love’. Hasty typing coupled with a failure to proof-read happen even in the best of families.

  38. Popcorn says:

    People have different concept about home. If a home makes one to be happy, warm, safe, and relief, no matter how it’s decorated or built, it’s still being a sweet home.

    I think JIS is a great actor who can perform well in every roles he’s given whether to be bad boy, self-centered and childish guy, gangster, good lover, even a homosexual and etc. Anyway, it’s just his duty and his work. I read one of his interview with his co-star, Joo-Jin-Moo, both are 100% men, they like girls, but because of the characters in the film, they had to play their roles well in order to make the viewers believed of which would guarantee the success of the actors.

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