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Love has no boundaries for Harisu and Mickey


While the divorce rate in Korea climbs each year (0.5% each year according to statistics from the Korean government), it is good to see that marital bliss has not faded for man-woman Harisu and hubby, Mickey Jung. The couple had eyes only for each other at the Seoul Fall/Winter 08/09 collections for designer Hwang Jae-bok.

SFAA Fall/Winter 08/09 collections were held at the SETEC Convention Center in Daechi-dong.


Pop in:

Should Harisu be allowed to adopt?
Who is getting married this month?
Harisu lives in a cheap love hotel
Harisu has boobs bigger than me


40 Comments on “Love has no boundaries for Harisu and Mickey”

  1. spin says:

    oh, they look so happy! and harisu is looking better! (at least from that angle)

  2. hyunzai says:

    Hi guys!
    Well..i made with my friends a video for a girl. If you want to check it, here’s the link: ..enjoy:)

  3. evercool says:

    yuck. I’m glad they are happy though. harisu does look decent.

  4. THESE 2 GROSS ME OUT says:


  5. Lon says:

    It’s good their still together..
    Altought I don’t like them or anything it’s still has this thing that makes me happy about them xD

  6. Chihiro says:

    OMG so jealous of Harisu’s legs >.<
    n it doesnt help that theyre really guy legs..

  7. Brina says:

    ..She is not a guy anymore.

    Her nose looks different from those one pictures where she got this nasty bulbous nose. =/

  8. ever says:


    Don’t. Just- Don’t. Why do they disgust you? Because they’re in love? And happy?

  9. for real says:

    is Harisu much taller than her husband?? it looks like it even from their sitting position. her face is much bigger than his…legs are longer…

  10. evvy says:

    I think they have to do happy in public. If they show any sign of coldness toward each other, it’ll be on the headlines the next day.

  11. mzpakipot says:

    cute couple, i think……what da heck is wrong with his jeans….??? if that’s a new style?? grosssssss….it looked like his been wiping his dirty hands on it.

  12. shialy says:

    For Sure:

    Of course she’s probably taller, and a bigger face with longer legs, she used to be a man.

  13. saewon says:

    i’m happy for them!

  14. Yin says:

    i think they’re sweet
    Though harisu;s nose from this angle atually looks STUCK ON.

    like with pritt stick

  15. dandelionss says:

    awww cute! go them!! >O<

  16. Sevit says:

    I dont get it. Dude/It looks like plaster of paris stretched over cement (especially after its new nose). What is the attraction we have towards this couple? Transgender couples are common in Brazil and the Philippines.

  17. Taejus says:

    At first I was like, ‘yeah, okay, whatever next’, but now, I’m just thinking about it. Like REALLY thinking about and I just feel it is disgusting and horrible!! I have nothing against weirdos, or respectively saying transexuals, but to marry one is going too far.

    Now, I wonder what they really do at night….

    Mnnmm, nevermind, I’ll just stop thinking.

    • sojujyn says:

      well since im pretty sure she’s a postop tranny…they probably have sex like every other married couple does at night.

      secondly…just because they aren’t following the path of life you’d choose doesnt make them weirdos…it just makes them different people with different ways of living their own even when you say “i have nothing against weirdos” you still sound like a douche…

      thirdly, she’s transGENDERED not transexual. She’s not just dressing up as a woman, she’s become one. its different.

      for someone who is clearly not well educated, you sure do have a lot of opinions. you sound like a great, really charming person.

      i wonder what you do at night.

      mnnmmm, nevermind, i’ll just stop thinking

  18. Lorielle says:

    er, LOL, ok.

  19. Apop says:

    Congrats to them!

  20. Scrappy says:

    gosh, mickey is so good looking. harisu looks cute, but kinda like a cougar.

  21. Sevit says:


    – gosh, mickey is so good looking. harisu looks cute, but kinda like a cougar. –

    u have got to be kidding me.

  22. Masaya says:

    Heck, what is their business have to do with people? Who they marry is their own business and what they do at night is their own business as well. Save the disgust for murderers or anti-fans for example…

  23. Tara says:

    i wonder if harisu was hot when she was a

  24. nothing says:

    nothing wrong here except hubby needs his clothes laundered.

    p.s. if you only love someone for what comes between their legs, then you’re the disgusting one!

  25. yan says:

    “if you only love someone for what comes between their legs, then you’re the disgusting one!”

    ^ LOL

    I can understand why people are a little wary with Harisu. Even though she’s not male anymore, the fact remains that she was biologically male. I don’t think people will ever simply forget that. Oh well, I wish them happiness.

  26. coolthang says:

    still looks like a man

  27. Ann*e says:

    i have no idea what to say about this.

  28. dt says:

    Man, Harisu’s just so much prettier than I am.

  29. lazybum says:

    i think it’s great at least some people can find love out there. why are some people so narrow minded?

  30. fly says:

    Who gives a flying f**k that she used to be a man? I understand why some of yall will never experience life and it’s realities being so godawfully narrowminded. If it’s love, who really gives a sh*t? She isn’t fondling her sh*t in your face, so just keep it moving. Have a great day.

    PS. those pants have gotsta go though lol. Seriously. Looks like someone threw up on that.


    “She” didn’t used to be a man. “She” is still a man. You can get a surgery to change the outer sex organs but you can’t get a surgery to change chromosomes.

  32. rocketfuel says:

    ……do Trannies still bald before getting hair plugs?

  33. Steve says:

    Love has no boundaries? Do you mean that she takes it in the ass?

  34. Taejus says:

    What the…– that on his pants!!!

    Did he forget to wash it, or is that the so-called style making their way in todays time, …once again.

    Either way he needs to change those pants. Can’t belive Harisu dind’t spot it earlier.


  35. wolfblade says:

    Don`t be mean, good for them.

  36. Dovey says:

    Harisu’s legs look long…not in a bad way. lol

  37. Not Really says:

    The man wearing pants is uglier than the man wearing a dress.

  38. Manly pwr says:

    Looks like a man, I am sure smells like a man, ugly Mother*#@! That dude looks like a lady. Even in Korea, I thought that S _ _ _ was purchasable by castration and/or dead.

  39. chaimoon says:

    I am not from Korea. You mean the woman in the picture was previously a man? Are both of them Korean? Were they actually married? where? Answers please!

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