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SG Wannabe replaces Chae Dong-ha


SG Wannabe will replace Chae Dong-ha (middle) with a new member, Lee Suk-hoon on April 4th, 2008. The new member won out against 500 hopefuls in a 3-4 month long audition run by Mnet media. Lee Suk-hoon was chosen for his song writing and singing ability.

Although Chae Dong-ha’s contract will end in May, SG Wannabe will release their 5th album with waterworks member.

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32 Comments on “SG Wannabe replaces Chae Dong-ha”

  1. omg says:

    nooooooo sg wannabe 😦

  2. Avril says:

    Good luck to SG Wannabe’s new member and Chae Dong Ha in his acting career!!!

  3. Jane. says:

    As long as they keep Kim Jinho, they’re fine. If he left, there would be no point in SG Wannabe. lmao

  4. Quirk says:

    Aww, SG Wannabe was like one of my favorite groups, and now the leader has to leave. Anyway, i praise Chae Dong-ha on his acting career and i’m fully anticipated for the new member; Lee Suk-hoon.

  5. chocolate raisins says:

    nooo it won’t be the same without him! well at least jinho is still there 🙂

  6. millie says:

    i’m just glad that the band itself did not disappear…
    what will i have to listen if there is no sg wannabes??
    anyway, good luck in your new acting career dong ha oppa

  7. BKJSuh says:

    With them luck.

  8. soohyun3194 says:

    it just wont be the same.. 😦

  9. Molly says:

    aww 😦 he’s fione haha

  10. jj says:

    I TOTALLY agree with soohyun3194.. it just wont be the same.. Personally i would mark this as the falling of SG wanabe… why does a group of singers who are successful wanna destroy that by going for personal glory and we ALL know that going solo will just make them nothing in the end -_-;;

  11. kprocks89 says:


    NOOO! why do you have to leave, chae dong ha?! sg wannabe will never be the same! T.T

  12. Lulia says:


    **tears**sobbs**tears**more tears**getting over it**



  13. JC says:

    SG Wannabe had a really good run. and will defiantly be remembered as one of the greatest group of our time. I hope this doesnt mark the decline of SG Wannabe, but instead symbolizes the start of a new era for them.

  14. kes says:

    Jc… I agree….I hope this is a new start(but not total new)
    I sure hope they don’t change the sg-wannabe songs to some new pop songs.. that will be tragic.
    And again.. If dongha decides to leave.. we’ll support him.
    and of course.. we’ll welcome Lee Suk-hoon and hopefully he’ll be a worthy SGwannabe

  15. ^,^ says:

    that picture is so F.U.G.L.Y
    it almost put me on my death bed..T-T…
    i wish chae-dong-ha all the best w/ his acting..
    does anyone know if hes gonna be in the KOREAN

  16. donutpuffs says:

    Hrmm.. is see well congrats to him. Can’t wait to hear what he can do.

  17. Lily says:

    NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! chae dong ha can never be replaced…that new member better be good at singing!

  18. panshel says:

    I am just happy to hear that SG Wannabe is no longer no more because of one member’s decision.

  19. bluebird says:

    the new member voice is awesome …he sang in one of the song in lover’s OST…i dun know how sg wannabe will sound with this new voice but as long as jinho and youngjun still there so i guess there wont be so much difference, hope all will goes well with their 5th album and sg wannabe will soar higer….

  20. Tiffany says:

    I’m still disappointed that Chae Dong-ha is leaving, but there’s no point of complaining or dwelling about it. I just hope that the new member is equally as good as the standards required to be in SG Wannabe. I’m looking forward to seeing how things will be different, or how the music will turn out to be.

  21. orange says:

    hmm..but why he insisted to leave SG Wannabe at the peak of their career? he has acting talent? he’s tired of singing? or maybe he wants more money for himself..

  22. sLaVe says:

    “SG Wannabe replaces Chae Dong-ha….with another ugly”


  23. abcdefghijklmnop says:

    how will they perform in the hollywood bowl concert in may?

  24. £ğöçεή†яỉǺ≈ ŁąñЕTAEJUS says:

    Talk about three ugly men. Thank god they’re replacing. At least one of the uglies are leaving. It’ll save the group some tho.

    lol, im just joshing around, i mean they’re not THAT ugly, really. But think about it, you got JYP, Sohee (almost forgot her name there for a second) one of the HOT members and the bootleg spice girls.

    Yeah. All’s good, right?


  25. gordie209 says:

    Kim jinho is the best in the group does’nt matter if the lead singer Dongha leave, Jinho is the one who sing first anyway and have that powerful voice. They can do without Dongha, the new replacement might be better than him.


  26. cassie. says:

    Good luck to SG Wannabe! Even without Chae Dongha, I hope they can still be amazing (:

  27. kellz says: just wont be the same. but hey it may be like wondergirls with yoobin replacing hyuna..i support chae dong ha in his future acting career and im really anticipating Lee Suk-hoon’s debut

  28. han says:

    first time to take a close-up look. Pretty shocking to me

  29. Leigh says:

    …hmm. The guy on the far left is…funny-looking. ={

  30. Jackie says:

    as long as there is Jinho. He’s a hottie

  31. Dira says:

    Why is Dongha leaving?
    I mean why mess up a good thing?

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