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Jun Ji-hyun designs denim for True Religion


Jun Ji-hyun can hawk almost anything- from tea to cosmetics. Now the CF queen is trying her hand at designing denim. She has teamed up with U.S. premium denim designer, True Religion to create a pair of jeans specifically targeted for the Asian market, “Gianna by True Religion.” (FYI: “Gianna” is Jun Ji-hyun’s easy to pronounce Hollywood name).

What this means is that the jeans are for those who are butt-less since the oversized back pockets carefully create the illusion of curves. However, if you are stumpy-legged, then these jeans are not for you. I should know, I have a pair of True Religions (not Gianna designed).

Gianna True Religion jeans will be sold at SK Telecom’s newest venture into the open market, 11th Street (in Korean) starting March 20th, 2008. And next year, the Gianna designed jeans will hit the markets in China in 2009. No word yet on price.

Gianna will soon make her Hollywood debut in the live-action remake of the Japanese anime “Blood, The Last Vampire,” directed by Chris Nahon. The film is now in post-production.


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91 Comments on “Jun Ji-hyun designs denim for True Religion”

  1. for real says:

    large pockets that give illusional curves?? hah, well they don’t make her butt any better, it’s flat as her chest. she shouldn’t design or model for jeans. no good

  2. johnnydorama says:

    ^Take your Engrish over to SYP… thanks 🙂

    As for not being in “your league,” you are absolutely, 100% correct – I’m not a retard.

  3. Lily says:

    hehehe…jeans for ppl with no butt? but it doesn’t look like it did anything…the only way of creating an illusion of a butt is putting padding in the pants…like bras. lol.

  4. loving se7en forever says:

    lols that pose makes her look like shes got a belly and no booty…

  5. FimFim says:

    Oww what ugly jeans.
    Honestly my $8 US jeans is looks better than hers.

  6. FimFim says:


    Oww what ugly jeans.
    Honestly my $8 jeans looks better than hers.

  7. Molly says:

    LOL. FLATASSES, as much as they are putting crap into their face aleast put some on the ass seriously. you’re booty is as flat as the WALL.

  8. Machi says:

    i dont she looks good wen she dress all sexy and stuff.. i like it better wen she dress normally.. shes got a pretty face.. but come on most asian’s butts are like that =]

  9. kanZENmuketsu says:

    How painful she would have felt, I’d imagine,
    IF she were to come across this post, that her
    physical attributes and her side-project aiming to
    enhance the figure among the BOTTOMLESS have failed
    to win our affection and appreciation because our
    criteria is founded on a LOVE of surfaces.

    Hence the superficial comments that serve to
    denigrate TRUE BEAUTY.

  10. jamie says:

    oh wow..she aint got no ass…TR is targeting the asian market w/ these kind of jeans–so they saying asians aint got no ass? i the only one who is a lil offended by this..i for one, have an ass so its not true that asians are flat–gotta admit most are flat (top and bottom)

  11. jujube says:

    How right you are KanZen. I’m ashamed of my derogatory comments.

    I hope everyone here learns a little something from your message- we bash celebrities as if they aren’t human, and then we become a little less human ourselves.

    Its hard to stop doing evil things when its fun for the moment, and in the process we forget how distorted we are getting.

    I think 1/15 of these comments are positive. Most of them are just looking for mean things to say.

  12. chymcapshuul says:

    jujube n kanzen cnt agree more n what uv said! 😉
    I wonder y do people never get tired doing something like that? Well what kind of happiness it would brought to someone after doing something like that? If your logic still working,absolutely it will bring u nothing!
    I do believe in divine justice.
    Some point in your miserable lives KARAMA will stike you!
    Jeon Ji Hyun will backed u up! 😉 godbless yah

  13. coffetwo says:

    Jeon Ji Hyun 😉 for thick or thin, with butt or no butt, whether success or failure, either Gianna Jun or Jeon Ji Hyun… were here to support to support you all the way!;) Godbless you!
    ” thanks God for creating such a rare masterpiece like you “

  14. jicks says:

    I just saw the rest of photos from the True Religion shoot.

