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A-listers at Song Il-gook’s wedding


Despite the hush hush nature of the wedding details, the press sniffed out the location and time of Song Il-gook’s (37) wedding. Befitting the image of a Korean prince, the Jumong actor wed Jung Seung-yeon (32) in a gorgeous traditional ceremony at the Vista Hall in Sheraton Walker Hill on March 16th, 2008.

There are very few pictures released to the public of the new bride. To avoid the glare of the cameras, the low-key bride remained in her room until the start of the ceremony. (Generally, brides are displayed in ‘bridal waiting rooms” )

Congratulations to the newlyweds


Sure the guest list was packed with the A-listers, but unfortunately, there were very few celebrities of interest.

The wedding ceremony was held in the evening with approximately 1600 persons in attendance. Evening weddings are usually formal affairs so let’s see how the celebrities stack up.

20080318_songilgook_wedding_ahnseongki20080318_songilgook_wedding_ahnsongki Ahn Seong-ki. appropriate, but note that black ties are usually worn at funerals

20080318_songilgook_wedding_ajoong20080318_songilgook_wedding_ajoong120080318_songilgook_wedding_ajoong220080318_songilgook_wedding_ajoong320080318_songilgook_wedding_ajoong4 Kim Ajoong. Appropriate. The outfit is more office appropriate.

20080318_songilgook_wedding_chaeshira Chae Shira. Appropriate but needs some styliing tips.

20080318_songilgook_wedding_choisujung Choi Su-jung looks so gaunt and tired, a bit like Han Jae-suk. Both need to chow down on a few more big macs.

20080318_songilgook_wedding_hanhyejin20080318_songilgook_wedding_hanhyejin120080318_songilgook_wedding_hanhyejin2Han Hyejin is wearing black. Again, an outfit that signals that it was thrown together without much thought.

20080318_songilgook_wedding_hanjaesuk Han Jae-suk is gaunt but appropriately dressed-although shouldn’t he wear a tie?

20080318_songilgook_wedding_jungsunghwan20080318_songilgook_wedding_jungsunghwan1 Jung Sunghwan

20080318_songilgook_wedding_kimhyena1 20080318_songilgook_wedding_kimhyena_songjihyo Kim Hye-na (with Song Ji-hyo). The girl is wearing shorts to a wedding. Did she not check what she was wearing down below before stepping out?

20080318_songilgook_wedding_kimnawoon120080318_songilgook_wedding_kimnawoon Kim Na-woon wears an interesting silver ensemble. Not something I would pick out of the closet but the silver color is fabulous.

20080318_songilgook_wedding_kimtaewook_shindongyeop Couples Kim Taewook and Chae Shira and Shin Dongyeop and wifey.

20080318_songilgook_wedding_leeboyoung20080318_songilgook_wedding_leeboyoung1 Lee Boyoung is hiding a striped dress under a black jacket…. need a better picture.

20080318_songilgook_wedding_leetaegon Lee Tae-gon is in a suit. (can you tell I have nothing to say?)

20080318_songilgook_wedding_limhyunsik Lim Hyunsik. The night belonged to the ajushis!

20080318_songilgook_wedding_paksolmi20080318_songilgook_wedding_paksolmi1 Park Sol-mi. Only the top half is appropriate. I wonder what went through her head when she picked out jeans for an evening wedding?

20080318_songilgook_wedding_parksangwon20080318_songilgook_wedding_parksangwon1 Park Sang-won looking smart in a black suit and dark navy tie.

20080318_songilgook_wedding_shindongyeop Shin Dong-yeop wears a power red tie. I wonder where he got the red blotch on his face?

20080318_songilgook_wedding_sohnhyunju Sohn Hyun-ju is buttoned up.

20080318_songilgook_wedding_wonkijoon20080318_songilgook_wedding_wonkijoon1 Won Ki-joon wears the popular “Kalchi” suit but in a darker gray color. Not bad.

20080318_songilgook_wedding_yudonggeun Yu Dong-geun makes an appearance.

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95 Comments on “A-listers at Song Il-gook’s wedding”

  1. han says:

    hopefully it wont end of a-month-or-so-divorce

  2. lou8 says:

    congrats sig……u can watch now jumong rewind at channel 11 Q Tv………. tomorrow will start the episode 2 monday to friday 2 to 2:30 pm.

