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Psst, want to learn Korean?

So you have been lurking around POPSEOUL! and wondering how you can learn the language of the morning calm? Look no further!

You can learn Korean with your favorite Korean popstars. Boa, Ahn Jae-wook, Brown Eyes, Dong-Bang-shin-ki, Lee Dong-gun, SG Wannabe, Shinhwa and FTTS will be crooning songs in their native language as a fun way to learn Korean.

A series of DVDs, Uta De Manabu Korean Kankokugo will be released in August 2008 to encourage interest in the language and culture of Korea.

The following versions of the DVD will be released:

Ahn Jae WookChingu tomo yo
Brown EyesMo Ichinen
Dong Bang Shin KiHug
Fly to the Sky (FTTS)Missing You
Lee Byung-HunTears
Lee Dong-GunBoku No Negai Ga Ten Ni Todoku Yoni
SG WannabeIkiteite
SG WannabeTsumi no batsu
ShinhwaDeep Sorrow

The DVDs are priced at ¥2,800 (= 28 USD) each and will be released in Japan only.

If you are an English speaker (controlling your mind and menu with chicken breasts and vegetables! hahaha! I can’t help it! He cracks me up! I have been laughing all day!) and want to learn Korean, get a Korean girlfriend or boyfriend.


37 Comments on “Psst, want to learn Korean?”

  1. Ria says:

    Lol @ the last line. FYI, that doesn’t help. WHY DOES JAPAN GET ALL THE GOOD DVDS?!?? Grr.

  2. Hay Hay says:

    We should give Japan Bae Yong-Joon in exchange for Dokdo island.

  3. hannah says:

    you can get free lessons on
    the title is “let’s speak korean”
    i learned greetings and manners easily

  4. shinta says:

    poopseoul, can you teach me English??? You’re english is just soooo excellent and you’re such a down-to-earth person and very very much not discriminating, I sooo envy Rain for being a Korean, you’re such a treasure to Korea…lol

  5. Yy says:

    lol hey PS, what’s with deleting comments?

    You should like high schooler here :[

  6. shinta says:


  7. fruity says:

    hahaha sure… i’ll search for a korean boyfriend…
    i hope it can help me..!! hahaha

  8. megan says:

    hell no, popseoul

  9. Frank says:

    You might want to try these dvds yourself. You mentioned Ahn Jae Wook twice in the 2nd paragraph and “lurging” is not a word, I’m guessing you meant “lurking.”

  10. liz says:

    THANK GOODNESS, you changed your BANNER.
    I don’t hate SNSD or anything, but the banner before made it look like it was some SOSHI fansite. -_-

    Popseoul may not be perfect in the english grammar, but I wouldn’t say she’s horrible—I wouldn’t be too picky about it, you know?? This isn’t Times magazine or anything–it’s a freakin’ blogsite.

  11. Yanno says:

    ^ So? This person complains about other people’s English. It’s only fair. How can anyone support contradiction?

  12. Tan says:

    Uh, this only works if you know Japanese already ._.

  13. kellis says:

    Now, do you have any single Korean guys in mind?

  14. shinta says:

    ^Rain..but then poopseoul will kill me..

  15. Flo says:

    2,800 yen is around US$2, NOT US$28.

  16. BIN says:

    no 2,800 yen is around US $25

  17. yun says:

    Korean boyfriends don’t help.
    They just speak in Korean, and laugh at you because you can’t speak it.

    If I wanted to learn Korean, I’d go to a teacher.

  18. hmm says:

    hmm…lurging or lurking?

  19. NYCgrl says:

    Yeah. I wouldn’t criticize popsoeul about her grammer and spelling so much if she wasn’t so critical of others.

    If you create a yardstick to measure people you better be prepared to get spanked by that same yardstick.

  20. peachy says:

    oh god, why is TVXQ singing Hug? I don’t care if it was their debut song, it sucks and I am SO sick of hearing it. 😛

  21. Kayla says:


    And I don’t know about Rain, but I control my mind and menu with MacDonald’s and Burger King.

  22. OT says:

    nice new banner – makes me feel under surveillance!

  23. xion says:

    lol… true to kayla..
    but me still wanna find korean boyfriend.. wahahah

  24. Jane. says:

    How come you have Ahn Jae Wook twice? And you didn’t put FTTS in the list..

  25. Tumbleweed says:

    What if your first language is Spanish and there’s a giant lack of Koreans in the island…? Besides, I kinda wanna learn it myself like I did with English.

    Psh, vegetables are overrated. Chocolate and pizza are the true brain food! It takes smarts to figure out how to not weigh 400 pounds from eating that all the time lol

  26. popseoul says:

    hey jane. thanks!

  27. Mel says:

    Would I learn Korean if I buy the DVD??? NO!!!
    Would I be able to get a Korean Boyfriend or Girlfriend if I was not Korean? NO!!
    So what is the main point of this post? I don’t reaAAAlly know (maybe free advertising?)

  28. sLaVe says:

    When the puck is BoA comin’ back?


  29. romele says:

    hey popseoul,find one for me

  30. andaluza says:

    You´re useless. Get a korean gf/bf?
    Luckily I know enough Korean, but talk about not helping people at all.

    Your poll about how to improve popseoul is badly done by the way.. I want to check off more than one thing, but you must have expected that from people already so you don´t give them the chance. How will you improve if you don´t do it properly?

  31. andaluza says:

    that´s no help.

  32. popseoul says:

    andaluza- thanks for your feedback in an unrelated post. I almost missed it

  33. yun says:

    Seriously people.
    Not all Korean boys are elitists to their own ethnicity and language skills. I have no Korean ability, I’m not Asian, and I still seem to have one of those “rare Korean boyfriends”. I feel special.

  34. Grasshopper says:

    Get a Korean boyfriend?…
    Why does that comment irk me?
    On yeah, Non-Asian = No Korean Boyfriend. *Mentally crosses Korean boyfriend from check list*

    Hmmm, maybe a nice German guy will do. I hear they like chocolate, and it would be cool to know how to curse in German. Although, if I tried to speak German I would sound constipated. 😦

    Nah, I think I better keep my distance, and appreciate the culture from afar. I’ll stick to watching Korean dramas, listening to Korean music, and eating Korean food. Cool beans if I start to pick up the language. I’ll be a happy little grasshopper.

  35. Brenda says:


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