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Pop Quiz: Who’s the hot hunk with a tattoo?


This hottie was filming the “Love Song” MV at a club in Apgujung. Can you guess who this hot hunk is?

Who’s the hot hunk?
1) So Ji Sub

2) Rain

3) Song Seung Heon

4) Jo In Sung

5) Eric

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Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s not so secret affair


New Heart’s Ji Sung and Mr. Goodbye’s Lee Bo Young are the latest Hallyu couple. These two good looking high profile actors were spotted together enjoying their time in Ji Sung’s Benz for three weeks in a row, confirming their relationship status.

They met during the drama Save the Last Dance in 2004 and started going out in October of last year.

Congratulations to the new happy couple!

Dennis Oh puts the class back into THE CLASS


Dennis Oh can’t act to save his own life, but he sure does look good in his latest CF gig for domestic clothing brand, THE CLASS, minus the awkward poses. Until he improves his sub par acting and clumsy Korean, he should just shut his mouth and shoot another round of ogle-worthy photos.


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Song Hye-kyo for Laneige


Song Hye-kyo has shed her cute image and transformed into absolutely stunning as the new face of Laneige cosmetics. Parent company Amore Pacific has done right by choosing the 26 year old star.

After looking at the new pictures of the gorgeous actress, I suddenly feel the urge to clean out my makeup drawer and get a poodle perm. If buying new makeup meant that I looked half as good as she does, then no need to hide behind this screen anymore!


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Pop Quiz: Who’s waving goodbye?


Can you recognize this goofy celebrity waving good-bye to his fans after a secret visit to Hong Kong?

Who’s waving goodbye?
1) Yun Eun Hye

2) G-Dragon

3) Lee Jun Ki

4) Se7en

5) Rain

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Get ready for May Doni


Former uni-brow YG trainee, May Doni is finally debuting after seven years of training. May Doni was one of the participants JYP version of American Idol called JYP’s Talent Development Project, 99% in 2001, along with Wondergirl’s Sun Ye and Joo. She signed on with YG after the show and was coined as the “female Se7en” but she switched management last fall, expediting her debut.

May Doni’s project album titled “PDIS” was produced by Cho PD and Yoon Ill-Sang and is available at all major Korean music sites starting today.

Check out her clips from her trainee days.

Han Ji-hye and Han Yeh-seul go to clubs to dance not meet guys


Doesn’t everyone?

Han Yeh-seul and Han Ji-hye are known to go clubbing together twice a year on each others birthdays to dance only-not to drink or meet guys. What an original idea. Why not just go away on a trip somewhere-let’s say Bali-to dance, drink and meet guys in peace?

F.Y.I. Han Ji-hye’s birthday is June 29 and Han Yeh-seul’s birthday is September 18th.

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