  3. nadz says:

    congrats…how i wish im the bride,huhuhu…
    im your avid fan and wish to see u in person

  4. nadz says:

    congrats…how i wish im the bride

  5. nadz says:

    wish u all d hapiness n d world mr and mrs song

  6. vitamin says:

    Are Won ki joon married and Kim Seung Soo? just curious. Anyways though I hope you can blog also about korean celebs who could speak english and other languages.

  7. vitamin says:

    Are Won ki joon married and Kim Seung Soo? just curious. Anyways though I hope you can blog also about korean celebs who could speak english and other languages.

    Congrats to the Newly Weds!

  8. o_O_o says:

    man i still think he’s so good-looking^^
    i was a fan of his ever since i saw emperor of the sea.
    then Jumong came out WOW!!!
    i love you!

  9. ardentfrias says:

    Too many guests wearing black. Are they that pessimists? Maybe putting the end to the bachelor life of Song. Han Hye Jin, especially. A woman wearing all black in a wedding and it’s not even a glamorous gown. Mourning for something? How much longer shall we wait to see a full view photo of Ms. Jung. I’ve heard she is charming. Well, I must believe that. Song is very handsome and hot. He deserves a lovely wife and of course, lovely children. Hope to see a new movie of his. This time a more powerful role like Jumong and Yeum Moon or a more protective and caring husband/father like Jang Soo and please, a deserving beautiful leading lady.

  10. lwiza 2000 says:

    where is a wife song li rook

  11. foxylady says:

    congrats! mr. song….
    your wife is so lucky having you as her husband.
    hope you can visit Philippines soon.
    im one of your avid fan here in the Philippines…..i really love you at Jumong…….im very thankful that Q-TV is again replaying Jomung. once again im waiting for the lobbyist to be air here…..

  12. ardentfrias says:

    No news yet about the newly wed couple from Busan. I wonder when will Song shoot another movie. Still, no picture of his wife is being published. She’s a mystery until now. Haay,I hope it’s worth all the wait and anticipation.

  13. andy says:

    well its a badnews for me that my jumong got married..wahhhh
    whose that lucky girl?!! is shes pretty or sexy? ok ok i know shes smart bec shes a lawyer,but most of the lawyer look nerd and boring..
    ok i respect my jumong ,i know u realy love her bec ur willing to give up anything for her,…wish all the happiness and il stil be ur no. 1 fan here in philippines ok ..
    goddluck and god bless

  14. rain says:

    congratzzzzzzzzzz……a lot………more blessings…………..and more projectsss……..JUMONG…

  15. Niloufar & Farinaz says:

    my famili & i love you very much you are a very good actor
    best wishes fore you my dear song 🙂

  16. Glory says:

    Ok Mr Sig,now u r married already ,hope u as good,protecting,caring n loving husband like jang soo in TOE ,I’m expecting ur new film Kingdom of the winds soon ,hv a wonderful married life Mr.Sig we supporting u ,always…..!!

  17. rain says:

    how can i say.
    just have to say CONGRATUlATION
    TO have anice family and to have good time
    but i am still love u
    i am ur gratfan forever
    because of u i know most of knowledge
    with best wishes
    i am normal girl
    but great in kindness

  18. Sevara says:

    Dear SONG HILL GOOK!There is a kind of worry in my deep heart.I wonder if you have the same thoughts as me in the distanse.Always be happy and lucky!

  19. rochelle lacson says:

    well after i saw there pictures in this site..
    there are so old enough to be married..
    anyway,.. age doent matter..
    even your so old or not its ok to be married..
    congrats for song il gook and to his wife..
    i thought that han hye jin become chubby than to compred in jumong as soseono.. thnks for the opportunity to share my comments here… gracias!^^,

  20. Sevara says:

    Dear Song Hill Gook!
    Happy birthday to you,I wish you health,good luck, success,happy and satisfactory on this day every year.All your wishes come true!!!!!!!

  21. lydia says:

    wow..i just hope youll treat her like you did in emeperor of the sea!!CONGRATS!!=[,…ur married the cute hot guys are getting married now..gosh!..