    They rightfully do this woman alot more justice.

  15. jicks says:

    I just saw the rest of photos from the True Religion shoot.

    They rightfully do this woman alot more justice.

  16. chink says:

    it wont sell well since majority of asians have short stumpy legs

  17. wow says:

    girl is so flat behind.. makes them jeans look really ugly.

  18. jungeun says:

    I understand that you guys are saying that she’s flat or that she’s ugly or whatever because you have freedom of speech but unless you guys are certified designers, you guys don’t really know if the pocket seam is all wrong or if the color doesn’t go with her skin tone or whatever.

  19. masha says:

    yes your right JICKS i jst saw those pix…
    As usual what better could u expect from Popseoul and for those troll who ups against her?….nothing good really…

  20. F1 says:

    To the misogynists, go back to your blow up doll and strap on.
    Get out of the closet and tell your parents & friends already.

    As for the spiteful and disparaging comments from the women, while I realize its considered as a form of social fun, supporting one another leads to fewer body image issues. Every woman is unique and charming, no one is perfect well except for Gianna.

    All my female friends asian or non asian look great True Religion. This is great business partnership.

    Happy Easter to all the Popseoul readers

  21. blah says:

    none can beat this cf queen!! love her…

  22. chymcaphul says:

    yes! i agree with u blah!
    her name was already tattoed on my mind! hehehe 😉

  23. oluchi says:

    im sorry she’s ugly. and so are all the other ‘hot’ CF queens. yawn

  24. chymcaphul says:

    ur opinion were so shallow ;(

  25. jicks says:

    oluchi, pls post a photo of yourself.

  26. ashleey says:

    ^lol~~post a photo of her/himself..!!
    i dont get all these negative comments too..!=__=”
    i agree on what some of the last ppl said..^^
    we need more ppl like u guys!
    i think she’s an impressive person..^^
    about the jeans, lol~~lots of asians might buy it…!seriously..lots of asians are growing taller..
    maybe due to the food taken or something..?ekeke..
    jun ji hyun…HWaiTing!

  27. dandelionss says:

    but the majority…yeah asians do have flat asses

  28. lOvE says:

    those jeans DE-centuate the behind, not accentuate. besides, those jeans are so ugly. the color, the seams, the pockets, the cut…arggg. i would never buy them. True Religion is overrated anyway.

  29. eugene says:


  30. Fleep♥ says:

    I’m waiting for the day that butt implants become the next craze for S.Koreans. It’s going to look so awkward. But you know it’s going to happen.

  31. puffedcheeks says:

    I have to give credit to the stylists. They really did their best with what they’ve got. Jeans and non-existing curves don’t go well together. In creating the illusion of a nice backside they included 1.jeans with buttoned back pockets esp. low riders 2.high heels and 3. arching her back. The result. Her hips look wider.

  32. Girl From Arabia says:

    too skinny >_>

  33. sweetie15 says:

    ppl said she had a perfect body…guess not…she’s skinny and pretty but TOO FLAT!!! 0.0 i thought she had better body 😛 she’s so tall tho

  34. chymcapshul says:

    i wonder were this trash talkers came from?
    bt one cnt argue w/ another’s opinion…
    bt who cares! She is still the coolest babe that hit the bigscreen. atleast that was my opinion… 😉
    “people may laugh on me bcoz they think that i might be diff, bt i laugh on u people bcoz u were all thesame” 😉

  35. han says:

    normal jeans style on very unflattering model

  36. han says:

    han say watever u want!
    i bet it wont look gud unyah edir! definitely same comparison betwen ur flat face and ur flat butt! 😉 lmao

  37. alisa says:

    i love True Religion Denim no matter who’s wear them nice A+

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