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Who pops the Etro best? Sun Lee vs Fergie vs Riyo Mori


Miss Universe 2007, Riyo Mori wore the Etro dress from the Spring 2008 collection in April 2008. Miss Korea 2007, Sun Lee (Lee Ji-sun) must have borrowed it for the evening gown competition of the Miss Universe pageant in June 2008. And now the dress was spotted on Fergie at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles at the beginning of August 2008.


33 Comments on “Who pops the Etro best? Sun Lee vs Fergie vs Riyo Mori”

  1. maithy says:

    first heheheh

  2. tasha says:

    I think riyo then sun and then fergie…in fact…I dont like it on fergie at all.

  3. mary says:

    wow..i love that dress ^^

  4. faye says:

    I think the dress on Riyo and Sun belongs to their Miss Universe trainer Ines Ligron!

  5. Jane. says:

    It looks better on Asians. Particularly Riyo.

  6. es says:

    wow, it just looks so much better on riyo

    and is it just me or does fergie look kinda.. pregnang?

  7. es says:

    haha oops, i meant pregnant*

  8. bob says:

    riyo is a cutie. she doesn’t look plastic and has stage presence unlike most korean chicks who just look like some made up dolls.

  9. cjc says:

    fergie looks pregnant w/ that belt on that dress

  10. lt says:

    ew fergie -___-

  11. SP says:

    Uh! Riyo! Riyo!! Riyo!!!

  12. Elise says:

    I like what Fergie did with the belt, but judging on these pictures, the last girl looks the best just because of the lighting and her hair.

  13. 727 says:

    Yeah, she does look pregnant. Riyo looks the best in it. The colors compliments the Asian skin and dark hair.

  14. ken says:


  15. Mel says:

    Riyo Mori looks great! Because he hair is up..

  16. Mcco says:

    Fergie IS actually pregnant and i do agree with the belt detail. I still think that it looks best on both asians ladies.

  17. Taejus says:

    Oh! I’ve seen the Teen Choice Awards where Fergie wore that dress. Well personally, i think the dress looks hideous, mainly cuz it’ll look like a garbage bag, but Fergie saved it, and made it look FIERCE!

  18. studentgirl says:

    The hair pulled back accentuates the dress’ collar line and properly gives attention to the full dress.

  19. yun says:

    Riyo Mori looks goooaaawwwwjuusssss.

    Fergie looks fug as always, though.

  20. TVXQBBLOVE says:

    Riyo Mori is just beautiful. Fergie looks cute too. Lee Jisun should just take off that dress…

  21. englishera says:

    Sun Lee’s pulled back hair gave the dress the befitting hairstyle… she rocked the dress best…

  22. irmakaneli says:

    Well Fergie has that belt on so the DRESS looks better
    but Riyo Mori is really beautiful with the dress, so….
    she wins.

    I think Sun Lee’s pulled back hair didn’t go with the dress
    and Fergie looks awful with the dress

  23. nikeg says:

    theres just something with white chicks that just turns me off… maybe its because their skin is far inferior to asian skin… fergie looks like shes goldie hahns ages…yikes… too much beach for her…

  24. ... says:

    sun lee and fergie lol.
    it looks best on riyo.

  25. Dovey says:

    I think none of them. Well, the dress doesn’t look very appealing to me either, so this is why I think none of them look good in it. Although the patterns on it do look nice.

  26. pringLe says:

    i love the icons we have now o.o >>>>>>>>>>>>>> rofl

  27. TL says:

    Riyo Mori, but not because she wore the dress first! It looks good on her with that ponytail. Makes it look effortless and still glamorous. She also didn’t wear much jewellery.

  28. irees says:

    And to think that both Riyo and Sun have the same mentor, Ines. You’d think Ines would have not have them wear the same dress. Maybe Sun borrowed that dress from Riyo through Ines.

  29. sc says:

    um TL, the girl wit the ponytail is sunlee..

    i think sun lee looks the best. her hair is really cute, but riyo loks sexy too

  30. ♥이시아~ says:

    riyo.. she just looks so innocent. haha.

  31. evvy says:

    It looks like a big curtain drape. None of the above.

  32. yonary says:

    fergie looked a hot mess at least to me. well maybe its the angel of d pix.

  33. sunnyside says:

    Fergie looked the best in it, because of the belt. Without the belt, the dress looks too draggy.

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