  22. mahta says:

    oh, dear song il gook CONGRATULATION. i have a best

    wishes for you. i wish your life be as sweat as possible.

    i am waiting to see your children … ha ha …

    i love you ….

    take care

  23. jam says:

    in my country, bright colored dresses are often worn, take note: dress – for girls

    congratulations to them, i really like song esp. in jumong.. luv him! lol

  24. nima says:

    happy your wedding.i realy love you

  25. safé says:

    happy birthday for you and im happy for you for your widding but i like ather actresse for you
    but she is beautifful to and good luck for you and for her song il gook

  26. hannelora says:

    It is very nice to hear that he gets married. He is not so young, thus, it is suitable for him to settle his family. Moreover, they are very fit together. As a lawyer as well as doctorate degree, I guess that she gets a lot of respect and admires from him. I think he is lucky, because he is busy most of time and she is calm and sympathize him. I hope that they can have a lot children, happiness forever. Love them!

  27. champong says:

    yow!!!, hehehe… when i was looking at your picture during during your wedding you really look like Jumong and Muhyul in your drama… hehehe… congratulations!!! i hope your fans will see your wife even just once…

  28. Boom says:

    Blogger, you’re an idiot! Get a life and stop looking at others. I bet you’re pretty ugly since you had so much time sitting in front of a computer making all this. Haha.

  29. eaglelady27 says:

    Dear SIG I hope the honeymoon’s over… I luv ur KOW and maybe its time to think of a new project coz we can’t wait anymore to see u again in the movie or a drama. Hope ur managers will work on something soon!!!!!!LUV to see u here in the Philippines!

  30. helen says:

    why are you married???????? huhhhhhhhhhh!!! it hurts i just notice today. im the new fan of yours. i just admire you greatly.. i dont know what is this.. but i really like you…….. over and over!!!!!!!!!!! hay i love you ……..good luck to you hopefully that you’ll stay happy… i love you again….

  31. helen says:

    i love you sig… i hope that i can control this feelings… it is my first time to idolize korean actor .. i love you.

  32. helen says:

    hay……… i still love you…. more babies to come and don’t ever change. im stil ur no. 1 fan even though that i admired you recently. hve a good health and stay adorable as you are. i love you. more movies and series to come……… god bless…

  33. gj says:

    ..i love u SIG, take care always..

  34. Ghe says:

    Mr. Song! Its almost a year after your narriage. How are you as a couple right now? What’s new about you??? Any new movies or korean dramas coming up?

    You know what, my husband and I was recalling Jumong. Hahaha… We both watching the whole set of its episodes. Hope to see more new from you. Thankz!

    Be safe always, regards to your wife! (“,)

  35. lye says:

    hello…. all i wish for your family life my dear korean actor is to have a privacy…..and be happy ever after….same as your many fans out there… i wish i’m your wife….but it’s more impossible than not…all i can do is to pray for you , for your family and your never ending success and happiness…i hope before i close my eyes to rest i’ll get a chance to meet and get acquainted with you.. GOD BLESS

  36. Tansholpan says:

    Hi my dear Jumong. I’m so glad that u’re married . I want u to visit my city. I wish u happy in marriage. I’m ur fan. In short i want that u’ll be happy. I love u

  37. jovie says:

    anh neong haseyo! Song il gook i really like you.. Im goin’ crazy thinking of you. i hope to see you s0on pls. cme here in the philippines for sure im the one whose’ waiting for you in the airport.. Haha.. anyway congratulations it hurts when i found out that you got married how i wish im your wife bt im only 21 yrs old.. Im n0t ready for that but if ur goin to be my hubby. Its fine..haha.. Im dying to see you in person.. Go0dluck and m0re movies to come.. Love you.. Take care

  38. jovie says:

    i love you.. Goodluck to your career this 2011. Saranghe!

  39. Anaqueen king says:

    May God bless you,your wife and your children.You are really a good person Song-il-gook and i love you

  40. nuratu abubakar says:

    Song llkook we ur fans we love u all

  41. nuratu abubakar says:

    We ut fans we love u all

  42. zulaina muhoozi says:

    waoooooooooooooooo,we are mising jumong ,pliz song give us some more intresting movie this year

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