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Love is in the air for SG Wannabe


Ironically, the most unromantic looking guys have the most romantic lives in Hallyuwood. SG Wannabe members Chae Dong Ha and Kim Yong Jun have publicly acknowledged their relationships with their fellow office buddies. Chae Dong Ha is dating Seeya’s Lee Boram and Kim Yong Jun, former Sugar member, Hwang Jung Eum.

Although this is old news, Hwang Jung Eum’s recent post of her lover Kim Yong Jun’s picture on her cyworld page is making headlines.

Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Young Jun naturally progressed into lovers as they frequently bumped into each other at Mnet Media.  Keep it strong guys!


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22 Comments on “Love is in the air for SG Wannabe”

  1. dude... says:

    good for them! (if looking romantic is the only way to get laid, the world’d soon run out of ugly babies that turn into ugly adults. too late to start eugenics in hallyuwood? 😛 )

  2. ginger vitality says:

    Well good for them. And I really like your keep it strong Popseoul..

    Each on of them deserve to be happy and find their own happiness and life. They have theirown path nlife also other than being an artist.

    Wish them the best of luck..^_^

  3. ginger vitality says:

    Sorry typo: Love of their lives

  4. they look so good together. i hope they stay happy while they’re dating each other.

  5. wish says:

    i wonder who will JinHo will date, since he stated at once time his ideal gf is Jo jungrin

  6. lya says:

    Dead at ‘unromantic looking’ guys. Wtf does being romantic have to do with looks? Check that train of thought, honey.

  7. penguin_x3 says:

    isn’t that the tung tung girl from loveletter way back then? I think they look cute together…

    ps…not that they are ugly(which they AREN’T) but I heard that if ugly people have babies, their babies turn out really cute, vise versa also

  8. F.T. Island says:

    how cute! ^^

  9. promote Korean food says:

    I wish korean entertainers would promote korean culture and food more. koreans need to make korean food popular.

  10. lalala says:

    OMG WHAT? i never heard this news before actually!!!
    NOOO kim yong jun is too good for her.. as in she’s really stupid and ditzy. no guarantee if he’s any smart, but still!
    i met him and he was so cute and nice..

  11. BON says:

    oh! what….. aww……….
    well, this is ridiculous, isn’t it?

  12. jyyjc says:

    oooh. how nice. i really like her, she was so pretty back in the variety show loveletter days. well she still is. good for them.

  13. for real says:

    i dunno who she is but she’s too sexy for him. he kinda looks retarded.

  14. Triple6 says:

    ^ Exactly why people who don’t know anything shouldn’t judge…

  15. luvsuju says:

    they gonna make a cutee couple, HJE always my fav she’s so pretty ><, aww, now i miss Sugar

  16. that chick says:

    got the biggest gong ju byung.

  17. Koko says:

    I am save knowing these girls won’t bother my super juniors and where’s se7en?

  18. haj says:

    aaww yay for them!

  19. blinkable says:

    wow seems like once the news of CDH leaving SGWannabe, news of their love lives are spreading like mad XD

  20. YongJoonMania says:

    Congrat’s for both of them. I hope they will be happy forever. OMG!!! I really like yong joon so much………!!!

  21. benkim says:

    i have a question for sgwannabe how many new song have u guys sang im just curious hahaha. ^_^

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