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Jang Mi-ran keeps promise to Kwon Sang-woo


Four years ago at the 2004 Olympics when weight lifter Jang Mi-ran only won a silver medal, the 24 year old Olympian had the opportunity to have dinner with her dream mannone other than Kwon Sang-woo. During dinner, she promised the sexy star that she would bring home the gold at the next Olympics. And she kept her word.

On Saturday August 16th, the amazing Jang Mi-ran not only won gold but she also set a world record in the over 75kg class. The gold medalist had no competition as she lifted a total of 326kg (140kg for the Snatch and 186kg for the clean and Jerk). Three hundred and twenty-six kilograms! That’s insane! I have a hard time lifting donuts out of the box (oooh my Krispy Kremes)


Check out gold medal pictures of Jang Mi-ran here.


58 Comments on “Jang Mi-ran keeps promise to Kwon Sang-woo”

  1. Jackie says:

    haha popseoul has a bunch of flakey lil b.itches for readers. She is not a beauty pageant contestant or even a frivolous popstar. She is a heavy weight lifter! She’s not in the news to be criticized for her LOOKS. She’s an athlete who should be judged on her ability. She did something amazing and I agree Mi*In, she seemed to be very kind, sweet, and humble. She seems like a great person with a great heart more who has done a great accomplishment. That’s more than all you superficial lil skanks can say… oh wait you have those so-called ‘looks’. Beauty is but the shortest lived tyranny and I doubt most of you are even all that great looking to begin with. Plus she gets the praise of KSW, so who are the suckers? All you s.hitty people are.

  2. rob says:

    the hottest chick i’ve seen so far on popseoul! 100% all natural korean beef! yeah baby!

    • nicky says:

      The first time I saw pics of Jang Mi Ran it was of her playing baseball and I had no idea who she was, but I saw something inately beautiful about her, and I was captivated.

  3. Sarah says:

    Amen Jackie!

  4. Song Soo Ri says:

    why she want to promise that?hm…congrates to sang woo,he is bgetting married!

  5. picasso says:

    I think Kwon Sang Woo should marry to Jang Mi Rang.

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